It was no wonder the extra crew member was needed. Hellsing ARMS Anti-Tank Cannon 'Harkonnen' Also having a four-foot barrel, the beast was a total of seven feet long and weighed around 46 pounds. Manufacturer Destroy Fascist Tanks with the Anti-tank Rifle! Unshō Ishizuka. Other than the cheek pads, butt pads, and wooden pistol grip, the entire weapon was constructed of steel. More photos on our website. When fired, the barrel recoiled in its “stock” in a long recoil manner of operation. The PTR series of weapons with the BS-41 tungsten-cored armor-piercing round was able to penetrate 35 to 40mm of armor at 300 meters; the side armor of the German Mark III and Mark IV tanks was only 30mm at its thickest on the flanks. The Harkonnen is stated by Walter to have enough firepower to destroy nearly anything other than a main battle tank, as well as being superior to the majority of military weapons. Black Friday Deals 2020 Top Coupons Grocery Video Games TV Computers Credit Cards Home Clothing & Accessories Tech Cameras Auto Health & Beauty Babies & Kids Entertainment Travel. Look no further than the Lahti L-39. 1918. Attaching an additional 60 or so antitank rifles to a unit gave it some real extra teeth against enemy armor. At the end of the recoil travel, the bolt locked to the rear and the barrel returned to its forward position, ejecting the spent casing and leaving the chamber open for the assistant gunner to insert a fresh round. [2] The current status of the XM109 is not particularly clear, with no news of either cancellation or potential adoption. Despite the reputation of German leviathans such as the Tiger, Panther, and Elefant armored vehicles, the predominant tank in German service throughout the war remained the venerable, dependable Mark IV. 20 October '20. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. 07977 675278 Military Muckabouts Large Image. A good crew could deliver eight to 10 aimed shots per minute. Hellsing: Volume 2 He said a glancing blow from a Soviet antitank rifle on his cupola’s Kinon vision block blinded it and knocked off a chunk that ricocheted inside the turret. The Sowetskoe PTR Sholoklov 38 was an almost exact copy of the German Model 1918 Mauser. Simulated firing Pak 35-36. Hellsing ARMS Anti-Tank Cannon 'Harkonnen'. User(s) Anti-tank riflemen were also trained to use the accuracy of the weapon to target known weak points of enemy tanks. Between the world wars, for lack of anything better, several armies fielded anti-tank rifles. Take 5 to 10 shots from one position, then move to another. Laser cut 12mm-20mm plate. McMillan TAC-416. In 1939, the antitank rifle was state of the art. To this was added the weight of personal weapons and ammunition, field gear, equipment, bedrolls, rations, and more, As with most other nations’ antitank rifles, the Soviet weapons also found use against light armored vehicles, trucks, and infantry positions. Full name In July 1942, a Soviet sergeant shrugged and told a Western reporter with rural Russian stoicism and simple eloquence, “What is a tank? Bolt-Action Single-Shot Anti-Material Rifle. The PTRD had an almost brutal simplicity that lent itself well to mass production and rugged dependability in the field.

Invented by Russian arms designer Vassily Degtyarev, who also created successful light 7.62mm machine guns and heavy 12.7mm DShK machine guns still in use today for the Red Army, the PTRD (protivotanko ruzhe systemy Degtyareva) Model 1941 (PTRD-41) antitank rifle appeared that same year. She is the only one who uses it, and is probably one of the few who can because of its weight; Seras' sharp precision and superhuman strength are ideal for using it. German armored commander Maj. Gen. F. von Mellenthin complained after the war, “The Russian and his antitank weapon are inseparable; sometimes it seemed as if every infantryman carried his own antitank rifle.”, Russian Antitank Rifles Against Germany’s Panzers. The only improvements to the World War I design were the addition of a somewhat effective one-chamber muzzle brake and a two-round magazine in lieu of being merely a single-shot weapon. Drop down top plates. Hellsing: OVA 2 I can see it, but it can’t see me. Episode 5 Weighing 120 lb.

Anti-Material / Sniper … Pak 35-36 Replica . Anti-Tank Rifle (ATR) 35. Each infantry regiment included an antitank rifle company, with 27 antitank teams. Mauser Model 1918 T-Gewehr. Nevertheless, it continues to be her preferred weapon until it is destroyed. Single rounds could also be loaded and fired manually from the top of the receiver. The PTRS was still a massive hunk of iron. Seiyū It was issued in smaller numbers and saw less use than the PTRD. With such extensive numbers and so powerful a caliber, the PTR antitank rifles were feared by the Germans. Cash Payment … The first Soviet attempt was a rather feeble effort in “reverse engineering” so common to Soviet technology of the early Communist era. These teams consisted of three members instead of the usual two-man teams to better haul the heavy weapons. All steel construction. £3,500 20 October '20. The XM109, originally known as the Objective Sniper Weapon (OSW) and now called the Anti-Materiel Payload Rifle (AMPR), is a semi-automatic anti-materiel rifle, designed primarily for engagement of light armored vehicles and similar targets. The design uses the lower receiver from an M82/M107, but with a new upper receiver chambered in 25mm. When he had done so, he usually tapped the firer to let him know the weapon was ready again. Some, such as the Germans and the Poles, opted for small-caliber weapons firing extremely high velocity hardened-core projectiles. The cartridge that was eventually settled upon was the flat-based BS-41 (API) Armor Piercing Incendiary, which fired a massive 1,011-grain projectile (the standard .30-caliber rifle bullet of the day was only around 150 grains) with a 597-grain hardened steel or tungsten penetrator and an internal charge of incendiary material. 2005. Two antitank riflemen, Yablonko and Serdyukov, were credited with 22 tank kills between them, and Sergeant Ilya Derevjanko knocked out 10 by himself.

All you have to do is aim at it.”. Lot #1522: WWI Mauser Tankgewehr Bolt Action Anti-Tank Rifle.

When the new generation of German armored fighting vehicles appeared, they were more formidable and heavily armored than the ubiquitous Mark IV.

2018. MBDA MMP (Missile Moyenne Portee) Man-Portable Anti-Tank Guided-Missile (ATGM) Launcher. It was chambered for the Soviet 12.7mm heavy machine-gun cartridge, roughly equivalent to the American .50-caliber Browning machine-gun round. Each battalion had three companies of 70 men and 18 to 20 antitank rifles each. With the rifle alone weighing 38 or 46 pounds, the standard 200 rounds of 14.5mm ammunition added over 60 more pounds. The 25 × 59 mm round that is used in the XM109 is the same one originally developed for the cancelled XM307, product of the Objective (later Advanced) Crew Served Weapon program (OCSW / ACSW). Antitank rifle ace Ivan Knjazev of the 310th Guards Rifle Regiment was credited in a Soviet report with “67 AFVs, MGs, guns and mortars.” Kovtun was also credited with knocking out 20 German machine-gun nests. Another antitank rifleman named Manenkov of the 95th Rifle Division was made a Hero of the Soviet Union for destroying six German tanks in the vicious street fighting in Stalingrad. The weapons stayed in production right up to the end of the war. Carrying this weapon, the vampirically-enhanced Seras serves perfectly as long-range fire support. In the wartime Soviet field manual, the riflemen were advised to execute the very tactics that frustrated the German tankers, such as: In all cases have secondary firing positions. This weapon was more complicated than the simple and reliable PTRD. It was prone to jamming if the least bit dirty, and the powerful 14.5mm cartridges tended to rapidly foul the gas port needed to cycle the weapon. While it could indeed penetrate the armor of World War I tanks, recoil was so brutal that few infantrymen wished to fire it more than once. The weapon was not produced in any real numbers, and it quickly disappeared. However, the small amount of propellant and heavy projectile resulted in unacceptably high recoil due to limiting the effects of the weapon's muzzle brake, with a recoil force of over 60 foot-pounds compared to 36 for the M107. Payment. To reinforce hot spots, such as Kursk, the Soviets threw in independent antitank rifle battalions. It was seldom as easy as that. It was nicknamed "Norsupyssy" ("Elephant Gun"), and as tanks developed armour too thick for the Lahti to penetrate, its uses switched to long range sniping, tank harassment and with the L-39/44 fully automatic variant, employment as an … The Harkonnen's large size sometimes makes it hard to transport, a feature wryly remarked upon by Seras. The design uses the lower receiver from an M82/M107, but with a new upper receiver chambered in 25mm. Particular attention was paid to the vision slots; a blinded tank becomes quite vulnerable. A multiple setting gas regulator, which could be likened to the one on the FN FAL rifle, offered adjustments to ensure sufficient gas power and was vented from the barrel to the piston even when the weapon was dirty or extremely cold. First appearance (anime) First appearance (manga) The Hellsing ARMS Anti-Tank Cannon 'Harkonnen', often referred to as simply "The Harkonnen", is the preferred firearm of Seras Victoria for much of the Hellsing series.

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