Thanks for the welcome to the forum....I'm looking forward to some valuable information. But, here are some undeniable truths: If you want to look up the ballistics of various offerings from several manufacturers, be my guest.

A 9mm in a normal 9mm case, or a 9mm in a bottlenecked .40 S&W case? As the name suggests, the .357 SIG cartridge was designed to have similar ballistics to the .357 Magnum cartridge, which would make it more powerful than 9mm and .40 S&W. But most of all, shoot what you’ll actually train with. It featured a bottleneck design, characterized by a straight-walled case with no shoulder; this type of design hadn’t been seen on a semi-automatic handgun cartridge since the early 1960s. When you register the piece sig offers you 20 percent off accecerys. I wanted these threaded barrels because I have a Ti-RANT 9mm™  from Advanced Armament Corp. that I also got at PBR.) Its greater affordability alone will let you train more. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. The primary concern was that the round simply didn’t have enough stopping power. Break in that match grade rifle barrel correctly. The ideal man stopper will use all of its energy in the intended target and not pass through. Honestly, I don’t even like being around a 40 at an indoor range. Created by the FBI specifically for law enforcement, the .40 S&W has been called “The perfect cartridge” for personal defense. One of the key factors to the .40 S&W cartridge’s early success was due to its adoption by Glock. Somewhat similar to the temporary incapacitation caused by flashbang grenades). As we can see in the images above, .357 SIG loads have a significantly higher muzzle velocity than .40 S&W. Because no cartridge is perfect. Yeah, it's cased similar to the 40 S&W. (Side note on the range rental special. More Info Here! I have shot everything from 22-44 magnum . The robbers had a 12 Gauge, a 223 Rem semi-automatic rifle, and a pair of 357 Magnums. 300 Richmond, VA 23255 United States, Subsonic Ammo – A Buyer’s Guide to the Quiet Side. There are some who defend a bright muzzle flash. Regardless of one cartridge’s measurable superiority over the other, that the 40 S&W is far more common may be the greatest argument in its favor. Like it was said before, if you reload, that's another story. Which is best: .357 Sig vs .40 S&W? The .357 Sig with the stock spring in the 32c does not like to be suppressed. The cartridge had close to identical dimensions to the 10mm, but with a shorter case and overall cartridge length, making it small enough to fit into the medium-frame of 9mm handguns. .40 S&W also generally has greater bullet expansion.

LEO needed a round that could do the job in anybody’s hand while being fed into a semi-auto, and good ole’ Jeff Cooper answered the call in 1983 with the 10mm. The four year head start it enjoyed on the market led many more law enforcement agencies to adopt it, and thus more 40 S&W pistols, pistol parts, and ammunition are readily available. The FBI didn’t want a repeat of that occurrence.

Both are better than 9mm for … Because the 40 S&W and the 357 SIG share the same parent casing, it’s perfectly possible to convert a pistol chambered for one into a pistol chambered for the other. The shootout continued until five good men were injured and two more lost their lives.

Unless the .357 SIG has worked wonders for you guys Im not going to purchase one because its ammo is costly, less available. The Glock lives in my car and the S&W resides in my pickup. You could argue that the 357 SIG would have been ice skating uphill even if it hadn’t competed with the 40 S&W, as several century-old pistol cartridges were already widely favored by 1994, and they’ve since only gotten more lethal. Charter Arms Bulldog, guard dog in your pocket. It's really just a 9mm on steroids! My brand new 357 barrel fits into it nicely. With its excellent ballistics, I would consider making it my primary defense weapon. The cartridge’s design also had some unique characteristics. Ti-RANT 9mm™  from Advanced Armament Corp. Colt Mfg 2016 previews new firearms at Gunsite. I've never shot a .357 Sig but would like to. Enjoy both as well. Let's take a look at testing results of defensive handgun calibers from Lucky Gunner (Which is also one of the best places to buy ammo online, see our Lucky Gunner Review). So, they teamed up to create their own powerful new semi-automatic cartridge. I’m currently investing in a barrel for my M&P to allow the 357 sig to be used . SIG357 (Glock 33) 125JHP does have a significantly brighter muzzle flash and rarer. The final nail in the coffin for .357 SIG was the notable improvements in ballistics technology that led to the revolution of the 9mm cartridge. Many shooters mention the 357 Sig muzzle flash is especially bright for a pistol load.

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