It’s not bad if you toast it! The people that rule over us HATE us. I have made it no secret that I LOVE Aldi! This blog is for all the foodies out there who love learn about all the different types of diets and trending health topics then this blog is for you! Bread.

No as in huh-uh.

I finally got some. I’ve been looking for the low-carb bread to see the contents. Obviously the price and selection will vary from region to region, but I think that anyone can save money at Aldi. Bimbo provides the majority of Aldi breads. I bought the Aldi 0 carb bread today. Delish participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may get paid commissions on editorially chosen products purchased through our links to retailer sites. One could argue it’s more of a vessel for your sandwich innards, but before Keto I used to eat a ton of bread so flavor is a bit important to me. I hope that I convinced you to give Aldi a try! Nice article and I appreciate you taking the time to put that together. Let me know your favorite Aldi finds and what I may have missed down in the comments , Filed Under: Resources, Shopping Lists Tagged With: Aldi, budgeting, frugal, frugal living, groceries, keto, low carb, money saving, tips, weightloss.

I really like the bread because I’m always making a grilled cheese sandwich for lunch.

This has happened to us before, like when we had to wait a couple of weeks to get a Visage Pro Series Electric Rotary Shaver or wait a full year to finally score a Gardenline 18.5 Gallon Tumbling Composter. I agree, yet there must be more to the story. Got an email yesterday, which sounded straight up negative. In some cases, it was the collective effort of several shoppers, but there were also reports online of single individuals flying in and buying up a single store’s entire inventory, probably intending to freeze the loaves for consumption later. Thank you for the excellent tips! I will definitely be keeping my eyes peeled for it! Are you serious with this comment?! I figure if I have this every now and then, it can’t kill me. GRILLED CHEESE!! This Mom’s Menu is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to End of story It wasn’t clear to us how stores are chosen to get the stuff. I sincerely hope this becomes a regular product. Our Aldi’s almond milk is 1g carbs. If not, greedy leeches and parasites are going to camp out in front of the store and buy it all up to resell on Amazon and Ebay for $14 per loaf just as they are doing RIGHT NOW!!! Known as a place that offers you various healthy food and groceries, Aldi is making their keto-friendly bread. They admittedly were just starting out when I did order from them, so maybe things have improved now, but at the time it was just a struggle to get through that first loaf. The multiseed also has a higher fat content, while the wheat only has 1 gram. In some cases, we’ve discovered that a product isn’t in stock because it just didn’t make it to stores.

Thank you, Aldi!!! BTW...L'Oven Bakery does not exist. However, even as we reviewed the bread, we continued to hear from customers via comments, emails, and social media posts telling us they still couldn’t find it. It’s a total clean taste that I can see myself enjoying. Hope you all enjoyed this review and stay tuned, because I have some new ones coming your way very soon! I just looked and it says the LOVEN FRESH bakery is in Oakland, Tennessee. Each slice is actually about half a slice. I get that some people are super die hard about not taking in any of those type of oils, and that’s all well and good. A lot of the time that is due to the fact that they have to be shipped frozen generally, so this bread does have that to it’s advantage in that I can just pick it up like a regular loaf of bread. I do most of my shopping at one or the other. At Aldi, you can get a pint of heavy whipping cream for just $1.79! woohoo! I love Aldi. Keep an eye out and I'm crossing my fingers for you! A lot of ALDI product is made in Northeren Illinois,where their headquartered for the U.S. not sure about the bread. Please check out the Omaha Bakery in Omaha Nebraska. I bought the Aldi 0 carb bread today. View all posts by LynneKitty. …to the author, I LOVE YOUR ARTICLE! I have gone looking all over Chicago and the Suburbs area with no luck!

So my question is– has an independent lab ever checked out its properties so ALDI won’t ever get in trouble for selling something which is not so great? Today we went again and I curiously passed the two bins and they were fully stocked. Just make sure you look good,it may not be in the regular bread section, so you could miss it if you don’t look carefully,or ask an employee. I have enough left one last sandwich with sun-ripened tomatoes!! Thank you for your article. #aisleofshame #aldi #aldifinds ______ #ketobread #zeronetcarbs #keto #ketodiet #ketogenic #ketofood #ketofriendly #ketocommunity #bread #foodfinds #veganfood #veganbread #netcarbs #lowcarbbread #aldiusa #aldihaul #aldis #aldifan #lovealdi #aldilover #aldilove, A post shared by Aldi Aisle of Shame (@aisleofshame) on Oct 8, 2019 at 11:15am PDT, *** Update — apparently not at all stores, guys!

level 2. I asked the manager last night in one of the stores if it would return as an everyday item. They have traditional bacon, thick-cut bacon, turkey bacon, and uncured bacon - all at prices less than traditional competitors. I was in the shop last night and found 100% natural PB!!!!

As for Madam grammar checker…maybe a lesson in manners for her. The second reason being the taste. Now to the Multiseed bread. I have been eating an almost zero carb diet for 4 yeas and was almost brought to tears when I discovered this stuff in the St Louis area about a month ago, grilled cheese and BLT on zero carb bread that tasted like real bread!!! I will touch base on something here which could turn off the more hardcore Keto followers. Hmmm…this is March 20. 1. This content is imported from {embed-name}. Lol! Reader. How did you find out that it was discontinued? Of course, this doesn't mean it'll be found at your specific Aldi location, but a gal can dream, right? Still, we thought enough of it that we figured we’d pick it up and try it for ourselves when it came out, at least to let the keto crowd know if it was bread-like enough to be worth the relatively reasonable $2.99 per loaf. For the majority of their products, the quality is as good as, if not better then the name brands. With the right toppings I could see this making a decent sandwich, but the actual flavor of the bread could get lost. Granted in trying to keep my carb count low, I tend to make sandwiches with low carb tortillas. I look forward to tasting it. Thanks for this eye opening article. Your ALDI’S should be getting it by now. I do go to get their lo carb bars by Millville because they are the lowest carb ones I have found at a fairly reasonable price and i like their taste and have not found any as comparable. At my Aldi, the organic multipack is $3.99 - that is an AMAZING price here in Indiana. ALDI just needs to stop being wishy washy,if you have a large demand for something you sell it,and have the manufactures make more,it’s not rocket science,you have the recipe,all the ingredients are available,so what’s the problem.The only thing I can think of is teh economy is so good,they can’t find enough workers to produce it. Always in stock. I hope they bring it back, it tasted like reg wheat bread and was delicious for being a 0 carb bread. move on, and take pride in becoming a less toxic human being. I also got the last 2 loaves the morning it came out at my local store!!

The biggest complaint is texture: getting the bread to a place where it feels like regular bread is hard, and not everyone likes the way low-carb bread feels in the mouth or going down the throat. published Sep 12, 2019.

People are buying it by the case or buying 4 or 5 loaves at a time and freezing it. Good news,the no carb bread made it to our local ALDI,in Northeren Illinois. This was a first for me but just wanted to let you know they might be rolling out the natural, peanut only PB in your shops in the nearish future! Be up front to our needs and investigate your suppliers. This is an ever-evolving story.

It’s very confusing. I have been eating an almost zero carb diet for 4 yeas and was almost brought to tears when I discovered this stuff in the St Louis area about a month ago, grilled cheese and BLT on zero carb bread that tasted like real bread!!! We may earn commission from the links on this page. Shopping at Aldi can save some you some serious cash if you know what to look for and what to avoid. Both of these breads do contain one dreaded ingredient: Soybean Oil. I luv this comment! . Our ALDI only allows people to buy 2 max. The prices obviously vary based upon the variety you choose, but again the price is far less then what I could get elsewhere. I’ll be stalking the shelves for it to return! That's 50% less than the name brands! I bought it because of it’s low sodium content, which is simply a must for my heart issues. Now the bread has arrived on shelves as a Regular Buy, and people who've been so lucky to snag it are showing off their victory on Instagram. Bummer!! One of those things? I told my sister-in-law about it that first week I had it and her first response was “bet it tastes like cardboard!” Absolutely not! I also share tips and tricks for blogging since this is a spin off to my other popular blog where I share basically Weight Watcher recipes. As of now, it's still a little hard to find and I am sad to say that I haven't been able to get my hands on a loaf yet Click the link below to see if it is currently available at your store. Thanks for the heads up on the cream cheese oops bought it yesterday but will keep on mind for my next purchase

It’s AWFUL. Hello, I am Jenna. Has anyone actually found the zero carb bread???? It is delicious! My central Iowa Aldis have 1 or the other 0 carb bread at all times. They said it was delicious, BY THE WAY. Kristin Salaky is the news editor at covering viral foods, product launches, and food trends.

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