Japanese Voice Kalluto is said to be envious of his other older sibling Alluka,[6] for reasons that have yet to be revealed. In the official databook, his name is also spelled as ".

Alluka não pode fazer pedidos se não souber o nome da pessoa. Alluka often acts very happy with Killu…

Previous Occupation [3] More recently, Milluki used Nanika to get the latest—at the time—computer. [13] Kalluto revealed he also possesses some sort of divination ability.

When he repeats his command, Nanika, in tears, obeys. Alluka Zoldyck (Host) [4] With Silva's permission, Killua enters the vault Alluka lives in, an isolation room filled with stuffed animals and other toys.

Alluka é muito carinhosa com todos e a pessoa que ele mais ama é Killua, demonstra ter uma grande preocupação com o bem estar de seu irmão. -Se Viste como una doncella de los santuarios japoneses. One soldier takes an I.D. Nanika Kalluto has shoulder-length black hair (cut in bobcut style in the 2011 anime and Chimera Ant arc of the manga), and pink eyes. There seems to be a garden near the mansion, where Killua and Alluka used to play as children. It is probable that he materializes the confetti since, when he was fighting with a Chimera Ant, they rained down from his hand while an instant before there was nothing in it. Zigg Zoldyck (Unknown relation)Maha Zoldyck (Great-Great Grandfather)Zeno Zoldyck (Grandfather)Grandmother (status unknown)Silva Zoldyck (Father)Kikyo Zoldyck (Mother)Illumi Zoldyck (Older brother)Milluki Zoldyck (Older brother)Killua Zoldyck (Older brother)Alluka Zoldyck (Older sister) https://hunterxhunter.fandom.com/wiki/Kalluto_Zoldyck?oldid=294326. He is shown to be spying on other members of Phantom Troupe by using pieces of paper. I want to get my brother back. When Feitan is about to use his Nen powers, Kalluto is eager to watch, but is advised by the other Troupe members to stay away lest he is killed since Feitan's power has a huge range.

Chapter 41 State

[2], Kalluto accompanies Shalnark, Feitan, Bonolenov, Shizuku, and Phinks back to the Spiders' hometown where they see mutated Chimera Ants and learn that a self-proclaimed "Queen" turns humans into Ants. Killua once saw Alluka turn into Nanika, and learned about the general nature of its abilities by asking it how to revert the transformation. Sua habilidade pode ser considerada a mais ameaçadora da história. After the accident, Killua had to tell his parents about Alluka's secret because Mitsuba had already reported it to them. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. -Su aspecto y voz es completamente femenino.

Kalluto reacts in shock at his brother's statement, to which Illumi only replies he is an honest person.

Ela pode ser considerada uma exceção na linhagem dos assassinos, pois não possui nenhuma habilidade em batalha e nunca foi treinada, porém, isso não a deixa menos importante, pelo contrário, Alluka tem grande destaque entre os membros da sua família por possuir um poder misterioso e supostamente incontrolável. The White Ring cannot revive the dead or nullify the effects of other World Rings.

Image Gallery Gender Expression When he does, his request will bypass any existing backlash and will be granted without any repercussions. However, once reunited with Alluka's closest brother Killua, Alluka acts like a young child with a loving and lovable personality. Es la única a la que Killua ama. Alluka é uma criança infantil e amável, embora tenha que ficar selada pois seus poderes são um enorme risco. He is last seen witnessing Phinks throwing rocks at Shalnark and Feitan, in one of the Troupe's light-hearted moments. Two Zodiacs members, Botobai Gigante and Mizaistom Nana, arrive and interrupt the exchange. Violet (1999) Pink (2011) Aquí algunos: -El databook oficial de Hunter x Hunter dice que la familia de los Zoldyck, solo tiene hijos varones. If Alluka is making requests from a particular person, they cannot be moved over to another person mid-way. Illumi reveals he has figured out that the normal rules do not apply to Killua, and he intends to manipulate both of them to use Nanika's powers for the family. Depending on the scope of the wish, the worse Alluka's requests will be, and the more people will die if those requests aren't met. Black (in Alluka's body) It is currently unknown what brother Kalluto wants to take back. In the photo, Alluka was not posing with the rest of the family; instead, she was standing at a distance behind them and facing away.It is unknown when and how Nanika came to possess Alluka, but the two have shared the latter's body at least since Alluka was a young child.

Then, they split up.

", 2011 En conclusión, Alluka es una chica trans. Please help improve this article by editing it. Es de tipo Especialista. Nanika (ナニカ, Nanika—lit.

A*[1] His most commonly seen attire is a dark kimono (furisode), accompanied with a yellow obi tied around his waist, and zōri, a pair of Japanese sandals.

Wish Granting* It was later reported that a currency transport vessel had suddenly gone missing and by the time it had been found all the money had disappeared, and the captain and crew kept giving nonsensical answers. The current produced by the motion of his fan is strong enough to lift confetti off the ground. Portrayal Despite wearing a, The 2004 databook seems to say that he is a boy with the tidbit: 「将来性豊かな着物少年」 (lit. At some point, there was also another big incident that resulted in the death of 13 people, caused again by Milluki, who asked Nanika to kill his target for him.

Kalluto offers to help Feitan at one point but is declined. Nen Rōmaji Se a pessoa concluir com sucesso os três pedidos, Nanika se manifesta no corpo de Alluka e realiza qualquer coisa que a pessoa queira. General Status Alluka is the second youngest child of Silva and is arguably the strongest member of the Zoldyck family. I thought I'd rise quickly in their ranks. -La mayor parte del tiempo, su diseño es completamente simétrico, a excepción del mechón que sobresale siempre de su cabeza , y los dibujos en su banda del pelo. Gender Identity If the person fulfilling requests dies mid-way, it will count as a failure and at least one more person will die.

[2] Firstly, the request recipient and their most loved one will die from being crushed by an invisible force, and any additional deaths are chosen based on persons who spent the most time with the request recipient, regardless of their relationship to them. He has an overall feminine appea…

É importante lembrar que os pedidos de Alluka variam de acordo com o último desejo que Nanika realizou, caso tenha realizado algo bem grande, seus três pedidos também serão grandes. Es uno de los pocos, junto con Illumi, que sabe que Nanika y Alluka son dos personas distintas. Alluka não faz nenhum pedido absurdo após realizar esse feito. English Voice Only Hisoka was able to sense him, but still praised his competence in Zetsu. Nanika (ナニカ, Nanika—lit. Además, cuando se pelean, Killua le pide disculpas, y posteriormente sale tomando su verdadera forma.

Alluka teve um passado muito triste e conturbado, mas devido a sua personalidade um pouco distorcida e inocência, em suas expressões faciais, nunca demonstrou sinais de tristeza ou ódio, aparenta ser uma criança normal e feliz sem nenhum trauma. Alluka também gosta muito de Nanika, foi retratad… Nanika then asks Killua to pet it, but he tells it not to come out anymore.

Nanika also appears to be on good terms with Alluka, as the latter was very upset when she felt its misery.

Kana Si ha comenzado a hacerle peticiones a alguien, no podrá continuar con otra persona. He has a mole on the left side of his mouth.

Therefore if that particular person disappears such as concealing themselves, Alluka is unable to make requests to anybody else. Cuándo era más pequeña, llevaba una polera y pantalones. Debuts -En una ocasión, Illumi lo compara con Un Zashiki Warashii, que es un Yōkai de la mitología japonesa. -Se refiere a si mismo como "Ateshi", que es la manera en la que las chicas suelen hablar en la lengua japonesa. From this, they also learned the requests became much more difficult to fulfill after Nanika granted a large wish.

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