Amonzom (DemiKids) Race(s)


When he is in his Demon form and at full power, he has longer ears, two horns on his head, an alligator-like tail, and musc…

Rin then jumps at Amaimon in an attempt to recover it, but he Amaimon dodges his attack and it instead decapitates Mephistos statue. Amaimon then exclaims that that is his line and knocks Rin back with an attack. [13], Shiemi Moriyama under Amaimons control due to Chuchi larva, then walks outside of Shuras protective barrier and into Amaimons hands.

"Who...? [20] Afterward, Mephisto returns Rin and his consciousnesses back to Assiah and returns Amaimon to his prison. As he sits atop Rin on the ground he begins to speak before Rin grabs him and throws him into a neighboring building. Amaimon also hates losing, as after he lost to Rin, during the hearing against Mephisto (in anime only), to ensure his victory against the former, Amaimon assumed his Demon form.

アモンアマイモン Later on, with the demon's "help", Walter escapes Mikado Castle and descends through Naraku, killing and eating the Minotaur in the process. [7] Amaimon then begins to attack Rin as they fall to the ground, saying that he is a let down and that he does not understand why his brother and father are entranced by him. He wears a jacket that has cross bones as buttons.

Mephisto tells him that if he does he will slaughter him and Amaimon promises to control himself. Amaimon appears to be calm and collected, but holds his power in a very high regard, very brash and, overall, quite carefree. Origin

Amaimon's host is a teenage boy that he acquired over 1,000 years ago. As Amaymon, also known as Amoymon or Amaimon, he is said to be a Prince of Hell who represents the sin of Wrath and King of either the West or East. It's also causing him to see people as demons, such as the three Amaimons in Chapter 2, or hallucinating the demon's mouth and arms under Hugo's robes. Nice to meet you. He is the seventh of the 72 Goetic demons who governs forty infernal legions.

[10], Amaimon is annoyed that Shura notices him and Mephisto observing what is transpiring in the forest. He does not tolerate being laughed at and does not like to be ignored.

When attacked by Ashura-kai forces, the demon forcibly asserts control and kills the attackers, including Yaso-Magatsuhi. Amaimon then says that she is now less useful to him and that perhaps he will take one of her eyes to give to his cousin. A silver ring is required to be worn on the middle finger when summoning him, as his deadly breath will kill the summoner otherwise.

Amaimon is the seventh strongest of the Eight Demon Kings. He has a spike of hair which is lightly colored compared to the rest of his dark green hair and has long claw-like black fingernails. Salaryman Exorcist: The Sorrows of Yukio Okumura, Blue Exorcist: The Chronocyclic Labyrinth, The infection grants Walter inhuman strength and regeneration, spawning mouths, hands, arms, and tentacles from amputated limbs or just upon Walter's body. He then begins to ponder breaking Kurikara before Yamada intervenes and attacks him. [15], Amaimon then asks Rin about how important Shiemi is to him. ", The King of Earth (地の王 Chi no Ō);[1]Ambrosius Faust (アンブロジウス•ファウスト Anburojiusu Fausuto)[2], 174 cm (5'9") (168 cm without the “horn”), Satan (Father)Astaroth (Brother)Azazel (Brother)Beelzebub (Brother)Egyn (Brother)Iblis (Sister)Lucifer (Brother)Mephisto Pheles (Brother)Rin Okumura (Half-Brother)Yukio Okumura (Half-Brother), Amaimon (アマイモン Amaimon) is the seventh strongest of the Eight Demon Kings; he holds the title King of Earth (地の王 Chi no Ō).[4]. He has a spike of hair which is lightly colored compared to the rest of his dark green hair and has long claw-like black fingernails. DemiKids

Amaymon is generally associated with the direction south, although in Pseudomonarchia Daemonum he is listed as the king of the east.

Mephisto tells him he is to not move unless he tells him to and it is then that he notices that Amaimon is ignoring him. A photo of Amaimon's possessed human vessel is included in the case file, which looks very similar to Amaimon's current appearance less the demonic features like his spike.[24]. Rin is startled and immediately asks who he is an demands he gives his sword back. him if he has an answer from their father.

Renzo comments that it looks like broccoli and then Amaimon goes on the attack against the group. Rin tells him to drop dead. Rin then dashes towards him.

Such Demons include Goblin, Dekalp, Greenman, and Bariyon.

He has also been shown to care for his familiar, Behemoth, and showed great distress when Shura killed it (anime only). Mephisto asks him if he has finshed greeting the master of the forest and Amaimon comments that after killing many of it's brethren that it will cooperate with them.

Amaimon déteste aussi perdre, par exemple après avoir perdu face à Rin, lors de l'audience contre Mephisto (dans l'anime seulement). After another brutal berserker rage, the tired Walter is approached by Hiruko, who is later devoured through an Amaimon mouth in Walter's chest to create a new demon.

Cependant, il montre une grande colère et de l'ennui lorsque quelqu'un ruine son plaisir, comme quand Mephisto est intervenu dans son combat avec Rin dans la forêt Chuchi. Amaimon calls Yamada a hindrance and then backs down, throws Kurikara towards Rin and runs away. Mephisto is very pleased to hear this and promptly gives Amaimon a message to give to their father upon his return home. He tells the group that she acquired the parasites during her encounter with the Chuchi and that she will now obey all of his commands as a result before jumping away with her in his arms.

He also wears green arm warmers and a black and pink short sleeved shirt (same colour as his spike) under his jacket, with rips at the ends.

Eventually one hits his hair, fraying it. Also known as

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