I would like to return to TPU status and just learned that I was up for LTC prior to retiring. Normally, it would be one the AGR folks, not an M-Day/TPU Officer, who get to attend the resident ILE. I’m a National Guard Officer if that matters. ILE consists of a common core of operational instruction offered to all officers, and additional education opportunities tied to the requirements of the officer's branch or FA. %PDF-1.5 Keep in mind things change, contacts change, information/policy can change. The security accreditation level of this site is UNCLASSIFIED and below. To the best of my knowledge, promotable Captains can attend, unless they have changed the policy since I resigned. For more information on the Department of Distance Education (i.e. Is that true? Effective, as we were told in class, immediately. Duties are performed outdoors, day or night, exposed to all weather conditions. 4 0 obj Army Operations 5. Good luck! You can find course dates by going through AKO into the My Training Self-service tab and bring up ATTRS. After you finish Company Command I would recommend taking six months off to relax and collect your thoughts. Although I am not of a military background myself, nor do I know many who are (save one friend – just completed OCS in the Navy and is on the USS JPJ as I write this), I think a lot of the education the military offers is left in the background in discussions. Back in the day, only half of all Army Majors from each year group were selected for the CGSC Program. World War I Veteran Do you know what prompted the change from the Command and General Staff College to the Army ILE Program? The last 2 I’ve read, you have to be CPT(P) to apply. http://usacac.army.mil/organizations/cace/cgsc. In addition, other training may include Field Communication, Machine Gunner, Driver and Leadership courses. The unit trains Thursday evenings (7 -10 pm) (Bridgewater trains on Wednesday nights) and one or two weekends per month. DL ILE- CRS: 701-1-250-ILE-CC (DL) Online 2. Take some family time and relax.

What are your experiences with Army ILE? We did lots of research, briefings, presentations and public speaking. The course is taught in three phases, Common Core, Advance Operations Course and Elective Phase. Remember, it’s your job to manage your career if you want to advance in rank. The Command and General Staff College and their information can be located at the CAC website: You might want to get with your Readiness NCO. x��}K��9nݼ��{�xpZ���ێ� ����.���� q���ȵ�}��&t�%��O")�D���__��������^�Oz���������}���}�S>v���?j]����W��c�׿���?���y�����?�s�������Q^飽�����~�����O���^��~��idN�o�����k����_�)?�W~��꫼���?���׿��=��������������O��/F/��׀u��6}����� �}��{h�2���������G�]�_����� �W(�c��3��z���)�g��� ����~� 9��Y����i�5?zˆ�l}���SJ�����\~�������_�9�8���d� RiGf�d3?�و����X�u���Xu�������ӣA24�o����8~�G��8��]�2�����^?5c�w�%�?

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