1.012, MalteuropMash Temp: 67.1 CMash pH: 5.15O.G. //]]> Conventional wisdom has it that wort must be boiled for a minimum of 60 minutes, sometimes longer, a purported necessity recent xBmt results have called into question. [CDATA[


It gives me more time to sit in a lawn chair drinking beer and enjoying the aroma.

Post was not sent - check your email addresses! 6 people got it right (selected the odd beer). Both are electric, have produce a vigorous boil. Great Fermentations

For that price, even if it didn’t compare to the Weyermann I was used to using, it would be good for something. What is the best mesh number for bag in BIAB method? There wasn’t a taste-able difference. My home brew club is looking to do an import malt order.

Won a gold. 1.041 F.G. 1.010.

I have a small amount of Best Malz pils from my last sack of it and I will make something with that but when I dip into this Avangard Pils, I want to make something that will allow the malt to come to the front of the stage... so a Pils, Helles... something gold and lagery. Judge a Beer

The beers were then cold crashed for 2 days then packaged in corny kegs and force carbonated before being served to tasters.

It was a pretty subpar beer. Of course, this is an extrapolation, as we’ve no objective data on the presence of DMS in either of these beers. 55 lbs for $60 ($1.09 per pound).So I did some reading on the Avangard last night because I thought there might be a chance I could get it today. All in all, both Tony and Darryl acknowledged the differences were very subtle, as did other ABS employees who casually sampled the beers. I’m going to brew an Oktoberfest and a Munich Helles with it today too, so I’ll report back with results. Another ABS employee, Darryl, had a similar impression as Tony, perceiving the Weyermann beer as having more of a crackery, grainy quality to it with a slightly denser mouthfeel and a slight hint of DMS.

I’m sure that you have achieved someting between 17 an 19 IBU. I decided to go with a triangle test evaluation method to find out if people could taste the difference.

To be clear, I not saying one person is a significant amount of data at all. Ran just fine through my mill.

It certainly got my gears turning. Second go round i tried to learn from my experience and reduce the amount of Avangard pils malt by 2 pounds and up the hops, still ended up with a relatively strong (5.6%) pilsner. My tasters were commoners.

I think lager vs. ale fermentation with the same short boil all Pilsner malt would be interesting.

The fact it is controllable suggests the possibility it can also fluctuate and, from time to time, might actually result in batches that produce a little more DMS than others due to expected consistency issues. Should prove to make some interesting beer.

Brülosophy is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and other affiliated sites. One conversation mentioned that efficiency went up with this malt.

There is a lot of difference in taste of where your pilsner malt comes from.

This gives a p-value .453 and means the finding is insignificant.

So far I’ve brewed a German Pilsner with a bunch of Saaz hops, 3 different sour beers and a Vienna Lager.

They closely resemble a Czech Pilsner though. Weyermann® Pilsner malt is a German, lager-style base malt produced from high-quality, 2-row spring barley.

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