Y Are you really black?”, Ferguson has fair skin, brown eyes, and dark curly hair, but her older sister, Ashley Ferguson, is more white-presenting with pale skin, green eyes, and red hair. L G We at LittleThings care about accuracy. The crowds, heat, noise, and excitement became too much to bear. T From checking boxes on forms to fulfilling quotas, race is used to define and control so many aspects of everyday life. And biracial people are constantly faced with a choice. Each one can only stand on platforms of the same color, but they can jump on each other's heads. O There are a variety of factors—skin tone, hair color, eye color, where and how a person was raised—that may influence how a person of dual heritage classifies herself. Growing up, Heikkinen struggled with hating the white part of herself. MAMÁSLATINAS - “People like a for-sure answer,” says Ferguson. O

Boys didn’t have crushes on me because my hair was frizzy and I had freckles.”. J A Nearly two-thirds of people with a mixed-race background do not identify as multi- or biracial, according to a Pew Research Center study of Americans with at least two races in their background. V Mixed marriage in 2017 goes far beyond black and white, and might more aptly be called multicultural marriage. R

“They just push you along, but you will not treat me differently. Please help us improve LittleThings by taking our short survey. Ashley, like Heikkinen, sometimes felt alienated from her family because of her physical appearance. L

“How dare I do that? Want to use LittleThings' editorial content? Y

“I read comments about being a strong black woman, and I’m like, I can’t be a strong black woman, because I’ve never had to be, because I don’t look black.” But the experience of being a “Becky” or a white girl isn’t something authentic to Sneed either. Those were the words that reverberated through Samantha Ferguson’s middle school–aged head after telling a boy at school that she was half-black and half-white. During their trip, Lauren and Bill took Brody to Epcot so he could take photos with the characters. REVELIST - And while constantly having to justify an identity is frustrating, Heikkinen recognizes the privilege that comes with looking white.

#. Q F At one point she let him lay his head on her lap and cry; he rarely acts so comfortable with strangers. “Being able to pass as a lot of different races means other people don’t know how to categorize me, but it’s also made me second-guess how to categorize myself,” says Boyd. “I’m not saying that everything that happens that’s racially unjust is white people’s fault or black people’s fault. X F Behind them was a whole line of people waiting for their turn with the Disney princess, and even they started cheering and clapping.

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