What you need to focus on is providing a dog food that has a nutritional balance formulated to your fido’s age, size, and activity level. Interbreeding the dogs of the European bloodlines in South Africa brought about the no-nonsense Boerboel. They have a trait of being fiercely territorial.

South African Mastiff puppies require about 55 calories per pound of their body weight. Due to its natural protective instinct, she might interpret some games as aggression and do something to defend her family. Hi I have a male boerbul about 7years old. Don’t be fooled by its fierce look because they’re equally calm and family-friendly, especially when they’re around children. With their job as farm protectors, they won’t be easily held by wild animals they may encounter, like baboons.

Hoping you can help! When teaching your boerboel make sure that you do not raise your voice especially when you are reprimanding him/er as such conduct might frustrate him/er to a point of no retreat especially when s/he’s on attacking mood.

I have a toddler & she’s very aggressive .., I feel I can’t have her around him , so I have to have them separated at times & makes training her harder.. she always biting & jumping on me… I’m a stay at home mom & hubby works long hours .. so is just me trying to train boerboel & toddler at same time.. stressful! Its name was given by the Dutch, German, and Huguenot settlers, where “Boer” means farmer and “boel” means dog. They also have a higher energy level than Burbulls.

You can see how big Boerboels are by watching Alpha and Dixie here, showing you why you need a secure home if you own this kind of dog: South African Mastiffs are double-coated canines with a straight and short overcoat, then a dense and soft undercoat.

They get the point. The American Boerboel Club has a list of rescue organizations that offer Boerboels for adoption. You’ll see this breed in shades of brown, fawn, red, brindle, and black. Boles are moderate shedders, so weekly brushing and monthly baths will do. Pitbull vs. Boerboel Pitbull. Hi, I have a 7 year old female, spade boerboel who has aggression issues. Rhodesian Ridgebacks also tend to have more years compared to the African Mastiff with a lifespan of 10 to 14 years. If this is your first time owning a dog, then we don’t recommend you to get this particular breed as they’re not easy to handle. Way lower compared to Boerboels, but it’s something to consider if you want a Pitbull. Great Danes may be taller by 6 inches (15 cm), but they don’t carry the bulk and weight of this pooch. They mainly need physical and mental stimulation, so you mostly have to worry about having time for lots of play and exercise. Required fields are marked *, © 2018 Elite Boerboels All Rights Reserved ™. In Singapore, existing canines should be sterilized, microchipped, and muzzled, as well as insurance. Still, it’s best for experienced owners to handle a Pittie, especially with a bite force of 235 PSI. If they’re illegal to have in your area, your Burbull will be taken away from you.

Living With Your Boerboel The First 6 Months My Little Boerboel Boerboels ... Boerboel Cross Pitbull posted by mylittleboerboel.wordpress.com, Image Size : 2496 x 1664 jpg, 1 Like 1 Like Boerboel, Rottweiler And Pitbull , Which Do You Think Is Better ... 1 Like Boerboel Cross Pitbull posted by nairaland.com, Image Size : 469 x 625, The Boerboel, the only breed of dog solely and specifically bred to defend the homestead. If you ignore or neglect them, they become unsafe, headstrong, and destructive. Training a Boerboel Puppy is not that difficult keeping in mind its natural powers to learn and dominate the opponent.

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