As a Valkyrie, her sense for the mortal mind has helped her spot greatness in the most unlikely places, not just in princes on battlefields, holding their swords high. Also all the combos can be changed or removed from one patch to another so it's not worth investing a lot of time making a youtube video until the game is in a finalized state. If you are having difficulty landing the combos or just want to make your life easier, check out the input basics and advanced execution techniques guide. Stomp, Dair - Sets up a vertical position for a Nair follow up. Can be also used to create an edge guard situation. You can potentially change the sair for either a down light or one of the signatures below for massive damage. Gifs are quicker. Most notably to the lower recovery time of combo starters, making combo's easier and allowing you to combo into more signatures. Nair can be replaced with any of the above. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Still a good combo for setting up juggles at low health and will kill anyway at deep red. Steam: Oly (1v1 - Diamond ; 2v2 - Platinum IV), input basics and advanced execution techniques. Worth? All of her other stats have 5 points assigned to them. If you have any combos which you think i may have missed let me know and i will either add them to this list or add them to the pseudo combo list in the future. This is kind of late, but an ultra-buggy true combo is slide to neutral with unarmed. Chooser of the Slain, Slayer of the Chosen, This glorious angel-looking woman wields an Axe and a Spear, with the only stat of her kit that is not capped at 5 points being her Speed, which is as 7. Side Light, Sair - Used to push your opponent into an edge guard situation. On the third menu on the right there is an option to show damage. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. Gnash Side Light, Neutral Sig - Combo into sig, Nai Side Light, Neutral Sig - Combo into sig, Ada Side Light, Neutral Sig - Combo into sig, Brynn Side Light, Neutral Sig - Combo into sig. Slide, Nair - Basic unarmed damage combo, everyone should learn this. These controls cannot be configured.

So are the bigger combo weapons better? Dair, Neutral Light - Only works at white-yellow health. I like to use show damage, show stun and show hitboxes when i am practicing in training mode so i can see if my combos are working properly. Brawlhalla is an epic free to play fighting game!

Orion Side Light, Neutral Sig - Combo into sig, Vraxx Side Light, Neutral Sig - Combo into sig, Scarlet Side Light, Neutral Sig - Combo into sig.

Note: This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic (harassment, fighting, or rude) posts. Been trying the combos lately and i can land them but the total hits dont show up like in the video. So i really want to get into plat (couple wins away from it) but i want to be ready cause im already vsing plats right now and they're preventing me from ranking up. All rights reserved. I love you for updating this!!! Side Light, Sair - Basic damage combo off of side light. Down Light, Ground Pound - Harder to execute than down light dair and fulfills the same role with more recovery. Yes, however you need to be in the correct position. Español - Latinoamérica (Spanish - Latin America). Welcome to Brawlhalla: the free to play platform fighter on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Steam, iOS, and Android! I can only imagine how much time it must have taken to experiment with and compile all of these. am i doing it wrong? Does she belong with them? Here is the updated combo list as of 1.15.1. Learn the dodge-reads. Side Light or Down light into Sair or Nair is a very good pseudo combo. Down Light, Recovery - Easy to execute kill combo. Slide, Sair - After the nerfs to the uppercut, this combo now has kill potential 20-30 damage earlier than slide uppercut. I would highly recommend learning and using this combo over slide uppercut as your kill combo. I need some Orion combos/tips. On Roland's lance, Slight > Nheavy is a true combo if you hit them while they are super close to you. The people deserve to know. I'll be remembering that one for sure. The following is a list of default control settings in the game Brawlhalla. If you go to the training mode settings by pressing select going to the right twice and turning on stun and damage you can test if combos are true combos yourself.

© Valve Corporation. Children are rare among the immortals of Asgard, and every immortal with any heart came to love Hypernia's daughter, the heir to her immortal mother's impossible beauty and her human father's legendary charm. It won't work if you are too close. I'm sure this will get a sticky/sidebar update asap. Also, for notation, I kind of wished you used "L" for light (or "Q" for quick), "H" for heavy, and "D" for dodge. A strong barbarian princess - no one wields an axe quite like her. This page was last edited on 16 October 2020, at 00:58. Brawlhalla Wiki is a Fandom Gaming Community. The combos in this list are "true combos", meaning if they are executed correctly they are inescapable. Down Light, Neutral Light - Super specific positioning and health is required for this combo. When the sons of Ivaldi built Orion's armor, they were just getting started. Throwing down the old way. The Valkyrie notion of firefighters is a little...different. She made it her school and her playground. Slide, Ledge cancel slide, Nair - Ledge cancels are back, much harder to perform but are super swaggy if you can pull them off.

All of these controls can be changed in the *CONTROLS* section of the settings. Fall in love with her forever, and ever, and ever. With practice you should be able to sair in either direction no matter which side you hit them from. I'm curious: what's the reason for uploading as gifs rather than, say, videos on YouTube? I haven't included any weapon throw combos in this list but i may include them in a future list. The following is a list of controls to move the camera during replays. Maximus your level of attention to detail on these is brilliant. Brawlhalla > General Discussions > Topic Details. Three of her most shocking choices have won the Great Tournament. Now she competes for the pure joy of it, her human thirst for the fight surprising everyone, including herself. Down Light, Dair - Sets you up for a nice pseudo combo after the ground bounce. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. (Thank you eggsoup mastah!). Reddit posts can be added to or edited after being posted so people can let me know what I've missed and they can be added to the list. Brynn was drawn to the Tournament by a desire to study these mortals. Only the bravest dance with the weave of the Fates. Slide, Instant Ground pound - This combo is now super easy to execute with the slide changes and sets you up for a nair or uppercut afterwards depending on health.

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