This small but mighty looper offers controls for the volume of each loop, and footswitches that allow you to control when you start or stop each loop. For up to five minutes of playback, you can loop an unlimited number of guitar riffs layered atop one another, while sacrificing less pedalboard space than you do for your tuner.

While that plays, you can hit the switch again to overdub. Do you utilize the loop often in your songwriting and live, or more of a development tool? On the other hand, if you’re anything like me, those ultra-powerful units are a bit overwhelming and tend to distract from the business of playing guitar. The new features are a couple of effects. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. This is relatively new, but there are already a few used units kicking around Reverb to save you some money.

Kind of a nifty little trick for this device. What do you do when you're done working on one thing and want to move onto the next, you just have to delete it completely from the pedal? Every guitarist should have one as they are not only powerful tools on stage – a loop pedal can drive a spark of creativity and help with songwriting, too. They also tend to come in larger enclosures, so you have to have the space for them. Getting a larger card increases the number of slots, as well as the recording time. Then, if you want to play around with a previously recorded loop on your X4, just do the revere-copy it from your computer to the X4. You should easily be able to find any of these used on Reverb to save you some money. The Boss RC-3 is one of the most notable looper pedals on the market. If all you want to do is layer different parts from the same source, it’s hard to go wrong with this little unit. I ask, because I've recently purchased the RC-30 and am not overly happy with it yet. If it can be controlled, the knob or switch exists for it on this unit. Perhaps not a great choice for the absolute beginner, but the RC-30 has just about everything you will ever need. This is made up for with an input for a momentary pedal that will let you Undo your last overdub, as well as an Aux Out so you can send a signal either to front of house or to your drummer’s monitors.

If you love the DL4, but have ever thought that you would like the looping part of it to do more, this is the pedal for you. This will be impacted to some degree by whether you're using a stereo pedal and a stereo amp setup, but a little experimentation should be able to sort this for you relatively quickly. It’s true bypass and clearing the loops is totally silent. Find more Electro-Harmonix 720 Stereo Looper information and reviews here. If you like the core Boss looper, but want it to do everything short of make you a sandwich, they’re happy to oblige in this massive unit. Ditto X4 vs EHX 22500 So, my basic Ditto died a few months back, and I think I'm ready to replace it. Just to top it all off, there’s an Aux In for ultimate jamming ability, or to feed samples in from other sources, like an iPad. At first, I thought it was a Space Echo, which would have been a pretty cool choice, too.

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