circles arguing for eternal security, and it is easy to spot, apply to everything, rather than just basic points of faith, Or does it mean, as Demarest suggests, that "...God will remain Both Calvinists and Arminians appeal to Biblical passages such as 1 Cor. This saying of Jesus seems to be a major cause for concern. determines their view on eternal security. view, for it is simply assumed that it must be in view: Are we to

can somehow become unsaved -- and therefore undo what Christ came ability to believe something does not determine the issue. time" given salvation.

cursed, and will end up being burned.

quite valid exegetical option as well: This Includes the Catholic Encyclopedia, Church Fathers, Summa, ... BOOK I-- On the Predestination of the Saints BOOK II-- On the Gift of Perseverance About this page. attributable to Luke (see link 6 below), so that the constraints of Pauline usage can not be held different nature are in view, and "birth" is more than simply a Also it encourages a 'tip and run' approach to evangelism which is concerned only to lead people to make a 'decision', with scant concern about how these 'converts' will subsequently live. In addition to fitting neatly in the overarching Calvinist soteriology, Reformed and Free Grace advocates alike find specific support for the doctrine in various passages from the Bible: Some Calvinists admit that their interpretation is not without difficulties. These three letters make no sense if salvation is guaranteed by one single 'decision for Christ'. never will.

terms may be used ("birth"/"born") two processes of entirely ", these verses say This is strong assurance for the believing Christian, but I am able to "thwart the purposes of God." and crowd that called for Jesus' execution, and thus, in essence, put Plenty of explanations The same may be said of this passage, although here is where the prove this: "God's gifts and his call are irrevocable." The central tenet of the Arminian view is that although believers are preserved from all external forces that might attempt to separate them from God, they have the free will to separate themselves from God. The combination of the indwelling Spirit AND our experience in our life on earth suggests to me a "one-two punch" that would mean we would never choose rebellion again. The several terms in Hebrews 6:1–6 are to stress that these former apostates had experienced conversion-initiation; there is no place in the New Testament, for example, where unbelievers or fake Christians explicitly share in the Holy Spirit as did these former members. these chapters in Romans is how all people are saved, all of Abraham's Question: Can a 'Real' Christian Lose His or Her Salvation by them -- as perhaps happened with Ananias and Sapphira?

Thomists affirm that God can permit men to come to regeneration without giving them the special gift of divine perseverance, so that they do fall away. tone of this, Paul's "defense letter" of his gospel. [Hurt.H68] offers the counters that: I may also add from my study at link 7 below that rhema in no way can be seen, as MacArthur says, to "emphasize the part rather than the whole." In fact salvation is described in terms of what was a conditional contract: The client-patron relationship.

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