Omni 360 Cool Air Mesh Baby Carrier - Oxford Blue.

But a few things I've noticed with it, and where it could improve: The carrier just doesn’t offer the same amount of support that the Omni does. It comes in handy much more than you might think. It is comfortable, safe, and secure. When you are at the grocery store and you baby is in the cart, but starts to get fussy. 2) It's a little hard to put on. Whenever baby is facing in toward you, you need to ensure the buttons are set on the correct positioning. It can also be inconvenient since they are much bigger and it is difficult to do things with them constantly on your front. Hi Sheree, thankyou for sharing your review of our Omni 360 carrier.

Lucky I got mine for $100 AUD on Facebook Marketplace in which it was never used by owner however no box and instructions (I fo... und the instruction on YouTube). We will be taking our carrier overseas with us too. In the Ergobaby Embrace, Ergobaby designed a carrier that will adjust to the length of the baby. We're so glad to hear that you are loving the carrier.

So if you’re after a reliable, weightless and easy to use baby carrier I totally recommend this. Yes it’s pricey but am sure you can search around for a bargain as it normally retails from $220 to $320 AUD. Add to bundle. We hope you continue to get lots of daily use out of your carrier. One of the main differences between the Ergobaby Embrace and the Ergobaby Omni 360 is that the Embrace is more directed toward convenience. I’m also glad that when I have another baby, I won’t need an infant insert, which can add another layer of warmth -which I don’t want. This is the one baby product that I would recommend to everyone! Love love love our ErgoBaby carrier! It mostly comes down to how long you want to use it for.

Hi Daisy. The Ergobaby Omni 360 has the option of criss cross straps or straight straps. The Ergobaby Omni 360 is named that because the parent can position the baby in all directions around her or him. Baby is start to be forward facing. Super easy to use and it's very comfortable not sore or straining on my back. It's lovely to hear that bub is comforted in the ca... Read more. I have a two year old toddler and this is the only milk that suits her tummy. The Embrace is also newborn ready, and you won’t need to buy an extra insert. This method ensures that your baby has the right neck support and avoids having an unsupportive seat area. If you are comparing with one is easier to get your baby adjusted in, I would say that the Ergobaby Omni 360 is a tad bit easier than the Ergobaby Embrace. A competitor's 'air mesh' version has much more air mesh (it's pretty much all air mesh) and feels great for this reason, compared to the ErgoBaby (but I prefer the ErgoBaby's ergonomics) Add to bundle. put in bag, so it's not bad this way either. Share. The Embrace carrier holds the newborn up so that I can snuggle the baby with kisses.

The Ergobaby Embrace only has the option for cross straps, which they can do because there is no backpack option. Is the Infantino 4 in 1 A Quality Product? I don’t feel confident it having her in it either. The Ergobaby Embrace is limited to front wearing, and even the front wearing positions are a bit more limited.

This allows you to choose the option that is most comfortable to you. There is an all seasons option, which is primarily a mesh fabric. The Ergobaby Embrace comes with really only solid colors and only a handful of them, though the ones that they have are classic colors that won’t really clash with much. I use this carrier far more than I use my pram when out with bubs. I love that it doesn't need an infant insert and that it has four positions. Write a review on! Calculate shipping fee by entering your suburb or postcode below, Benefits of Babywearing | Q&A with Ergobaby, Head & neck support cushioned & adjustable, Tuck-away baby hood for sun protection and privacy, Padded crossable shoulder straps for a snug fit, Grows from newborn to toddler (3.2-20kgs), All carry positions: front facing you, front facing out, hip & back, Quick & Easy to switch baby to face out or face in on the go. It's fantastic that it can fit a newborn without an insert. Omni 360 Cool Air Mesh Baby Carrier - Midnight Blue.

But how can they make a product that will fit a baby of 7 pounds and then also fit a baby for more than triple that weight? Ergobaby manufactured this in a cotton blend.

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