I often scared myself. Beyoncé Keeps Election-Eve Endorsement Tradition Alive, Rock Hall of Fame Permanently Pushes Future Ceremonies to Fall Due to COVID-19. “All we can do is live our lives the best way we know how,” mom Kris told Andy Cohen about the backlash. But to suggest that up-close portrayals of heroin use, like the ones I watched growing up in The Basketball Diaries and Kids, are the reason why is as simplistically flattening as saying video games cause violence. On her way, she sees Jules (Hunter Schafer), who has just moved to town. I knew it was strong and that I had to be careful. He really likes this girl named Cassie (Sydney Sweeney). While attending pr… He claims he was just joking with her. Jules goes to the motel to meet up with the man from the app. According to the show’s creator, Sam Levinson, the scenes and events that happen in “Euphoria” are based off of his own experiences as a teen. Already, many teenagers will do what they can to feel good, to feel better, or to fit in, without thinking so much about the negative consequences that might occur. She was diagnosed with OCD, ADD, and general anxiety at a young age. Her doctor also said there was a possibility she was bi-polar, but it was too early to tell. Mental health and drug abuse are difficult realities that our youth are facing today. From an Aaron Sorkin courtroom drama to a time-loop rom-com to a horror film that will make you cry. James Holzhauer, Ken Jennings, and Brad Rutter aren’t done yet. Fez (played by Angus Cloud), and she stops by his house at the wrong time, right as he’s about to re-up his supply from a meaner, more aggressively tattooed drug dealer named Mouse. Woven into the show’s depiction of tormented teenagers are vital public-health messages grounded in compassion and harm reduction. We meet Rue – the main character of “Euphoria,” played by Zendaya – in the pilot episode, fresh out of rehab the summer before her Junior year in high school. It is alluded to that she suffers from bipolar disorder, anxiety, as well as OCD. Today, we know that treating addiction with medicine and compassion, not tough love, is what works best. • Fentanyl is a deadly synthetic opioid that's 80-100 times more potent than … These are some of the many themes present in HBO’s new series, “Euphoria,” which has stirred much controversy since the pilot episode aired in June 2019. Chris immediately backs off and says he thought she liked that. 1 debuts.

A glorious season of television comes to a glorious close. Much like Levinson, I went on to have some rocky teenage years and early 20s. At the party, Maddy and Nate are trying to make each other jealous. But Euphoria also shows how the knife cuts both ways, that opioids and K-holes can only keep the volume down for so long until it comes roaring back. Rue runs into Fezco. Nate is prepping for his pal’s end of summer party and trying to get over his ex-girlfriend, Maddy (Alexa Demie). They want to be more popular, skinnier, or look and act like the models they see on their Instagram feeds. Euphoria thereby takes drug use out of the lazy frame of the unthinking partygoer. So put on a clean sweater, and hit the polls. He says to, However, it is important to call out that. Teenagers are not too young to learn about harm reduction. Maddy decides having sex in a pool with a guy she just met is the thing to do. “I found those criticisms frustrating and kind of lazy because they’re essentially about the subjective experience of watching a television show, and not the individual experience of being caught in the painful cycle of addiction,” Sam Levinson, Euphoria’s creator, wrote in an email. The cultural perception of addiction in America remains primarily one in which users are criminalized and accused of moral turpitude.

Her propensity to, Levinson’s goal with Rue’s character was to create more awareness and empathy around tough topics like substance addiction and mental health.

We know that in modern day, social media has become the norm. Only I went a step further than Rue, spreading fentanyl goop onto tinfoil and smoking it. As viewers, we hear Rue’s thoughts, we watch as she cannot fully escape them, and we break a little inside as she uses drugs (and continues to use them) as an escape. With these statistics in mind, “Euphoria” may be less relevant to Gen Z, which is a common concern among critics. It changes the brain’s chemical make-up, particularly in adolescents whose brains are still developing. Euphoria follows Rue (Zendaya), a struggling teen addicted to drugs. Euphoria is caught in between. But when it comes to mental health and drug use, America’s ossified boundaries are begging for a good push. “I had no intention of staying clean,” Rue admits. “When it hit me, I thought, this is it.

Mouse is trying to pass off a bunch of fentanyl patches, but Fez declines the offer, saying fentanyl — an opioid many times more potent than heroin and one typically reserved for severe cancer or end-of-life pain — causes too many overdoses and thus brings about unnecessary heat. On the wall are family photos. When he’s hooking up with Cassie, he immediately gets rough and starts to choke her. McKay’s first name is Chris (Algee Smith). The media we consume indeed shapes our identity, informing our beliefs, politics, and preferences. If you or a loved one is in need of help, for drug addiction or a substance use disorder, know that there is help available.

She tells him that she’s 22 years old and visiting her grandparents. I put my parents through hell. Those 2 seconds of nothingness.”. Yes, Rue goes to parties, but she’s not exactly making memories with her friends while she walks on the walls and ceiling in a K-hole. She goes to great lengths to pass the drug test. Drug use can be a self-medicating solution for paralyzing anxiety, a reprieve from depression, a warm hug in a garish world of alienation. All rights reserved. Grande holds the record for most No. She points the knife at him. She explains, "Peer rejection, bullying, and self-esteem are linked into social media and teens are equating their worth to 'How many likes or friends do I have?'". And then suddenly, you give it air again, give it life again… and then over time, it’s all I wanted. “Remember when I said things got weird,” Rue says. We break even further when she, Rue’s struggles with mental health and addiction are not uncommon. “At the end of the day, that’s what this show is about,” he said, fighting back tears. Rue recovered shortly after and was entered into drug rehabilitation for the rest of summer. After all, that’s what she’s there to do: not exactly get high, but rather to unfeel — a subtle, important distinction. She yells at him to stop. Addiction. Parties.

He made it out alive because people didn’t give up on him. As a former addict himself, he felt it was important to show the relief that drugs can bring to someone who suffers from anxiety or depression — as well as the pain and grief that they can create.

Social media allows teens to more easily compare themselves to others whose lives are seemingly perfect. Early in her childhood, she was diagnosed with OCD, ADD, general anxiety disorder, and possibly bipolar disorder. Rue is close friends with a local drug dealer named Fezco, a.k.a. Many critics feel that “Euphoria” is too raw, too graphic, and too provoking for a young audience. People chaotically using drugs need help and support to survive the hard times so they can live to enjoy the good times. Anyone with addiction will tell you that the volume is never fully turned off, and for Rue, it came roaring back.

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