We will also restart the assessment and intake of new dogs . Protection dogs, Eastfield Farm, Cottam, Driffield YO25 3BE. Police Dogs For Sale Security, Prison & Police Dogs For Sale Browse our Police Dogs For Sale, Security and Prison Dogs For Sale. Northumbria Police had to re-home police dog Jay at just two-years-old after he sadly developed epilepsy. There are millions of dogs and cats in need of homes, and many would be delighted to find forever with you. Fortunately, Jay found the right owner … 1 Review(s) Regular Price: £19.50 . 2 days ago. All dogs under the rehoming scheme are microchipped and it is a legal requirement of the new owner to have the microchip details updated to reflect the change in ownership. As you might agree, that’s a very important skill for any sniffer dog to have. In today’s society burglars are becoming more sophisticated and people will always find a way to bypass technology whether it is a simple lock or a sophisticated alarm. Bit Pricey. Add to Cart | Add to Compare; Northern Ireland Police Jumper . Many of our retired dogs will stay with their owner or a member of their family or friend but this is not always possible.

** You will only be contacted if a suitable dog becomes available**.

Most are under a year old and have failed to meet the required standards of The Dog Section. Northumbria Police Dog Section from time to time have dogs which are looking for a new home. If you cannot access your account you can reset your Police dogs for sale. ‘These dogs and surplus puppies from litters are offered for sale, either to other police forces or to members of the public.’. We have a goal; to ensure that every dog we work with becomes a permanent, beloved, trusted and happy member of his/her family and a personal protection dog. We have a team of full time trainers & kennel staff who assist in the development of our dogs. Dogs will be taken in by the charity on a case by case basis within the current restrictions. NewsNow Classifieds. Mission K9, however, is an organization that assists former working dogs in many ways, including arranging civilian adoptions. Login / Register. For every German Shepherd you see chasing down a criminal, several more will be tucked up on a sofa just like any other pet.

While police dogs are incredibly well-trained, the stress of the job can have unintended consequences, including anxiety and depression. Ex Police Shin and Knee Protection / Armour - Plain. They produce twelve litters annually, made up of both German Shepherds and Springer Spaniels, but not all dogs make it through training. Contact Shelter. TOTAL K9® is a registered trademark of TOTAL K9 Ltd. © 2020 TOTAL K9®. 2012 Vauxhall zafira 1.7cdti ex police dog van K9 unit 2 large kennels aircon . Trained and Supplied to Lancashire Police Dog Section.

Trained and Supplied to Private Estate Security, Essex. Why You Should Consider Adopting a Former Police Dog, The 8 Best Online Dog Training Certification Programs of 2020, The 8 Best Online Service Dog Training Programs of 2020, How to Adopt From the TSA Dog Adoption Program, 6 Things Your Vet Wants You to Know (But Won't Tell You), Labrador Retriever (Lab): Dog Breed Profile.

POLICE DOGS Our security and police dogs for sale - UK. Our police dogs are professionally trained for security purposes. They help us improve our services and make them work as well as possible. Check the following link button to see all our available protection dogs for sale. Some just don’t have the temperament to become a guide dog, some have a health condition that means they are not suited to our type of work and some simply retire. A Female Crossbreed who is age 5 to 7 Years. All our protection dogs are individually tailored to suit our clients' needs. Many police departments around the country employ special K-9 units that assist officers in everything from finding missing people to searching for evidence at crime scenes. Gun Dogs currently in rescue Dog of the month! 166,000 miles . ‘Unfortunately, some dogs, although healthy, fail to make the grade to become police dogs,’ the force wrote. Most are under a year old and have failed to meet the required standards of The Dog Section. All of our trained dogs are excellent with children and will ignore other pets and animals. View our police, prison dogs and Foundation trained Puppies available. T/a website URL removed ex police car sales in Poole Dorset - ex police dog vehicle - 2 extra large factory fitted kennels with escape hatches, storage area,... 13. gumtree.com . In many cases, adopting a retired police K-9 is an incredible opportunity to provide a chance for a working dog to be just, well, a dog. The life of a police dog isn’t always easy. We can offer a fully tailored development package to deliver a dog for any organisation’s individual needs. That’s because many dogs do not make it through the rigorous police training. Instead, organizations like the National Police Dog Foundation and the Retired Police Canine Foundation assist handlers with things like medical care and training for their retired pups. Some police forces even have dedicated pages for the dogs that didn’t make the cut. Most are under a year old and have failed to meet the required standards of The Dog Section. New SRS guidelines for virtual dog assessment and virtual home checks will be applied. Extremus K9 Lord. Here at TOTAL K9 ® we provide security dogs, police dogs for sale, prison and protection dogs in UK to every town, village of England, Scotland or Wales. For this crucial part of a potential police dog’s life, TVP is recruiting volunteer puppy socialisers to take on dogs at 6-8 weeks old. You will have to forever part ways with the dog you raised yourself when they reach 18 months. To find out more about their adoption procedure, as well as the process for adopting a retired police dog, visit their “Adopt” page. Not all dogs are destined to support police officers on the front line. Extremus K9 Ebony. age, sex, etc.

We match our dogs to potential owners. Only at this stage will the dog be handed over to the new owner. A dog that will defend your family should the need arise. If we have a dog that could be a match to you, only then will we make contact. Usually, opportunities for civilians to adopt retired police dogs only occur if a dog’s handler passes away or cannot otherwise care for him or her. It’s not for everyone, though. But it’s not all doom and gloom for the dogs that don’t make it, as they can re-join civilian society as adored pets. TOTAL K9 ® is a registered trademark of TOTAL K9 Ltd. © 2020 TOTAL K9 ®.

Dog not suitable for work (over six months old)-, Green dog suitable for work (under three years old)-, Part trained dog (under three years old)-, Fully trained or licensed dog (under six years old)-, Licensed dog with no work impeding injuries (six to eight years old)-, Licensed dog with work impeding injuries (six to eight years old)-, Dog or Brood Bitch (eight years old or over)-. The one thing they cannot avoid is a TOTAL K9 ® family protection dog. Search. 1 - 24 of 82 ads. As such, their handlers are always the first choice for adopters when the dogs retire. If you’re interested in owning a police dog, please fill out an application form and you’ll be added to our database.

Over at Thames Valley Police (TVP), another exciting opportunity awaits. I love dogs but I would think fairly hard about adopting ex-police dogs especially if you have children. Have a look at some of the gun dogs we have found in rescue - lists can change daily - we try and keep up, but if your chosen link is broken - we apologise, but keep looking as there are so many gun dogs wanting a new home! 5 doors. Northumbria Police had to re-home police dog Jay at just two-years-old after he sadly developed epilepsy. Dogs that are not suitable for our work make great pet dogs! It’s a highly selective process that finds the right dog for every situation within a police force. Northumbria Police are always open to the offer of dogs which may make the grade as Police dogs. This one-year-old German Shepherd was ‘not quite brave enough’ for Northumbria Police, and he had to be put up for adoption. Suzie is a sweet and pretty girl who adores the people she knows and trusts. Like their handlers, police K-9s frequently face high-stress situations and life-threatening dangers. Up until the year 2000 most retired police dogs were euthanized, a shocking practice that was thankfully stopped with the signing of Robby’s Law by then-President Bill Clinton. We supply only top quality working police dogs for sale with the desired traits and drives for this line of work. We match our dogs to potential owners.

01377 267372. Having supplied the majority of UK police forces with dogs, the programme also develops dogs which are sold to worldwide government agencies and institutions, as well as private organisations. TOTAL K9 ® also offer one to one Security dog training for dog handlers who have a front line SIA license and a suitable working dog please get in touch to find out and have an informal chat about your requirements. Eastfield Farm, Cottam, Driffield YO25 3BE These dogs are highly intelligent and work hard throughout their lives, first in training and then in active service. Extremus K9 Kenai. Fees for our dogs range depending on that particular dog’s age, medical needs, pedigree and breeding. If you’re interested in pursuing this type of rescue, read on for the steps that you’ll need to take. We may be interested in German Shepherds or Belgian Malinois for use as General Purpose Police dogs and Springer/Cocker Spaniels for specialist work. Get your need-to-know By age 7 or 8 (or sometimes closer to 10 or 11), they’re ready to hang up their K-9 badges and spend their remaining years relaxing. Most of the dogs we rehome have not been police trained although we do occasionally have a retired police dog available.

Take Cairo for example. 2012. Protection dogs, Eastfield Farm, Cottam, Driffield YO25 3BE.

The process to adopt a retired or “failed” police dog isn’t an easy one, nor is there a guarantee that a dog will be available or you’ll be successful in your application. 3.

Add to Cart | Add to Compare; Genuine Ex Police Hi Vis Jacket - A Grade. As part of this programme we sell dogs of varying age and ability, including selling dogs to order. As a police force, we are authorised to handle & train using real odours.

These heavily trained dogs are true partners to their human companions, working tirelessly alongside them to keep their handlers—and the rest of us—safe. But what happens when their work is finished?

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