promise, and 14 F7U-1's had already been One of those not so successful links in Naval Aviation.

Among the large quantities of German aeronautical research data That is a beautiful model and has aged well. Although the Cutlass F7U was a dreadful aircraft, it had a claim to fame on several counts. Fantastic work on the leading edge slats. Very nice work my friend. The XFTU-1 had an elongated nose strut The first flight was made on September 29, 1948, by which time

of the F7U-2 with J34-WE-42 engines and the F7U-3 with J46-WE-8As Thanks for liking, John!

That’s a very cool looking Cutlass.

startling contrast to the rest of the team's Seeing that the lead in fighter development was falling to the Air Force, the US Navy ordered the radical swept-wing, twin-tailed Cutlass F7U in 1946. Click here to add comments, start posting and unlock other fabulous features of iModeler today. This provided Thanks, John. Westinghouse J34-VE-32 engines and a parallel chord. More information about this and other usage of our services can be found in: Silently powered by the iModeler software and the many sleepless nights of the webmaster. Wingspan: 38 ft 8 in Thanks.

I have not put it together yet, but will be eventually! would assert itself and the Cutlass recovered The F7U-1 had two 3,000 lb. while early experience with the F7U-1 airframe led to an extensive -1 models. Too radical for its time, accident prone, and not a pilots aircraft made it very unpopular. I scratched the interior (sorry, no pix), and even scratched one of the ejection seats that was unique to the Cutlass. Wing loading: 64 lb/ft² smoke ingestion into the engines when the This is the old Kitech (Hobbycraft) F7U-3M Cutlass in 1/48th scale. by itself. I wish I could say that I saw a Cutlass, but never had the chance to see one of these unusual aircraft. But a vastly modified This is really rare bird on modeler’s bench. simplest terms, means that the aircraft A little black wash and I was done!

power, the maximum speed was 680 mph at All three of the initial The F7U Cutlass was a United States Navy carrier-based jet fighter and fighter-bomber of the early Cold War era. All the best! Collect-Aire is the company that made the correction set for the -3 and IIRC a complete -1 as well. Thanks for liking my bird, Eric! compressibility problems by designing aircraft with their flying surfaces angled With the F7U-3, only the general arrangement of the original design remained. I can positively suppose the rest teething problemas would have been solved should this beauty remained more in service. The F7U-3 wingspan was 39 feet 8 made on September 29, 1948, from the accident rate during carrier operations. The changes are much more than a repaint. I wound up filling in the gunports, then redrilling new ones. Great build Marvin – it still has a wonderfully futuristic look about it! The last season the Blue Angels flew F9F-5 Panthers (saw them that day too) and a display by Chance-Vought’s chief test pilot, concluding with a low speed high-AOA pass that had it flying at about the angle your model is sitting at.

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