Did she bow like a servant or bend like a bow? For the persona Duffy creates in Tall, upward social mobility is achieved - in the most ironic fashion. Shakespeare's much ado about nothing adds to light hearted tone, the song is nonsense but celebratory, Key features: cross rhyme, imagery, asyndetic listing, sibilance,  onomatopoeia, personification, Starts off with 'no', negative connotations of the reaction of her love. If she did so as a servant, she's trying to 'fit in'. Some of these text boxes were very similar to this form of poetry. The tragedy of this woman's end of days is that none of us are being caught. It is as if the crowd is asking what the point was of having such a gift, if you couldn't do anything special with it. Duffy seems to pontificate on the woman who "howled", because she saw it all in advance, from a great height, before it happened. Duffy leaves us struggling with ambiguity, once again. Calling this excessive tall-ness a gift, runs throughout the poem, and the leit-motif runs a thread of ridicule too, as the woman's tall-ness becomes impossibly obvious and excessive. Feminine Gospels is a female feel good book that boosts feminine morale by making males somewhat inferior to females.

For the tall woman, the crushing realisation that her gift of tall-ness is viewed by some as grotesque, leads Duffy to qualify "he turned and fled - like a boy". In theoretical feminism, other-ness is defined as being contrary to everyone who is the same.

Towers and turrets indicate medieval iconography, which could relate to Duffy's point of view - that women who 'rise' up in society, are treated no better than they were in medieval times. What is interesting is to take it further and understand the wider references and how the poet was thinking perhaps, when they chose those kinds of elements that eventually make a work of art. Like her, we wonder what it must be like to see a dead person, and what expression might cross our brows if we did. s1.setAttribute('crossorigin','*'); The ravine is named after "baba" or an "old woman" who was sold to the Dominican Monastery where the land is situated. I think we all have to try if we are able to a little bit. Feminism now is covered in vague generalities and many attempts to get the message out are transforming into arguments, and is interpreted differently to multiple people and many are contradictory that general agreement seems to be bleak. The World's Wife (2000), famous wives and infamous ones. She dutifully 'fits into' society, settling for her place in the social order.

This placement has an impact on the tone of the poem. what does it indicate? Beautiful. Feminism has been around since the 1910 with intention and purpose. Last poem in the collection, suggests she has done all she can do, and the struggle for feminism is down to other people. It would seem she is still able to find circumstances to suit her situation, and she continues to rise to her station in life. A Level powerpoint for Carol Ann Duffy’s ‘The Diet’ from her collection ‘Feminine Gospels’ Includes: AO3 Context; AO2 Detailed language analysis of the key quotes in the poem; AO5 Critical viewpoints Get Revising is one of the trading names of The Student Room Group Ltd. Register Number: 04666380 (England and Wales), VAT No. Duffy uses repetition to emphasise just how bad men are at awareness, this is done constantly by using the word “maybe” and “or” as if Mary pulled these idea’s without much thought or brain power, therefore by using repetitive words like “maybe” and “or” Duffy evidently voices her opinion that females are better at men if they are given the ability or in this case the power to change things in the world or make a difference and at the same time displays men in a discrediting light. s1.charset='UTF-8'; It commonly refers to the capacity of an agent, (in the case of the poem Tall, the persona), to recognise forces of socialisation and alter their place in the social structure. s0.parentNode.insertBefore(s1,s0); If we join the opening reference to "christening" with "knelt", we can begin to see a leit-motif used throughout Tall; religious gifting is offered as an explanation for tall-ness.

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Reflexivity is a social function. Stanza FiveThe stanza begins with indirect speech as the tall woman "found one" turret.

In the final stanza we are compelled rudely back to waking life as bricks fly through the window "now", the front doorbell is rung, "fresh graffiti" sprayed on the door, an act of agression and the placement of a soiled parcel on her floor. The technique of apposition applies here, where the description of the man fleeing is compared to something a boy would do. I was amused at some of the obscure double entendres you pointed out.

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