4) If you spend a grand or more a year (or two cents) with Jeppesen, they don't provide any help Garmin Navigation Data Alert published March 2, 2020 for cycle 2003. It only adds Jeppesen's "coordinate information" to your database. Garmin Navigation Data Alert published January 15, 2020 for cycle 2001. Jeppesen NavData Alert published September 21, 2020 for cycles 2010 & 2011. Aviation Database Alerts. Jeppesen NavData Alert published October 8, 2020 for cycle 2011, Jeppesen NavData Alert published October 6, 2020 for cycles 2010 & 2011.

I update the NAV data every cycle to stay current for IFR, and update the obstacles and terrain every year or so. Garmin FliteCharts Alert published May 19, 2020 for cycle 2006. Any experience anyone? Jeppesen is the alternate provider, but they have in the past been considerably more expensive than Garmin. Jeppesen aviation database updates are available every 28 days, providing you with the most accurate, current information available. 3) Both Aspen and Garmin have data deals with providers and likely get a % or kick back or some consideration. Copter Procedures at 25TN, 91PA, 4OH2, LL84 (Garmin Navigation Database) October 16, 2020.

When you buy through Jepp you get Jepp's NAV data.

And that's the Achille's heel; won't work with a Mac, and I don't have a Windows device anywhere in sight.

New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Blue skies Hubi 04 Feb 2017, 18:32. If I actually do do my bucket trip flight to the Bahamas, I'll deal with that, then.) Works exactly the same to the dot, except it's cheaper.

FREE GROUND SHIPPING ON ORDERS $25 AND UP. https://buy.garmin.com/en-SG/digital/accessoriesAndMapsUrls/JGTN-AMR.ep, Garmin Health: Enterprise Health Solutions. Is there a compelling reason to go Jeppesen vs. Garmin? Garmin FliteCharts Alert published May 7, 2020 for cycle 2005. Garmin is $449 for a bundle of everything ("Garmin Navigation, Obstacles, and Terrain databases" for the U.S.; "North America" (including Mexico) is $499) but requires its own programmer ($70) and is Windows-only (I use a Mac, but can virtualize Windows if needed). I have the Garmin programmer (small, one-time expenses in aviation amortize instantly...), use Garmin and have the US subscription (cheapest there is with no Mexico/Canada/anything fancy). For $360/year you get either everything west, or east, of the Mississippi. (I don't have a Windows PC and I'm unlikely to ever own one; I'm certainly not going to spend a few hundred dollars just to update my databases.)

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