The fuel tank must have an atmospheric vent to prevent a vacuum forming in the tank and stopping the fuel flow.

Drop tests? Be prepared to replace any seals that are disturbed in a fuel system. The fuel valve is opened when the engine applies vacuum to the fuel valve diaphragm.

If the petcock doesn’t function correctly rebuild it with new seals or replace it. No fuel pump, no fuel shutoff. With the low tech gravity feed, you don’t have to do anything – other than keep your main tank cap on. There are only a few manufacturers that make flammables tanks for the small truck crowd, but they also have undergone tests and meet the appropriate standards. Replace or rebuild the vacuum fuel pump as required. Heck, that’s about my limit for sitting in one place anyway. One thing to consider with that amount of fuel is the weight. Differences that will effect economy, power and storage life span. Old fuel is clogging up fuel systems and seals are deteriorating as power sports vehicles sit idle over the cold winter. Transfer Flow fuel systems meet VESC-22 (Vehicle Equipment Safety Commission), NFPA 1192, ANSI 119.2, RVIA (Recreation Vehicle Industry Association), CARB (California Air Resources Board) and EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) regulations.”. Personally, even though I’d love to have an Aerotank or Transferflow, I can’t afford them. Moving when you don’t want them to move. Can a diesel tank be made to carry gasoline safe?

Fuel Transfer Tanks, and some fuel storage tips, Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Google+ (Opens in new window), Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window), Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window), Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window). Or what, exactly? You’ve probably seen them in the beds of commercial trucks, flatbeds and pickup trucks. It does the trick, and it’s more flexible than just an auxiliary tank – if I need to fuel up a generator, another vehicle, or just dump fuel into my storage tanks, I just fire up the pump and go do it. All of them do the trick, but you’ll have to decide which one to go with depending on your usage pattern, how fast you need a fill, etc. Save Share. The container material? Ha. Providing helpful and useful information on preparing for disasters, emergencies and survival strategies for living a more secure life. I’m getting ready to fill my 55 gallon drums soon and I think a worthwhile thing to do would be to coat the inside of the tank (at least the bottom part) with the epoxy coating that is used to restore metal motorcycle tanks. With Memorial day weekend coming up I'm bummed that I'm not able to ride due to the faulty fuel pump. I would be interested in what, specifically, you disagree with. I haven’t seen any fuel pump out there that are junk. The amount of fuel? If accumulation of sediment or clogging is found, replace or clean the strainer or filter as required. The basics of troubleshooting a fuel delivery system always start with the same two basic items. You should be able to gravity feed but remember that the fuel level in the tank must stay higher than the carbs. The gravity feed system has a roll-over valve in it that prevents the main tank from overfilling. As to fuel storage, there are a few basic things with it. The fuel tank must have an atmospheric vent to prevent a vacuum forming in the tank and stopping the fuel flow. Where are you from sheldon schall??? I’ve been considering a 100 gallon aluminum tank from an 18 wheeler for the back of my pickup. The engineering concept has been approved for some of the manufacturer’s products, namely TransferFlow, and Aerotank. If I get a 50 gallon tank it might stay in the pickup all of the time. Of course, you can always do like I have, and just use a regular transfer tank.

Q; I see most of the transfer tanks and big in bed fuel tanks are rated for combustible (diesel) but not flammable (gasoline). Riders will want to fire up their machines and go enjoy the sunshine when spring arrives. You might only do that once but it can still be an expensive lesson to learn. You should be able to gravity feed but remember that the fuel level in the tank must stay higher than the carbs. The utility of used fuel tanks from other vehicles? While the carburetor may require cleaning, the fuel delivery system may have its own set of problems. Legally, the transfer tank can not be used as a connected auxiliary fuel tank, whereas the aux tank already has that legal issue dealt with.

If the vacuum hose is leak free and has good connections, the fuel pump is faulty. They are crash tested to FMVSS 301 standards, attachment systems meet NFPA, ANSI and RVIA standards. Permeability testing? He had this issue about once a year when he first got the bike out of storage at the start of the season. Is it safe to carry gas in a diesel tank. Some vehicles have vacuum operated petcocks. Don’t say I didn’t warn you though. Confirm the fuel and vacuum hoses are correctly connected to the pump. If the fuel pump stopped working he would bypass the fuel relay and "charge" the pump back to full pressure by shorting the pump to the battery. Like how do you think the machine gets fueled up everyday? Make sure you have easy access to the storage. The pump is there to make sure that even a nearly empty tank still applies fuel to the carbs. Make the same basic checks when inspecting a vacuum fuel pump system as with a gravity system. Pumps? Check vent and fuel …

Fuel oil (gas, diesel and kerosene) is lighter than water and the rust on the inside of the tank would start on the bottom seam if the tanks are stored upright. Inspect the function of the petcock. What is the difference or is there really one? Gravity feed to the carb where the float lets fuel in to keep the bowl full. Most carburetor fuel delivery systems use a petcock, or fuel valve, to switch the fuel flow on or off to the carburetor. Ethanol gasoline (oxygenated) will only exacerbate this because of its chemical attraction to water. Those contacts are there to … Fast forward to yesterday, I'm riding down the road and I suddenly begin to lose power as if I'm running out of gas. I call the previous owner, he let's me know which wires to muss with, and after charging the fuel pump I'm on my merry way. ? Another benefit that most folks don’t realize is that there are big differences in seasonal fuel blends. For those larger vehicles “For Vehicles Greater Than 10,000 GVW Compare the fuel flow to the specification if one is given. It's a matter of the switch crapping out because the contacts are out of alignment/worn out. It’ll spoil your day. All it amounts to is a “T” fitting in the main fuel fill hose and a auxiliary or transfer tank that has a fuel bung mounted low. If you do want to try this method out, it’s pretty simple. Don’t store the tanks half full, you ideally want them as full as possible. So I have just a basic transfer tank, with a Graco fuel pump, auxiliary filter, and a digital flow meter. Transfer tank designs? Inspect the vacuum hose if the vacuum petcock fails to operate.

Not hard to do a system that you could either actuate from the drivers seat, or from the bed of the truck. JAVASCRIPT IS DISABLED. Check fuel is reaching the fuel pump. Both hold fuel. 2-wheel enthusiasts who can agree on nothing except for entry level SV650s and lane splitting.

Activate the engine starter motor and turn the engine over. Make sure that the area is signed as a no smoking/no open flame area.

This video goes over the operation of a gravity fed fuel valve system.

Post was not sent - check your email addresses! My basic storage system is 55 Gallon fuel drums that originally held transmission fluid (sourced them from a local fuel supplier for $20 each), and a manual Fill-Rite pump. It's a very odd issue, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the motorcycles community. I guarantee someone will leave it off once though, and you’ll wind up dumping fuel … Not to mention the design is usually a bit nicer than just a DIY tank mod, like many folks do. When the engine vacuum is applied to the valve, fuel should flow. Do You Need Back-Up Iron Sites on Your AR?

This is just like a motorcycle setup. These tanks would be primarily to transport fuel home to my 55 gallon drums and my home heating oil storage tank . The pump is there to make sure that even a nearly empty tank still applies fuel to the carbs. If you would like further information on other manufacturers, I would be happy to forward some links. Something is preventing fuel from leaving the tank and making it to the filter. I appreciate the fact that you didn’t react to the first posters inflammatory remarks, but tried to educate him instead. With the low tech gravity feed, you don’t have to do anything – other than keep your main tank cap on. Diesel regulations are much more lax then gasoline. I've ordered a k&l fuel switch contact kit to replace my worn contacts and I believe that will solve the issue. If the vacuum hose is leak free and has good connections, the petcock is faulty. I also try not to use radios in the area – cell phones are one issue, but if you’re also into Ham radio you know how much power can be put out by a rig, and corona/static effects. In addition they meet EPA and CARB standards.

The two different types of fuel transfer that auxiliary tanks use are gravity feed, and solenoid activated gravity feed.

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