When a Shield is destroyed, the equipped MS will be inflicted with a stun, unless they are prone or are already under the effects of Stun, Stagger, or Knockdown. Unlike Non-MS vehicles, every MS has a category it falls into, and the three categories form a triangle of Advantage and Disadvantage. You are still likely to take the damage, but you will be positioned to counter-attack following your roll. ACHIEVEMENTS …

Or a last second roll could prevent a death at the end of a match with a close score, or allow you to roll through enemy MS with higher HP in order to get at a heavily wounded MS they are protecting, such as an Ace, for triple score should the maneuver work. It may be wise to consider remapping your controls. Or when potentially retreating with low HP, its possible to use a roll to turn a corner and deny your enemies a firing angle. The next effect, is Stun which fully stops a MS's motion, and ability to react for a short time.

The downside HP has versus Armor however, only comes should you choose or need to Repair, as repair rates are a flat amount of HP restored per second, it will require longer to restore a High HP MS, and its extremities to usable levels, than it would for a lower HP MS.

The first benefit is that HP reacts to all damage the same, after taking into account your MS's natural defenses. Disadvantage follows this pattern in reverse. Should this happen, retreating behind cover and repairing 30% or more of your legs is wise. When struck, a Shield lowers the type of stun or stagger by one stage, unless the shield is broken, or the effect is delivered via a Melee weapon. Easier ability to turn while using thrust. Gundam Battle Operation 2 Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Many players choose L1 or L2 as a preferred remap for thrust, as having it moved from the face button will allow easier, and more functions such as; The first two of these can be performed without remapping thrust, but will be more uncomfortable as the right thumbstick and X are traditionally operated by the same thumb, and the third ability is not possible without such a remap.

The damage output is outstanding when landing a focused fire shot.

Should this happen, retreating behind cover and repairing 30% or more of your legs is wise. With this in mind, while it is always good to add HP, should you have a large number of middle slots, it is not a bad idea to add LV3 Anti-Melee Armor to it, as many Raid and General MS will attack you with melee weapons over the course of a match. Welcome to the Mobile Suit Gundam: Battle Operation 2 Wiki Edit. The second benefit is in your extremities, your Head HP, Leg HP, and Back HP are based on your Maximum HP. The emergency avoidance skill is a powerful tool, performed by double-tapping the Thruster button (Cross by default) and will cause a MS to perform an animation of a dodge in the direction chosen, as well as providing a brief period of invincibility at the cost of consuming all, or most of your thrust gauge, should the MS have the LV2 version of the skill. If you're stunned, you may be able to dodge roll out of the stun before the enemy can close the distance and melee combo you. Weapons can inflict hindering effects when used against enemies or yourself.

Why not start up this guide to help duders just getting into this Game. First and foremost is if your MS's legs are heavily damaged or destroyed, as your limited ability to move will make you an easy target. Conversely, 1 point of Ballistic Resistance, Beam Resistance, or Melee Resistance will reduce damage taken from one of those sources by 1%. Pressing Left, or Right will perform an 80% damage sweeping attack in the direction pressed in most cases, however some MS such as the Gyan will perform alternate linear attacks. This powerful skill allows you to ignore a single instant-stunning weapon's stun effect while using your thrust, however, while still receiving the damage. Using range and distance, you dominate enemy units with powerful shots and amazing stopping power. If you suspect you will become the Ace and are low on health, it may be wise to take a brief period of time to restore your MS's HP, or help an important ally such as a Support, restore theirs, to prevent the enemy from getting an easy high score kill.

As for where to repair, generally, behind cover when you are with your team is sufficient, or when capturing a neutral base as enemy forces are unlikely to arrive and disrupt you while you are forced to disembark anyway. Repairing is generally not suggested in Gundam Battle Operation 2, as most often, you will already be vulnerable, and targeted by the enemy team, and it is generally faster to die, and respawn to regroup with your team. At this time, it would be wise to have your Melee weapon drawn. What this means is if you place melee armor on your MS, it is doing nothing to help against Beam or Live Ammo hits you take, while HP is factually allowing you to take additional hits before a death. Pressing backward will perform a Heavy attack which will knock down anything hit, and inflict 120% of normal damage. !https://twitter.com/RedWolfVionInstagram:https://instagram.com/redwolfvionLive Gameplay:http://twitch.tv/redwolfvion Below are a few noteworthy things that many players think about, or use. Also note that any damage done to Legs or Head is also duplicated and applied to the main health of the suit. Gundam Battle Operation 2 Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community.

Lastly, Knockdown forces a MS to collapse, and be entirely defenseless for the longest period, however, at the end of this period, the MS will stand up with damage invulnerability for a few seconds or until it takes an aggressive action such as charging a weapon, attacking, or tackling. Knockdown is caused by heavy-melee strikes, Counters, or by very select weapons such as the Heat Lance and Arm Punch.

Mobile Suit Gundam: Battle Operation 2 is an Action game, developed and published by Bandai Namco Games, which was released in Japan in 2018. 1 Critic Reviews (Average: 1.50/5) 38 Questions (1 unanswered) User Ratings.

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Lastly, your main carrier, should it still be functional, will repair stationary, non-attacking MS, so should you be low on HP and near your carrier, disembarking and repairing next to the body of the base will allow you to repair twice as fast, and return to the fight sooner. For nearly the same number of slots as it takes to increase your defense by 3 points, you could increase your HP by 500 points. While 3 Live Ammo Defense will make your leg take 3% less damage from Live Ammo, if your MS has 10,000HP and you increased your HP by 1000, thats a 6% increase to your Leg HP, as well as a 4% increase to Head HP, and 3% to Back HP, to all attacks you take. The second, is after you are already stunned, to prevent follow up attacks from keeping you permanently stunned, again, you are most likely to take the damage, but potentially be in a position to retaliate, or escape further attacks, should you position yourself well. Should a MS's Legs be heavily damaged or destroyed, the MS will be reduced to a slow walking speed, and any attempts to jump, or use thrusters will result in the MS tripping and entering a stagger-like state. Another good time to repair is if you are near your team's carrier at the end of a brief skirmish, and are relatively low on health. Spoiler Spoiler Block Tweet Clean. This Wiki is meant for English speaking players of "Mobile Suit Gundam: Battle Operation 2". In both situations, if you do not strike them, they have now exhausted their thrust gauge, and you are free to begin striking them with melee for several seconds with little risk of retaliation. Next is Stagger or "Heavy Stun" which causes a MS to recoil more sharply, and often, drop to a knee, forcing them to stand upright in order to resume normal behavior. A Staggering blow hitting a MS with Maneuver Armor while boosting will simply Stun them. Snipers such as the GM Sniper II is more accurate and requires more pinpoint aiming but deals massive damage quickly.Beam weapons - Hard hitting shots that can pierce and stagger enemies. size S M L position L C R U D change Credit Delete. There are many more advanced maneuvers, and abilities that players may employ such when playing Gundam Battle Operation 2 that may give them ease of control, or even an advantage in combat. Trading the ability to move for a stationary stance rewards the MS with increased defense, and ranged offense bonuses, as well as positioning shields to cover more of the front of the Mobile Suit. Repeat Banner for players to get GP-01 and GP-02, Limited Step-up for GP-01fb (before it was added to supply drop), Limited Supply drop for Efreet type MS with Dual Cold Blades. Easier to aim weapons that can be fired during high speed movement (thrusting), such as Vulcans or torso Machine Guns and missiles, like those found on the Blue Destiny family of MS, or the Hygogg. For example, 1000HP is 10% increase in durability at 10,000HP, however, a MS such as a LV4 Early Production Gelgoog having near double that HP value, will be getting closer to 5% durability from that 1000HP, where 10% melee armor will make it far harder for Raids and Generals to kill you, as often, a bulk of their damage comes from Melee.

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