I’m glad that there’s an option B the way that I am glad that there’s frozen pizza in the fridge. Alternative you can link an email without it being a necessary condition. You can easily offer an optional data safeguard feature for account restoration. Discord has one of the most confusing UIs I've used for a while. It has a clear visual hierarchy of Servers > Channels/DMs > Messages [> Threads]. Lots of stuff used to work this way I think. As an educator, platform inclusiveness ranks very high on my criteria for choosing which way to go. oops yes RPD will be fixed

Home Shop Home; Shop; Submit. This might be why Discord themselves have said not to use it for serious business in companies (I can't find the quote and don't know if they say that anymore, but they definitely used to).

From layman’s perspective it’s easy to reason that deleting an app or loosing the device will result in loose of data.

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Sie können Fragen an das Support-Team jederzeit über das Online-Formular einreichen. Close search. Possible for native and web apps, but only after explicit opt-in permission. Maybe sound plugin chains are an advanced feature, but I really, really wish it was offered in Discord. This is because I don’t have a slack account but multiple accounts - one for each workspace and all of them connected to the same email (so for me as a user they’re the same account.

You can check out the data usage after install in iOS but there’s no easy way to do it for websites. Cargo cult is an early stage of development, this is evolved to the point of having a logic of its own. I'd (and a lot of my friends probably) use Discord fulltime if they started catering just a bit more to non-casual gamers too. Good start though! Discord has much better moderation tools - permissions, roles, etc; Discord makes it easy to run a server strangers can join. it feels like entering a room, speaking with like-minded people, getting the information you want and walking out. You then have to record a video selfie saying something like "I am NAME and I want to recover my account" and then send a pic of an ID. Similar to how alt+tab or ctrl+tab would work in Windows? Discord has so many features that make it. I would hazard a guess that it's because the vast majority of people want a single login for a single app.

That's a pretty recent change though.

The UI around this has improved tremendously over the last 6 months, but it is still not great. Discord-Support kontaktieren (Screenshot Discord), YouTube Musik runterladen - so klappt der Download, Projektmanagement: Das Magische Dreieck einfach erklärt, Thunderbird: E-Mails exportieren und importieren, Thunderbird: PST-Datei importieren - so geht's, GPX-Dateien öffnen und bearbeiten - so geht's, Vollbildmodus per Tastenkombination aktivieren - so geht's, Sie können Fragen an das Support-Team jederzeit über das, Innerhalb der Discord-Software können Sie Probleme melden, wenn Sie sich auf dem offiziellen Testers-Server (. You can enable phone number verification which makes it massively harder to avoid bans. Mein Discord Account wurde für mich nicht zugänglich gemacht, weil ich mein Geburtsdatum eingeben musste. I've sank pretty significant hours into some mobile games without ever creating a proper account. B.

I'd guess most universities have an equivalent, but let me know if I'm wrong. Thanks for answering - not sure why someone would downvote someone directly answering a question!

I tried this in a private tab just before writing my response. As long as you don’t delete the app, the folder comes with you as you move from device to device so the apps installation is not required each time. I use Ripcord[0] on my desktop/laptop, a Discord client which provides easy switching between accounts. That indeed sounds great for people using ios but 90% of users aren't, I'm pretty confident you could change those numbers with a few reminders to link your email/whatever for a backup.

You can still have multiple accounts on Discord to achieve the same separation if you want. Give them a popup like "link your email to keep your data even after you switch devices"! That’s because discord “servers” aren’t real servers and it’s all a whole big closed-source SaaS. I've tried to create an account before it and would not let me without giving them a non-voip phone number.

Both can auto-update, both can download assets at-will, right? Why does that app not allow to change an unconfirmed email? Other than that, I have a range of email addresses and usernames I use depending on the nature of the site and the amount of personal information i'm willing to disclose. Anecdotally: my tech-handicapped friends all used hangouts. But then we realized people abuse the service (it's a B2C SAAS that's free for the C side) and we need a way to ban the abusers from using the platform.

Depends on a number of factors on Android. They may have a regulator, and the regulator assumes that you have info. I just abhor the user story on anything else now, this is just so easy, and solves so many issues. This is in tons of apps and you have no way of knowing it as an end user without reading the privacy policy or reverse engineering the app. It was a hilarious clash between corporate culture and gaming culture for a month. I can't fathom why it's implemented this way, but it is. You prefer option A because it’s much better experience. Besser noch, Sie können Bots zu Ihrem Discord Server hinzufügen, um noch mehr Funktionalität von Ihrem Server zu bekommen.

-Flamer's damage per shot is OP. To the layman, the intuitive perspective is that it "just works" and is exactly how they left it previously, regardless of whether they have wiped their phone or replaced it.

By whom? People would send links to their voice channels so teams could communicate. Survival missions does not work (zombies just stand and do nothing unless you attack them, and spawn the very next second after you kill them, if you do), and "city building" map does not load (game crashes and reports that it is missing some mdl file if i try to play it). This means people can freely join "hostile" servers and servers with untrusted admins, which is important for gaming, considering the toxicity of many communities. The platform is not the problem.

For the most part, in my day to day life, I get to choose the amount of personally identifiable information I disclose to others.

They've evolved it since then for higher plans like Enterprise Grid w/o notifications and integration into Data Loss Prevention (DLP) tools, but it's still never touched free plans. Apple Anonymous Attestation is the only thing I know about and it is just now available. > identification tied to web technologies. Maybe the difference is that Discord accounts are cross-server? Save files get broken very quick. The concept of always on voice channels that you can pop in and out of and see who is in is great.

Can I ask what the product is called? I never had these problems with IRC in pidgen. come on - Why do I have to sign up every time?). They wanted a one-to-one language replacement for ventrilo/teamspeak/mumble.

The reason webapps are usually slow is not that the platform is slow, it's that companies copy websites that are stuffed with tracking (if you block that they tend to be much quicker). I think they've toned down some of it now? I tried making a chatroom with a couple of friends but they had similar issues so we all moved back to Whatsapp.

FYI if you ban a user, it bans all users with that IP address.

We suggest you try the file list with no filter applied, to browse all available. That's weird, maybe it's disabled if they are already suspicious of your IP for some reason?

After doing that a few times I felt Discord was pretty cool so I registered and installed the Desktop client.

It's a semi-noob illusion, as old as the hills. Requires an opt-in permission on native, for browsers with support, it would also be an opt-in permission. The number of people without Facebook has been precisely 1.

On vent, I could just set up a compression/normalization chain and never have to worry about any participant being too soft or too loud ever again.

But back then there was no official way to browse more or less public servers, which is the case now. How are you going to give them back access to their account without a verified communication mechanism? If there's one group medium-sized group (2-10; and 10 is being generous, I'd say 2-7 is more realistic[1]) and the conversation is chaotic, it is a great feature. That's not a cross platform issue but your packages being outdated. This shop will be powered by Shopify. I won't install an app unless it couldn't actually have been a webapp and I use it really often.

Slack still is better from an admin standpoint. Installation ############# Drop the Folder /rev/ into /Half-Life... No files were found matching the criteria specified.

I was looking more for something where I could switch between 2 different channels quickly.

It's completely natural now but I remember not realizing it and forgetting how to join the first few times. This is despite quite a few valid complaints (privacy, not everybody has Facebook, lack of custom rooms, etc).

I think it's an amazing piece of software. I believe it does allow this, but it required reauth which the password was lost and could not be reset since it was the wrong email. They've already started to move the tone of some of the more playful messages[2] to improve UX for a broader audience, so it may well move away from the current terminology before too long. no really competent storyline, just some fun and remembrance of RE Games.

Too bad it is so raw so far. I clicked and voice chatted (in my web browser no less!).

That’s not something I am thrilled about. I would suspect that what you're positing to be a "complete history dump" from free Slack workspaces are from archive bots, which don't have the ability to eavesdrop on conversations in which they weren't already present. Shotgun's rate of fire should be faster because right now it shoots way slower that it's cocking animation ends, while crossbow works in the exactly opposite way. They’re not so playful right now, but the aesthetics are still a big part of why so many people love to “be there”, while other people can’t understand that and deride it as “form over function” and blahblah, * Cross-Platform - You can reliably stay up-to-date on discord from basically every device you own with reliable notifications.

OP is talking about onboarding. It will then bug you to "claim" your account (add e-mail address etc.

Hello. The nice thing about this flow is that I only need what I already have: my face and my ID. We suggest you try the article list with no filter applied, to browse all available.

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