500 Series. ABC fire extinguisher (with mount) and a first aid kit secured in a hard cover case. We placed the driving position high to gain a wide perspective of the road while also maintaining a good feel for the corners of the hood. Distributors in your country / region can be searched from here.

Enables smooth adjustment of coupler height. High strength and rigidity contribute to enhancement of durability.In addition to enhanced side rails, features superior molding precision, tensile rigidity, and anti-corrosiveness. The truck and crane is in good working condition. Tilt and Telescoping steering column? With a proven track record, the state-of-the-art Hino A09 turbo diesel engine powers the new Hino XL Series. ", OVERVIEW      DRIVELINE      INTERIOR      SAFETY     INSIGHT      HINOWATCH       HINOCARE      INQUIRY      SPEC SHEETS      OWNERS, CONVENTIONAL 258 ALP  25,500 GVW  Air / Low Profile, CONVENTIONAL 258 LP  25,500 GVW Low Profile. The M Series crew cab has the seating capacity for up to 7. Oct 28, 2020: Management. Exclusive model for United States and Canada. Ways in which automated driving technology can contribute.

Of course. For example, the cabin environment is designed to contribute to the reduction of driver fatigue. View More. Hino's floor mats are made of rubber synthetic composite which captures dirt, grit and gravel. Special attention paid to operability and visibility.The dashboard is gently curved to enhance operability and visibility, resulting in a superior switch layout. 6975 Creditview Road Unit #2 Quieter cabs reduce driver fatigue which increases driver productivity and safety.

Here's a better way to build a cab - high visibility, great comfort and super low noise levels. Got it. Designed to deliver high output and excellent fuel efficiency.Achieves powerful driving via enhanced torque distinguished by a high degree of efficiency. Canada. News. Mounted a step in front of a cabin for enhancing a cleanability.

For the first 3 years of ownership, HINOWATCH protects your Hino truck with 24-hour roadside assistance at no extra charge. Have a large crew? Bluetooth radio and ample storage? DEF tank can be locked for added security. 2008 Hino 500 13 216 4x4 Dropside with PM14 Crane. LINKS. All-in-all, it's a great place for a driver to spend the day. conventional 238 23,000 gvw

E/G output(kW/rpm) :353/1800 Hino offers 3 years, unlimited mileage warranty on all Hino replacement parts, installed at any Hino dealership across Canada. Hino Genuine Parts have been designed and tested to meet exacting quality control standards and provide the best value and performance for your Hino truck. Oct 21, 2020: Management.

This facilitates operations while maintaining a natural posture. "Trying it is loving it! ", "These trucks are by far the best medium duty trucks we have bought to date. Any remaining balance of Hino's warranty is fully transferable to the new owner if you sell your vehicle, adding to its resale value. tbk Creative | Web Design & Digital Marketing, Tilt & telescopic steering column with lock, Driver's seat ‐ high‐back seat with air suspension & arm rest, Passenger seat ‐ 2‐person high‐back bench seat, Hino Motors Canada, Ltd. Strong, Straightforward, Dependable. ON WORKING. A 1 year, unlimited mileage warranty applies for Hino parts sold over the counter. Displacement : 12,913cc conventional 238 23,000 gvw

hino hybrid medium duty truck models: cab-over 195h 19,500 gvw. EXPERIMENT MOVIE. As a Hino M Series owner, you’ll enjoy instant access to TELEMATICS, REMOTE DIAGNOSTICS, & CASE MANAGEMENT. front axle, 23,000-lbs. Useful for storing business documents and other items.Allows for efficient storage of business items such as document binders. Hino has been marketing trucks in Canada since the 1970s. Hino offers 3 years, unlimited mileage warranty on all Hino replacement parts, installed at any Hino dealership across Canada. E/G output(kW/rpm) :302/1800 all new m series . Available in five models, Hino medium-duty trucks are maneuverable, reliable and as formidable as any task you put them to. Provides maximum efficiency and appeal, while preventing bugs and road debris from hitting the windshield. Aisin A465-HD 6 Speed Automatic Transmission, Fully Integrated Lane Departure Warning System available. Aiming for the ideal heavy-duty truck.

Operation via electric switch ensures anyone can easily lift the cab. E/G torque(N-m/rpm) :2000/1100.

HINO 700 series. 1 year scheduled maintenance, up to 50,000 kilometers. E/G torque(N-m/rpm) :2157/1100, Displacement:12,913cc

300 Series. SCR: Hino’s proprietary Selective Catalytic Reduction technology lowers NOx emissions by more than 80%, "It's no secret that Hino probably builds the most dependable medium, duty truck out  there for the money. Aiming for the ideal heavy-duty truck.

This new industry-leading warranty is another example of how we are dedicated to providing Hino Genuine Parts and committed to protecting your investment. hino light duty truck models: cab-over 155 14,500 gvw. The air suspension provides a smooth ride and superior comfort. For details, please contact your local Hino Motor dealer. TRATON and Hino start E-Mobility Joint Venture. View More. Clicking the buttons in the second row, with the heading Choose your variation, will cause table data to change. The cabin contributes to collision safety (e.g., floor frame,door beams). Images displayed here may differ from actual appearance. So is a CD.

The standard full air, S-cam type drum braking system provides reliable and effective braking for when you need it the most. Each locking fuel cap includes locking mechanism and two keys. Ideal for shock sensitive loads. Images displayed here may differ from actual appearance. Trucks. Severe duty air suspension option available, 4” front bumper extension with 2 long tow hooks option available, Powder coated frames, to protect the frames from corrosion, Large windshield, non-obstructive A-pillars, 90-gallon aluminum driver's side fuel tank, in lieu of dual tanks.

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