Caitlin do know how to make slipper socks size8 and 9 for woman That means a total of 258 yards for the bunny!

It is soft and snuggly before it is even worked! Insert the needle through the tail, into the costume and then back into the tail. Two (2) lower front ear – you will need to cut one regular and one mirrored piece. My solution is to sew the tail pieces together first so they can’t be pulled apart. Log in, « Simple & Cheap Easter Basket Ideas for Kids. Arrows on the templates indicate print direction for marking and cutting out. Mount the donkey image on a vertical surface, such as a wall. With the rabbit still inside out, stuff the ears into the front of the face and move the limbs to the front of the body and out of the way. Repeat this sew and wrap process a few times until you feel the yarn ball is secure. How to Crochet a Small Japanese Knot Purse, Floppy Bunny Ears Beanie Free Crochet Pattern. For more info please see my Terms & Conditions. Is there a video? This is so sweet, it’ll be one of the features at Handmade Monday this week.

I’m still working on this Easter Bunny outfit but here is a photo of me testing out the pom pom – I love how big and fluffy it is!

Use our free bunny toy sewing pattern to sew up your own pair of sweet softies. Use extra safety pins to secure the tail to the costume. We shared this softie tutorial as part of the 2017 sewalong and it’s still one of our most popular posts.

Leave a long tail so you have something to sew the tail to the body with.

The skeins were in the clearance rack when I bought them. Step 4 Lay out the fabric for your scales right-side down.

Step 4. Step 5 Cut out the mermaid scales or rows of scales using scissors. The pom pom can be made in any size. You’ve got an Easter bunny poster and a set of printable rabbit tails, so all you need to do is let everyone have a go at pinning their tail on the Easter Bunny and judge who wins. If I were to give this bunny a simple pom-pom tail, the yarn pieces would be pulled out in no time. When you're finished, all the hair should be inside the open edge.

I am sewing the tail into 2 stitches in the 4th row up.

Stitch 11 created the adorable Huggy Bunny Crochet Pattern that this post is based on. An awesome way to complete this feat with any machine is to sew your yarn pieces onto a strip of parchment paper. Please connect with me on Facebook and show me your creations! The exact stitch is not as important as thinking about the lines to follow for limb placement. With right sides together, beginning at the back of the rabbit sew the base around the bottom of the body (Fig 14). Right sides together place the two back head pieces together and from the top, sew a 4cm long seam down along the back, just to hold them together (Fig 9). Sew around the edge of the ear, sandwiching all three layers together. With a cool iron, gently press the ears and then quilt them following the curve of the ear (Fig 3). How to bullet journal: what is a bullet journal and where to start? (24), Rnd 4: Continuing to work in the 3rd loop only, [hdc in next 2, 2 hdc in next] 8 times. Play Pin the Tail on the Easter Bunny. Two (2) back head – you will need to cut one regular and one mirrored piece.

What color did you make your bunny? Ch 10 (change this number if you want bigger or smaller loops) and turn. I needed to make a pom pom to use as a tail for the Easter Bunny poncho/sweater/outfit I’m making for a friend. How to Make a Bunny Tail for a Costume Step 1. I like to attach my limbs slightly in front of directly across so the animal looks more inviting, and depending on the animal you might want to bring them even farther to the front.

Options include adhesive tape or putty, tacks, and push pins.

Huggy Bunny is made using Half Double Crochet Stitches, so if you need help, check out my tutorial! This pattern calls for Bernat Baby Yarn, which is a super bulky yarn. Repeat from * all the way back along the spiral into the center of the circle. Pull the top of the row forward to find the extra loop behind the V – that’s the 3rd loop. The only hair that will be sticking out is the opening of the tail. Turn right sides out and stuff leaving the top 2cm empty. That may impact where you place the legs, and think about the tail also. Using dark brown embroidery and following the seams on the rabbit’s snout, stitch a nose and mouth. Close the back of the rabbit. Hope this helps , Your email address will not be published. A variation of the classic game, in this case we’ve actually done most of the work for you, so it’s ideal if you’re short on time. When deciding where to attach the arm, Keep in line with the ear and go down to slightly below the most narrow part.

My favorite thing about this bunny are her long, snuggly ears! Add filling into the centre and pull the thread more folding the raw edges into centre as it draws up. I crocheted a chain loop pom pom onto the Santa Hat I designed a few months ago so I built on that idea and came up with this.

Somehow, I forgot to take a picture of an ear after I sewed the bottom but before I put it on.

The link above leads to a color I think these Bunnies would look awesome in. How to make a DIY Bunny Tail -Pictures. This is easiest by simply counting to make sure you attach each arm in the same row on each side. Thanks to Linda from the crochet and knitting group I go to on Wednesdays, I had the exact yarn for making bunny tails.

Trim away the excess batting from around the ear and make several ‘V’ shaped notches in the seam allowance around the curves at the tip of the ear (Fig 2). I am sewing it a little higher than the legs because the poof of the tail would make him sit forward too far if the tail was on the same row as the legs. Add more increase rounds if you want it even bigger! Sides together, sew a lower limb to an upper limb piece and then fold the limb over lengthways. These are websites where I found the most helpful bow tying tutorials (My ribbon skills still need some brushing up, but I think I did an okay job for my first attempt!

Baste an ear in place on the right side, between the dart and the marker on the middle face, ensuring that it is facing the correct way.

Return now to the short seam made earlier to join the back head pieces and this time close the back of the head entirely by continuing this seam down to the bottom of the head. This will keep the thread from slipping when you begin to sew. Here is a paper clip (I am running short on stitch markers my cat thinks they are fun…) showing where the tail will be sewn. Right sides together, sew an upper front ear piece to the corresponding lower front ear piece – use the markers on each piece to match correctly.

I cut my pieces to 3 – 3.5 inches. Next, cut a small slit in one piece of felt so that the alligator clip can slide through like below.

Then, single crochet stitches and chain loops are worked into the remaining two loops of the stitches to create this fluffy ruffled bunny tail. How to Attach a Tail to a Costume. Floral Collection from Flower Sugar, Lecien. Cut your details out of felt and glue them into place.

Have fun finding a good one 🙂 ~Caitlin, My name is Caitlin and these are my crochet creations 🙂 I love to inspire others to learn and get creative!  Join my tribe and get a free gift to receive even more patterns and tutorials from me. First off your going to smash down one side of your bunny tail. Actually it took like 4 or 5, but whose counting? You may want to leave a long tail if you are sewing your pom pom onto something.

I used the colors Little Petunia and Little Violet for the bunnies in my photos. Lost: One bunny's tail. Alternatively pin the tail to the waistband of the costume in order to allow the wearer to easily sit. Step 3 Once the tail is drawn up as tightly as possible, secure the thread before sewing the tail in place on the back of the rabbit just above the base. Like this picture below. Sorry new to this, where is the 3rd loop/how do I create it?

The tail helps Bunny sit on her own <3, Bunny tails are very simple to make, but there is an aspect many people overlook.

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