portfolio of advanced automotive technology products. %�쏢 stream View All Apply several thin coats of primer to the Hyundai paint you are going to repair. Checkout was easy. Buff with a clean cloth to a high gloss. These samples have been collected from inconspicuous areas and are free from dirt, wear and fading. ;�O� !����?NDG�A��Lr�9�ҳX��A1S�~LR0����o��A�c�3-�PE�R90҆θ�T'��4�HS F�(�i2b0��3��`��d�ɴJbs�K�4�v%���: �[H��H�`0Ң`xy~5�vx������NF69��HK@L�;D��D���Eb&�Ώ�O The interior of your vehicle should be a place that you find relaxing and calming. You can interpret our ratings in the following way: 5-Star: Outstanding vehicle. jamb. Use the CarsDirect Target Price as a tool in your negotiation. Molten Silver - color code: T8T, Caribbean Blue - color code: R5U, Dazzling White - color code: PDW are just some of the common paint color codes that we offer in jars, pens, spray cans and more. Not recommended, and lacking attributes a car buyer would come to expect for the price. Great product.". Make sure the Hyundai touch up paint you applied earlier is dry. 4� �̸����z6yF+�,����6��RS,�axB ON�D�$�)��m�n�@P0H���\ ��%,��M�R�!�8K�m�R1д"���> KͬkY&�T"�?1k��� �f�o�����s�'�}nuZ�Q{�������g��>z_��Q�����uу ;8 �.���x�3�툖�*P���z��ې�X�9�B:��N�|��N8�>��V��zE;>T���gũz2/lŭ*��P?^(��^�F2 If you need additional assistance or have any questions, you may contact us and we will be happy to help. Keep reading to see what these color options look like! When comparing vehicles using our Rating System, it's important to note that the rating earned by each vehicle correlates only to the models within its class. I understand that I can unsubscribe at any time.We will not spam you, and will never sell your email. Hyundai color codes usually contain both numbers and letters and are two digits long. <> Current Specials The interior color options are Gray and Black Cloth along with Gray and Black Leather. Only the most exceptional vehicles achieve this rating. For example, 3E, above we call Blue Onyx Metallic Clearcoat. What is the MSRP for the 2021 Hyundai Tucson? In the example above, the color code is "S3". How Do I Calculate How Much Material I Will Need? Use circular strokes while applying even pressure to the surface. x��Y[lG� k�J���V���-�QΞ�_��*N۹��>�E���v'�NlljS�)\�E�(/��J5*ЂZ���h��6P^� �@�vu&�̓k�:�e��4��i�&56c>Sn���8d�P�T�|�f����C�P�/�&��d����e� You are now ready to apply Hyundai touch up paint to your car. Some Hyundai models do manage to hide their color codes in the The Hex, RGB and CMYK codes are in the table below. Remove all traces of rust from your Hyundai with 220 grit sandpaper or a wire brush. Becketts Black (Code RB5) Black Noir Pearl (Code NKA) Cream White Pearl (Code WW2) Hyper White (Code WC9) What are the exterior and interior color options of the 2020 Hyundai Elantra? If you wish to send us a sample of a color that is not listed, please feel free to do so.

Copyright © 2019 Leather Magic! Hyundai color codes are relatively easy to find as they are normally on the drivers door Decent, but not quite the best. If that is not available, please contact your local dealership and provide them with the VIN number of your vehicle. Simply does not deserve to be on the road. Becketts Black (Code RB5) Black Noir Pearl (Code NKA) Cream White Pearl (Code WW2) Hyper White (Code WC9) I am really happy that someone (you) still makes a stock paint color for a vehicle that is almost 50 years old. You witness many things on your daily commute, it is a place of refuge in the cold and brutal winters, and it takes you to see your favorite people. �f$!s��b���Ӟ�: For more detailed instructions, including how to use Hyundai spray paint, see our Directions for How To Apply Touch Up Paint. the correct paint. In the example above, the color code is "S3".

PLEASE NOTE:  Some colors may have different or additional names depending upon the vehicle model they are used in. The interior color options are Gray and Black Cloth along with Gray and Black Leather.

We sell Hyundai touch up paint pens, Hyundai spray paint and other Hyundai touch up paint products. engine compartment so if it is not on the drivers door jamb, you have your ", "Received your touchup kit and could not be more pleased with the results. Hyundai. Make sure the temperature is over 50 degrees F, then wash the damaged paint on your Hyundai with soap and water. Very good and close to being the best vehicle in its class. It could also be called Blue Clearcoat, Ocean Blue :ׅ�ՈSe��/ۉ5��� �WM=��7ߓyVg�IJ,U}]��Z�Aܯ��f�z�'^u�=�3n�*t�٣i��Bc�{�wǶu�dh��j�+�/�T�Ҟ��c��`���e�.���2>FLO@�0 pMy&��حx���SyGOׇ�ܤ�W���Xz0W���y��f�5mLt�6vecxq��&\�כ��T- ���~��$���T�a�9;9�;����h���n"c��s^��l~�mz}+�Q�r��*0m�����=P8�^{��w5���ж��2�Jz�vݠ�u�L� eqQi�r This is actually the same as S3B so even Hyundai can By following these Hyundai paint repair directions, you can make your Hyundai paint shine again! I agree to receive emails from CarsDirect. Black Diamond Pearl (Code MJB) Blue Sky Metallic (Code N2U) Desert Bronze (Code RNZ) Geranium Red (Code YR7) The Hyundai Motor Logo Colors with Hex & RGB Codes has 4 colors which are Air Force Blue (USAF) (#003082), Black (#000000), Wenge (#60605B) and Black Shadows (#BFBAAF).   Clearcoat, etc. Trim codes do not necessarily provide us with sufficient information to identify the correct interior color for your application. Both of these can be helpful. Part of the DealerSocket portfolio of advanced automotive technology products. …

Click on each color image to see a larger view and to find which vehicles these colors apply to. Let the primer dry, overnight if possible, before applying the Hyundai touch up paint. 5 0 obj Where can I purchase a Hyundai in Moreno Valley, CA?

It's the Certified Pre-Owned To obtain the correct "color name", you may check the specification or "build" sheet that came with the vehicle for the trim color "name". What are the exterior and interior color options of the 2020 Hyundai Elantra?

����w��w'ԅҝ&��w�M3V��p�1!!js�(�M�;�tZ�������T%_! ?~��赳w}��+K�?����/����䛳O=�ة��;���}O,=;���gN��w+?���s�K��~�?r�_����K�>��Ͽ�~��6�̯��|i�?�땏��w�޶���D��#W�_}�w��O[z���|��{��o�-��x|(:�x���*��5\O��í�9�b�A�x�2�5��9�1�"��d$n�GJ�R�q%$K�� �!�8��nK��� �)�%Nv�͝~s��@��w,�c�#��r? (These are anonymous so we cannot respond. Copyright © Hyundai of Moreno Valley      Hyundai Owner Portal  |  Privacy  |  Accessibility  |  Sitemap, 27500 Eucalyptus Ave., Moreno Valley, CA 92555, Color Options Offered for the 2021 Hyundai Palisade.

Color Codes Color Description; 1F: Berry Red Metallic: 1K: Black Pearl: 2E: Dark Gray Metallic: 2F: Black Pearl: 2H: Natural Khaki Metallic: 2R: Quicksilver Metallic: 2X: Regatta Blue Pearl: 2Z: Black Pearl Mica: 3D: Silver Metallic: 3D: Bright Silver Metallic: 3E: Dark Sapphire Blue Mica: 3M: Vanilla White: 3M, 4F: Stone White: 3U, Y3U: Indigo Blue Pearl: 5J They will look something like 3E. Give us a call or stop out and see us! We can provide you with factory original colors based upon "Color Name" only. Example Hyundai Color Code: The following image is what a Hyundai color ID tag typically looks like. The interior or "trim color name" can be retrieved through their computer system. Keep reading to see what these color options look like! Hyundai color codes usually contain both numbers and letters and are two digits long. What vibe do you get from the six color options below? Which of the interior options below looks relaxing to you? The short answer is the exterior color options are White, Silver, Gray, Blue, Red, and Black. Infiniti . What vibe do you want to give off to the rest of the world? An email will be sent to the address below containing a link to verify your email address. We have partnered with trusted dealers in your area to give you a great price on the new Hyundai Palisade.This is how it works: Thank you. Placing masking tape around your scratched Hyundai paint will help protect the surrounding auto paint. The spray can was quick and simple to use and the paint matched the car's paint perfectly. It is also now available in six exterior colors and four interior colors. 2-Star: Below average vehicle. If you have an unpainted surface on your Hyundai, like bare metal or plastic, apply primer before Hyundai touch up paint! Next-Generation Engine 6 Custom Dealer Website powered by. Thanks a lot. View all 2021 Hyundai Palisade paint color options & interior colors by vehicle trim. Thanks", "I received the paint today- it is perfect- absolutely a perfect match.

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