- See if you can answer this Addison Montgomery trivia question! She’s been in a relationship with Sam (Michiel Huisman) since they were kids, but instead of spending as much time as possible with Sam in her final days, she’s interviewing prospective new girlfriends and otherwise engaged in trying to control Sam’s life after she’s gone. Once he actually went through with it, she realized how big of a mistake it actually was. I thought he was a "goodie" boy and loyal to his gf so I'm not sure why he would go and cheat on her. One, keep your hands to yourself. You’re going to tell yourself that you won’t let it get to you. I'm confused as to what happened when sam went to that one blondie's house. © Copyright 2020 HollywoodLife, LLC, a subsidiary of Penske Business Media, LLC. His reviews focus primarily on streaming entertainment, with an emphasis on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and other on-demand services. "A stunning cancer diagnosis spurs Abbie to seek a future girlfriend for fiancé and childhood sweetheart Sam, who's clueless when it comes to dating.". It was so bad I didn’t watch till the end . You anticipate their fights just to see how his accent will slip. Netflix‘s cancer drama Irreplaceable You is a movie beholden to formula, for better and worse. You're irreplaceable Submit Corrections. Amy Krouse Rosenthal, writing for the NYTimes “Modern Love” column, took a similar tack in early 2017 (you can read the column here; it will probably break your heart, especially knowing that Rosenthal died 10 days after it was published).

Sam is being wack. They crochet together and buy tacky clothes and talk about what’s coming. Thanks to JJang Sam for adding these lyrics. Privacy Policy / Advertise Fault does the same even if the result is uneven. First he was mad that Abbie created the dating profiles, then he acted cool with it, now he's mocking her for buying a ring for him to propose to his future partner with. The movie opens with the main character, Abbie, already dead. You’re going to recognize just how manipulative it is, but it won’t matter. His fiance meant for him to sleep with other women after she died, not while she was still alive. California residents can opt out of "sales" of personal data. He tries to apologize real quick but she's very upset and it's making me very upset. It’s not a good movie — it’s poorly written, trope-y, and predictable — although there are parts of the movie that are not as bad as the rest of the movie. I was hoping there'd be a happy ending in which the main character survived, but I suppose this makes it easier to be mentally prepared for her death. I'm confused as to what happened when sam went to that one blondie's house. Their love is the kind normally reserved for fairy tales. Sam just seemed really clueless and self-absorbed. I think it was heavily implied they had sex. She reminds me of a British Kerry Washington. Did they spend the night and basically have sex? It looked annoying to me too but I just decided to watch it because I generally like the movies Gugu Mbatha-Raw is in. It’s a five-star ugly cry movie. Faced with the prospect of an uncertain timeline, Abbie begins a search for a new love to take care of Sam. ... Abbie and Sam (Gugu Mbatha … There is no spark or real tension to their fights.

There aren’t any curveballs within the confines of Abbie’s treatment. Her voiceover reveals that she's talking to you from the afterlife. It's brutal. So, Abbie comes to the conclusion that she should save her relationship. Abbie is going to great lengths to scout out potential new boos for Sam when she dies. Please don’t assume that they can’t find another mate a year later, five years later, or in my case, five decades later (or never). Eddie Strait is a member of the Austin Film Critic Association. SAD METER: 10/10 gallons of tears.

Director Stephanie Laing, making her feature debut, has a good sense of her actors, but the movie’s visual style is nondescript. You see Abbie and Sam as kids, as adults at home together, alone at their respective jobs, and together with friends, excited about getting married and having a baby. This idea itself creates some obvious upset between Sam and Abbie, meaning that they spend way too much of their final weeks together fighting, and by the time they make up, well, there’s not much time left. I'm shaking my head so hard I almost got dizzy. Sam and his confidant Benji, played by Brian Tyree Henry (Paperboi on Atlanta), have interesting conversations. An emotional person vs. an emotional movie. It is a frustrating film: For every good thing, there is something that keeps it firmly trite. Irreplaceable You is a mixed bag and Netflix is the perfect home for it. Sam:Two things I learned back in kindergarten. So, after the big thing happens, there's a final scene that involves Sam reading a letter from Abbie and IT WILL RUIN YOU. Abbie goes to meetings and makes unlikely friendships. OK, I got emotionally invested in this relationship within the first 15 minutes. Where I Like My Life was gracefully written, Irreplaceable You tries to impart a similar message with a sledgehammer. That puts the film in an unenviable position. Sam gets upset with Abbie when he finds out she's been trying to set him up with other women, and he slips up and says something that hurts her feelings. By Emily Yoshida. Article continues below advertisement. Had I not been watching in public and containing my emotions, I feel like an ugly cry would've taken place. What was odd though is his friend at the bar told him not to do it and that his gf doesn't actually realize she doesn't want that. And Huisman, born in the Netherlands, loses control of his American accent. Did they spend the night and basically have sex? Gugu Mbatha-Raw’s second Netflix movie in three weeks (see also The Cloverfield Paradox) is not a great movie. Within the first ten minutes of the movie, we find out that Abbie has terminal cancer. You’re going to tell yourself that you won’t let it get to you. They have a falling out, big style. Still not sure what to watch on Netflix?

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