Who Is Jesus Christ?

Your weather forecasters are predicting more hurricanes than the average. Refuse to take any vaccine or flu shot that could kill you. –around every world leader or head of government in the world. You have a capitalist economy, but your liberal governors are turning your society into a socialist government of dictatorial control. You are seeing many political battles and court cases to open your states. Here are resources for you! This is why My faithful will need to adjust to their new lives at My refuges. Settle down and relax because My angels will fix your system with what is needed.”. Pray that your government corrects these mistakes that could be an even bigger issue in the fall when a new outbreak will occur.”, Jesus said: “My son, your original solar batteries were not installed properly, and because a lesser gauge cable was used, you are seeing too many bad batteries. The schismatic church will take over the churches, and My faithful will have to go to underground Masses using the proper words of Consecration. You are seeing less virus cases, and people are protesting to go back to work. As a result, many places have laid off their workers, and you have millions of people unemployed.

This will be close to the fall when a worse virus will break out. You are now joyful that you have a working system. God the Father – “This prayer property (Holy Love Ministry) will be open until 12:00 midnight on the night of November 3rd in order to accommodate those who decide to come here and pray for a favorable outcome to the election”, Visit: ‘My Sacred Shelter’ to place free prayer requests, as well as for more intensive prayer and fasting for your special intentions; sign-up for blog posts, Resources – For Those Wondering – Is Pope Francis the False Prophet? (Videos And Resources), *** For Love of Your Family and Friends, Please Consider Reading This Book – “The Hell Conspiracy” – By Laurie Ditto, *** International Flame of Love Rosary Phone Line – Daily Prayers in English (USA) – All Are Welcome By Our Lady, *** HOLY LOVE MINISTRIES 7pm (EST) Daily Prayer Service (Online Streaming): http://holyloveministries.yourstreamlive.com/, *** Send Free Prayer Requests To Our Lady in Lourdes, Fatima, Medjugorje, Garabandal, and Holy Love Ministries, *** Let’s Help the Poor Souls! Your people need to use your common sense to see that your current restrictions are taking away your Constitutional right to worship your Lord. Spiritual Resources About Purgatory and Dying, Request for Monthly United Hearts Chaplet Novena from God the Father, Monthly Our Lady of Sorrows Novena for Protection Against Demonic Attacks / Witchcraft, Good Friday Oil for Healing, Protection, and Deliverance, IMPORTANT MESSAGE – OIL OF THE GOOD SAMARITAN, Blessed Virgin Mary, Our Lady of Guadalupe, International Abortion Healing Programs (47 countries), Rachel's Vineyard – Healing After Abortion, Silent No More Awareness – Resources for Help After Abortion (U.S.), Apostolate of the Most Precious Blood of Jesus Christ (USA), Dolorous (Sorrowful) Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ – Anne Catherine Emmerich, Holy Love Ministry – Heavenly Messages in 90 Languages, Love and Mercy.org – Mystic Catalina Rivas, Madeleine Aumont of the Glorious Cross of Dozule, Our Lady of Medjugorje – Messages in 90 Languages, Shepherds of Christ Ministries – Portuguese, The Virgin Mary in the Kingdom of the Divine Will, World Apostolate of Precious Blood of Jesus Christ (Nigeria), Catholics Come Home (English – main website), Catholics Come Home (English – Young Adult), Catholic Saints, Martyrs and Doctors of the Church, CatholiCity – The Catholic Church Simplified, Eternal Word Television Network – Document Library, St. Michael the Archangel Religious Books & Gifts, St. Paul Center for Biblical Theology (Dr. Scott Hahn), The Rosary Center – The Rosary Confraternity, Eternal Word Television Network – Mobile Streaming App, Eternal Word Television Network – Radio – Facebook, Eternal Word Television Network – Radio Affiliates, Eternal Word Television Network – SiriusXM Satellite Radio, Channel 130, Eternal Word Television Network – Global Catholic Radio – Shortwave, Eternal Word Television Network – Nightly News Videos – Online, Eternal Word Television Network – YouTube – English, Eternal Word Television Network – YouTube – German, Eternal Word Television Network – YouTube – Spanish, Eternal Word Television Network – Global News, The American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family and Property, Translated Holy Love Items – Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), Translated Holy Love Items – Deutsch (German), Translated Holy Love Items – Espanol (Spanish), Translated Holy Love Items – Francais (French), Translated Holy Love Items – Hrvatski (Croatian), Translated Holy Love Items – Italiano (Italian), Translated Holy Love Items – Nederlands (Dutch), Translated Holy Love Items – Polski (Polish), Translated Holy Love Items – Portugues (Portuguese), God the Father - "I am entrusting the Holy Angels with propagating this prayer quickly, as some ballots have already been cast - If you pray this prayer from the heart, all the pretentious promises of the candidates will be seen for what they are", God the Father - "This prayer property (Holy Love Ministry) will be open until 12:00 midnight on the night of November 3rd in order to accommodate those who decide to come here and pray for a favorable outcome to the election", Special Commentary - Guilt Trips about Our Duties To God and Following His Divine Will - By a soul, Children of the Renewal Messages - Jesus Christ - "St. Joseph - His special and particular place in Heaven assigned to him from all time, his particular grace as the earthly father of mine, gives him power over demons and the enemies of My Church - Ask for his intercession", Children of the Renewal Messages - Jesus Christ - "Do not wait, because it will be easier now to convert - A time will come when you will be one among multitudes converting and you will feel alone and desperate to be baptized and to confess your sins", God the Father - "I desire to point out to you today, children, how important your free-will choices are and always have been - Your choices affect others by your example of how you live your life and the influence you have on people around you", The Scapular of Benediction and Protection - The "Purple Scapular" - MaryRefugeOfHolyLove, Countdown To The Kingdom - Videos and Messages - Father Michel Rodrigue of Canada.

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