Add few drops of essential oils that have anti-inflammatory properties to boost the healing process. before this lotion, I was constantly bleeding, peeling and cracking to the point that I wanted to amputate my hands.

However, it also has different side effects like skin cancer, eye damage, itching, and burning. Stress is also another factor considered to trigger the onset of exfoliative keratolysis or believed to aggravate the incidence more. Emollients containing urea can help relief dryness and some other symptoms while lactic acid helps keep the skin from infection. When the skin peels off new skin layer replaces the open area, thereby no treatment is required. One of the primary signs of the disease starts with bursting blisters, scales that peel and are circular in shape, and areas appear to be cracked and peeled too.

The condition does not need any kind specific treatment. Try Amlactin lotion……and gloves when you wash the dishes. The constant peeling of the skin on the palmar surface of the hand is naturally unappealing and can therefore cause embarrassment on the part of the patient. Admin Login | Premium WordPress Themes. Dermatology Pictures - Skin Disease Photos. The health information provided on this web site is for educational purposes only and is not to be used as a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Fifthly, prolonged exposure to salt water and the bacteria present on sea creatures contributes to skin peeling. For example, avoiding irritants such as soap, detergents and solvents can really prevent the condition from recurring again. Exfoliative keratolysis however, will recur after several weeks after it has returned to normal skin. After performing a skin test (or patch test) diagnosis is approved. Additionally, numbing sensations of the skin are marked accompanied by hardening of the skin as well. Bathwater PUVA – in this scenario the patient soaks himself to a bath tub with water mixed with psoralen solution. This method has been used by Egyptians thousands of years ago to treat severe integumentary disorders. The latter isn’t seasonal as well and happens all year round and is also common for people who have skin asthma. Sometimes, it can occur at fingertips forming some deeper cracks. Due to excessive sweating and friction, in for example athletic shoes, the skin can start to exfoliate. Other factors that can cause exfoliation are detergents and solvents. It may also be used […], Water has nutrients essential for the health of the body. The disease is thought about as seasonal as this usually affects young adults during summer. common skin condition characterized by recurrent focal palmar peeling that often affects the palms of the hands It also reduces the capacity to be a barrier to water. humanbean in reply to HypoHim.

An outbreak in the epidermis can give access to microbial pathogens and other harmful elements into the body, posing a threat to the overall health of an individual. It is also named as “Focal palmer peeling,” “Keratolysis Exfoliativa” and “dyshidrosis lamellose sicca.” Tags: causes • Keratolysis Exfoliativa • pictures • symptoms • treatment. Exfoliative Keratolysis (skin peeling disease) is a common condition of the skin usually misdiagnosed as dermatitis (eczema) and characterized by local flaking, eruptions and dryness mainly of palms of hand and/or soles of feet. When the weather is so hot, it can cause skin peeling that may eventually lead to lamellar dyshidrosis and to prevent that it is strongly advised to apply lotion in the sensitive prone areas such as the fingers and the feet. Eczema can be painful too unlike the aforementioned which doesn’t have accompanying pain.

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