I left the morg in the late '80's and of course have not seen any of the recent temple films. You and each of you individually covenant and promise before God, angels, and these witnesses that you will observe and keep the Law of Chastity, as it has been explained to you. Then have them report at the Veil. (David O. McKay Diary, 29 October 1953, in Francis M. Gibbons, David O. McKay: Apostle to the World, Prophet of God - Salt Lake City: Deseret Book Company, 1986), The outgrowth was a 16-millimeter film directed by Harold I. Hansen, filmed mostly in the upper room of the Salt Lake Temple, and shot over a period of one year. We have given unto them the Second Token of the Melchizedek Priesthood, the Patriarchal Grip, or Sure Sign of the Nail, with its accompanying sign, and have taught them the Order of Prayer. By adding the “According to His Law” Mormonism is actually taking a step backward in accountability and transparency to the outside world. These four marks are the marks of the Holy Priesthood, and corresponding marks are found in your individual garment. Jehovah, instruct Peter, James and John to go down in their true character as Apostles of the Lord Jesus Christ, to Adam and Eve and their posterity in the Telestial World, and to cast Satan out of their midst. From what I have heard as a nevermo it seems that way. In its older form, this section made a big deal of placing blame on Eve – specifically that she was the first to eat the fruit and so she would pay a higher price for the transgression. No mention of the many female voices which have been calling for much needed change for decades.

This token has a name and a sign. As part of their training they will memorize the entire script and choreography of "Rocky Horror Picture Show".

Apparently, he can't get work in any other kinds of movies. We will place this list upon the altar and request the faith of those present in behalf of these persons.The sisters in the room will please veil their faces. Men wear trousers, belt, shirt, ties, sock and slippers. He was a theater professor at the U. I can't remember what part he had, but it could have been the minister. Or are they rather intended to help the Saints gain knowledge? He then says something to the likes that the people are receiving his teachings "very well," except that Adam doesn't. [A second officiator enters. Nice.

You will find this tracked changes presentation, containing the full script of the new Endowment presentation, as well as an appendix to this article, in the video above. In fact, it is clear that this addition to the Endowment ceremony is actually just copy/pasting this part of the Book of Moses Chapter 5 into the ceremony, where it really should have been all along.

The next change is probably one of the most sought after: We have here a list of names of persons who are sick, or otherwise afflicted, who we are requested to remember in our prayer. You want religion, do you? NARRATOR: Brethren and sisters, put on your aprons. Yeah, I always thought the whole interminably boring film could have been speeded up a lot if we could have edited out all Jehovah's walking back and forth between Elohim and PJJ and parroting the phrases. So why is there this change? Who is Craig He had just retired from teaching at BYU where he was involved in film

After 2005, the officiator only places their hands upon the patron’s head while pronouncing the words.].

In Mormonism obedience to God and Obedience to the leaders of the church is one and the same. - 06/27/2009 - KS, BUT WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN???????

Keith Engar had a role in the film (or one of them) that was used in the early 80's.

While it was Lucifer who originally spoke to Eve of the concept that there must be opposition in all things, he did so with the idea that the ultimate goal was losing innocence and having ones eyes opened to knowledge of the Gods. Why not find caracters from every day life, they will be more realistic to the truth. Lucifer: Richard O'Brien (Rocky Horror creator) Also, it seems someone mentioned that “have them return and bring me word” is a vague pronoun reference which could have applied to the Apostles or to Adam and Eve. Eve: Ruby Wax (comedienne)

Before beginning the endowment session, we share the following statement from the first Presidency of the church:Brothers and sisters, since the temple endowment was first administered in this dispensation occasional adjustments have been made by the First Presidency and the quorum of the Twelve Apostles, acting unitedly in their capacity as prophets, seers, and revelators.Upon seeking the will of the Lord and after solemn prayer in the upper room of the Salt Lake Temple, the Lord has again revealed inspired adjustments to the temple ceremonies.These adjustments, which you will notice during your worship experience in the temple today, will bring harmony to the way men and women make covenants with God.

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