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• 56 mm (2.2”) knob width Thanks! Tire lasted all of 3 or 4 rides before getting sliced open by a rock. 2020-2021 Blister Winter Buyer's Guide — Print Edition. It should also go without saying that the taller, blockier knobs on the Aggressor fare much better when climbing or braking. Thank you for the thorough review, especially the cross tire comparisons!! +solider tire (2ply) with solid Side Knobs for the rear wheel…….the knobs of the SE5 are perfect in soft or wet conditions, but show more wear (chunking knobs) when it is dry and rocky, Seine Stollenanordnung macht ihn nicht nur sehr berechenbar in rutschigen Verhältnissen, sondern verhilft ihm auch zu einer sehr guten Selbstreinigung. So fällt ein 2.5er Maxxis im direkten Vergleich meist eher wie ein 2.3er Schwalbe-Reifen aus. Nicht ganz. Somit kommt er auf stolze 23 Versionen. Here’s my take on how the Aggressor stacks up to those old standbys. Would love it if you could do an in-depth review of the Michelin wild Rock’r 2 and wild Grip’r combos! I measure the Aggressor to be a bit narrower than other Maxxis 2.3” tires. I’d be curious how it compares to the Minion SS and Aggressor as a rear. - Hier fühlt sich ein Wide Trail-Reifen laut Maxxis am wohlsten. Amazing grip at around 16-17 psi, has yet to let me down. The Trail King locks in early and holds its line. The Aggressor breaks loose just a little bit easier than the DHF, which gives the bike a bit of understeer that’s kind of nice to have in loose soils. Looking forward to more reviews and articles from you dude. Good times!! The Aggressor’s transition from center knobs to side knobs is a bit less distinct than the Minion; the lean angle where the center knobs stop hooking up and the angle where the side knobs start hooking up is a bit closer. The Aggressor’s dual compound is holding up similarly, or maybe a hair better than other Maxxis tires I’ve ridden recently, most of which have been the 3C compound. Koła 29, hardtail trailowy 120 mm, jeździec ciężki 110 kg. It’s not the best at any one thing, but as an all-arounder, the Aggressor is one of the best I’ve ridden. The transition from the center knobs to the side knobs on the Aggressor is a little less abrupt than on the DHF or DHR II — on those tires, I find that there is a pretty distinct lean angle where the center knobs stop doing much, and there’s a similarly distinct point on the Aggressor where the side knobs all of a sudden catch and dig in, On the DHF and DHR II  and there’s a decent amount of the gap between those points, and the tire drifts a fair amount through that transition. I imagine the Tomahawk is the fastest rolling but least traction, but still curious. Wer sich nicht ganz an SemiSlick-Reifen trauen möchte, am Heck aber dennoch gerne den Rollwiderstand etwas senken möchte, kann mit dem Aggressor glücklich werden. I’m running an SE5 front and just ordered a Rok’R2, assuming it would go on the front and the SE5 on the rear. The Maxxis Aggressor is not the best tire at anything, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t great — it’s not my favorite tire in any specific scenario, but it’s a very good tire in almost every scenario. Generally speaking, the Aggressor seems to be holding up similarly to most Maxxis Exo / 3C tires. The Aggressor drifts a bit, and doesn’t really lock into until you lean the bike over a bit. I like it when my rear tire breaks loose a little before the front, because when the front breaks loose first, I crash. Takie szybkie pytanie – lepiej maxxis high roller 2,3 czy ardent 2,4 na przód? The Aggressor is a new tire in Maxxis’ lineup, and I’ve been spending a decent amount of time on it this spring on my Evil Following. Diese Eigenheit macht den Highroller II nicht nur besonders für widrige Gripbedingungen interessant, sondern auch für Fahrer, die sich gerne mal den Boden aus der Nähe betrachten, weil sie abrupt und überraschend die Front verloren haben. Dementsprechend fällt der Unterbau dann etwas schmaler aus. Compared to a WTB Vigilante (29” x 2.3”), the Aggressor rolls a bit faster, and also hooks up a bit harder in corners. Schau dir die bisherige Diskussion an oder kommentiere einfach im folgenden Formular: Tipp: du kannst mit der Tastatur blättern. Thank you for the thorough review, especially the cross tire comparisons!! "Wide Trail" macht nun die Leute glücklich, denen "Plus" zu schwammig war: Der neue Maxxis-Reifenaufbau bietet mehr Volumen und mehr Grip und sorgt dafür, dass der Reifen in Kurven weniger wegklappt. In my experience, in terms of durability, that puts them ahead of comparable Schwalbe and Continental tires, and about on par with comparable WTB, Specialized, and Bontrager tires.

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