We watched him change the way (awesome) shoes were sold and how athletes were marketed. The couple also established The Michael and Juanita Jordan United Negro College Fund Scholarship Program to offer scholarships to Chicago students enrolled in UNCF institutions. After all, we already know that Jordan gets around. He changed the game of basketball forever, and in the meantime, made a huge mark on the marketing and fashion industries. She was an incredible part of Michael’s life.

We know so much about MJ, yet we know very little about the women in his life. The lesson here is: 1) don’t lie, and 2) don’t ever mess with Jordan and his lawyers. One year later, in 1989, Michael and Vanoy tied the knot at the Little White Chapel in Las Vegas. Yikes! And she looks kinda guilty. Jada said that Will is a “grown-a*s man” and can do whatever he wants as long as he doesn’t feel guilty about it the next day. For many of us as kids growing up, Michael Jordan was a god. Here we see a picture of Jordan and Yvette is standing right behind him.

Their bodies also seem to be about the same size, with their round shoulder and identical bust. Soon after their second meeting, they began courting. On 29 August, Jordan… What Jordan may not like about this pic is that he looks like a sugar daddy. Here’s what you need to know about Jeffrey Jordan’s fiancée, Radina Aneva.

To date, it is difficult to find information about her parents or more about her life before meeting Michael.

Maybe Jordan just asked her to go sit in the back, or maybe she’s not ready to leave and still wants to dance the night away. Loyal enough to share his wife?

Aneva has worked for 20th Century Fox since 2016. She’s no spring chicken anymore, but a 15-year gap is nothing to ignore. Had so much fun! In May 2019, the couple welcomed a baby boy, Rakeem Michael Christmas. Image: instagram.com, @mickijaeSource: Twitter.

10 Best Celebrity Quotes About Body Positivity. The … Michael Jordan’s son, Jeffrey Jordan announced his engagement with 20th Century Fox TV distribution team lead Radina Aneva. It’s also about the way in which a woman carries herself, which is hard to describe. They don’t get out much in the States, probably because Jordan still gets swarmed with fans everywhere he goes. According to the Chicago Tribune, Jordan admitted to giving her $250,000 in hush money to keep their affair quiet.

all smiles after all that packing #leavingaftertomorrow #movingtocali pic.twitter.com/HzLc3SieY7, — Radina Aneva (@RadinaAneva) January 3, 2016. Her weight is 70 kgs. Can you imagine if you had paparazzi taking your picture every time you hopped into a vehicle? Yeah, right! When Jordan got married in April of 2013, all the reports called Yvette a model. The ESPN hit series is centered around the life of Michael and the 1997-98 Chicago Bulls team. Yvette has no presence on social media either. Their relationship was marred by infidelity rumors, death, and gambling scandals. The picture is not quite as it appears. This is a side-by-side photo combo of Yvette on the left, and the ex, Juanita Vanoy, on the right. Forgive me, I'm paid per click and the unseemly stuff sells way better. Her stomach is toned and her breast size is ideal.

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