It seems to really be advertising. Minecraft Glide Minigame Lobby: 12 Disc Locations - YouTube Another really crappy and quick/tired minecraft video on the TU51 Glide Lobby.

(ALSO IT WAS RAINING SO IF YOU HEAR RAIN STFU) In this one I'm just showing everyone how to get all of the Discs … I have shirts, and cases and more. Minecraft Xbox MiniGames - ALL SECRET MOBS, ARMOR, MUSIC DISCS - Duration: 19:23. Every once and a while i''ll do a give away.Intro: Song: Deorra- Five HoursOutro: Disfigure HollahLive Sub Count: 4 reading down to here Please enable JavaScript to get the best experience from this site. Ads by Fandom.


FastAssassin101. Comments. This isn't news. Add Battle minigame songs as music disc to Bedrock and Java With Minecraft joining the large cast of franchises in Smash Bros we saw the return of some beloved songs from the Battle Minigames on the legacy console editions. ... this time showing us how to find all of the Mob Heads in the Glide Mini Game Lobby. This site works best with JavaScript enabled. Glide Lobby Secrets — Find ALL Mob Head Locations. ----------------------------------------------------------------------Last VideosMe Playing Against Ecko: Last Episode of Building the old Lobby: Game-Winning Kick: this episode I show you where the secret heads are in the new lobby, sorry if at points it glitches, enjoy! ... Minecraft Console Edition Mini-Game Lobby HIDDEN Secrets (Console Edition) - Duration: 9:31. The Meaning of Life, the Universe, and Everything. Ecko is back with another video, this time showing us how to find all of the Mob Heads in the Glide Mini Game Lobby.

----------------------------------------------------------------------Social Media:Xbox Club: ZaGamerClubTwitter: @zagamer_7161Twitch: Snapchat: mr_web05Tuber name: zagamer7161Clash of Clans Tag: #8Y9V8R229Xbox: LeafBUTTERNUBSkype: Za Gamer7161My Email: and comment #:D if you are reading this.Building Lobby's Playlist: Videos: out these channels: Novorca Gaming: you do need an account to view it.

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