Their four legs were modified into paddles which aided in steering. PERFECT FOR A MUSEUM OR EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTION PROFESSIONAL TO EXTRACT AND MOUNT PROPERLY OR LEAVE POSITIONED AS IT DIED AND WAS BURIED MILLIONS OF YEARS AGO. It is likely that mosasaurs became extinct along with the dinosaurs during the extinction event at the end of the Cretaceous Period. Box 233403080 AlicanteSpain, 20437 - Nicely Preserved 1.48 Inch Spinosaurus Dinosaur Tooth Cretaceous, 21224 - Finest Quality 1.21 Inch Abelisaur Dinosaur Tooth Cretaceous KemKem Beds, 05209 - Finest Grade Association 2 Elasmosaurus (Zarafasaura oceanis) Vertebrae Bones, 20995 - Museum Grade 23.07 Inch Unidentified Mosasaur Complete Paddle Limb Bones, 06050 - Beautiful 1.25 Inch Palaeocarcharodon orientalis (Pygmy white Shark) Tooth, 30766 - Top Beautiful 3.19 Inch Otodus obliquus Shark Tooth in Matrix Paleocene, 30070- Museum Grade Association Nematonotus + Prionolepis + Davichthys Fossil Fish - Cretaceous Lebanon, 40003- Museum Grade 11.8 Inch Seriola sp Fossil Fish + Plant - Eocene Monte Bolca Italy, 09186 - MARTIAN Black Beauty Rabt Sbayta 012 Meteorite 0.29 g Polymict Breccia Thin Section with Fusion Crust, 30052 - Finest Grade Illaenus tauricornis Middle Ordovician Trilobite Russia, 20752 - Top Beautiful Rooted 1.41 Inch Mosasaur (Prognathodon anceps) Tooth, 20751 - Top Beautiful Rooted 1.48 Inch Mosasaur (Prognathodon anceps) Tooth, 20209 - Top 4.23 Inch Mosasaur (Prognathodon anceps) Rooted Tooth ( & Preserved Replacement Emerging Germ Tooth), 05372 - Nice EREMIASAURUS (Mosasaur) Tooth in Jaw Bone with replacement Germ Tooth, 06925 - Beautiful Halisaurus arambourgi (Mosasaur) Partial Left Hemi-Jaw Cretaceous, 20281 - Top Huge Rooted 4.46 Inch Mosasaur (Prognathodon anceps) Tooth, 06214 - Top Huge Rooted 3.23 Inch Mosasaur (Prognathodon anceps) Tooth, 20756 - Top Quality 1.47 Inch Rooted Halisaurus walkeri (Mosasaur) Tooth Cretaceous, 20755 - Top Quality 1.54 Inch Rooted Halisaurus walkeri (Mosasaur) Tooth Cretaceous, 06223 - Well Preserved 1.18 Inch Mosasaur (Prognathodon anceps) Tooth, 05259 - Well Preserved 2.13 Inch Mosasaur (Prognathodon anceps) Tooth, 20562 - Museum Grade 16.14 Inch Platecarpus ptychodon (Mosasaur) Partial Left Hemi-Jaw Cretaceous, 22434 - Museum Grade 22.52 Inch Halisaurus arambourgi (Mosasaur) Partial Tail Late Cretaceous, 07030 - Museum Grade 16.89 Inch Complete Mosasaur Skull Late Late Cretaceous, 20561 - Great 11.18 Inch Halisaurus arambourgi (Mosasaur) Right Hemi-Jaw Late Cretaceous, 20358 - Well Preserved 2.15 Inch Mosasaur (Prognathodon anceps) Tooth, 20357 - Well Preserved 2.20 Inch Mosasaur (Prognathodon anceps) Tooth, 20355 - Well Preserved 2.44 Inch Mosasaur (Prognathodon anceps) Tooth, 05258 - Beautiful 2.15 Inch Mosasaur (Prognathodon anceps) Tooth. We have tusks available (either real or replicas) The Skull has very little restoration.

Type: Skulls IT IS NOT A COMPOSITE OF MULTIPLE ANIMALS OF THE SAME SPECIES AS MANY SKULLS AND SKELETONS ARE OFFERED ON THE PUBLIC FOSSIL MARKET. The 80 million year old skull belonged to a creature that must have been about 12 feet in total length. This is a complete skull and associated skeleton of a newly published species of mosasaur called Halisaurus arambourgi. Save mosasaur skull to get e-mail alerts and updates on your eBay Feed. This amazing replica is of a Platecarpus ictericus skull. Vast layers of chalk were deposited in this shallow sea, leading to remarkable preservation of its inhabitants.

Wild Smile Tyrannosaurus rex Dinosaur Face Mask Adult, Teens & Kids.

Dinosaur Eggs To discover an associated skeleton like this specimen, WITH ITS ORIGINAL SKULL is extremely rare, THIS IS AN  ALL ORIGINAL  AND ULTRA-RARE   SKELETON AND COMPLETE SKULL OF THE  SAME SINGLE  MOSASAUR. 62.5" in length overall, skull in main matrix block is 22" x 16" with an average depth of 8".

This species is the smallest identified  mosasaur species from the Oulad Abdoun Basin of Morocco and one of of six species known in the Maastrichtian phosphates of the Ganntour Basin (Morocco).

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$8,500.00.   $202.00, Stenosaurus bollensis, crocodile

Measures 43in in length This is a great skull to display as it is or to remove and prepare.   $477.00, Dyrosaurus phosphaticus (crocodile) Mosasaur was once one of the largest animals that lived. Giant Mosasaur Skull in Matrix SKU: XMD-1. Payment for purchases may be made in or by (a) cash, (b) cashier's check or money order, (c) personal check with approved credit drawn on a U.S. bank, (d) wire transfer or other immediate bank transfer, or (e) Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover credit, charge or debit card. Measures 43in in length Conditions of Sale … The skull is incredibly complete and is in amazing condition.

The mission of Dinosaur Corporation is to support education and heighten the awareness of dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals. You can email us or call us Mosasaurus Late Cretaceous An apex marine predator of the Late Cretaceous, Mosasaurus was a reptile with a long, sinuous body line and a jaw structure that enabled this formidable beast to open its jaws extremely wide, like those of a snake.

Can I talk to a real person? offers the largest selection of replica fossils and other fossil-related products anywhere in the world! Feeding primarily on fish and invertebrates, Platecarpus was one of the dominant predators of the Western Interior Seaway.   $215.00, Platycarpus ictericus, mosasaur skull IT IS A SUPER RARE SPECIES THAT WAS JUST PUBLISHED IN 2005! Our casts are used in the study of forensics, pathology, anthropology, archaeology, zoology, primatology, advanced anatomy, and much more. © Copyright 2020 Dinosaur Corporation. Authentic Megalodon Teeth Furthermore, the skull is complete with just the dorsal portion exposed in the heavy block of original matrix.

Contact us online to make an inquiry. Bone Clones, Inc. is the premier manufacturer of osteological replica models. For all Sales categories excluding Arms & Armor, Coins and Medals, Motor Cars, Motorcycles, Wine & Whisky.

Sold Out View. Dinosaur Corporation is a Federally Registered Trademark. Because of the delicate nature of this creature's skeleton, remains found have been poorly preserved and often are found fragmented and scattered in the formation.

Under $2,120.00 - apply Price filter. Its mouth was armed with an array of teeth designed for piercing and holding onto its prey. Pre-Owned. Click here to get estimated delivery date. $2,120.00 to $11,750.00 - apply Price filter. Our range of products also includes fossil hominids and fossil animals. I have a question about this product. Offered is a research quality cast replica of a mosasaur skull. Real Fossil Mammoth skull for sale. All from same mosasaur. Prognathodon stadtmani, Mosasaur Skull $3,600.00. All rights reserved. By continuing to use our site you consent to the use of cookies. Mosasaur Skull - Research Quality Cast Replica, Sold for

If you are interested in consigning in future sales, please contact the specialist department. The species was just published in March of 2005 and it is known from limited cranial and post-cranial remains. Over $11,750.00 - apply Price filter. This sale is now finished. Offered is a research quality cast replica of a mosasaur skull. Majority of the vertebral column is present with associated scapulae and remainder of cervical vertebrae. Sold Out View.

IT IS STILL IN ITS ORIGINAL MATRIX AS FOUND.   $95.00. This skull is listed at less than half of retail and is a real bargain for anyone looking to own one of these incredible reptiles. Mosasaur Skull Prognatodont sp. THIS SPECIMEN IS ACTUALLY MUCH MORE VALUABLE AS IT IS IN MATRIX WITH NOTHING DONE TO IT RATHER THAN TO BE MOUNTED AND RESTORED IN AN INCORRECT MANNER WHICH DESTROYS THE VALUE OF THE SPECIMEN. Phylum: Vertebrates Class: Reptiles.


Very rare - giant size. Deinosuchus, the dinosaur eater & largest alligator $6,500.00. We also carry entomology, cryptology, anthropology and forensic skulls.

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All rights reserved. There is some on the right zygomatic bone and also on the left alveole. Its long, streamlined body …

Cretaceous, Late Maastrichtian Ouled Abdoun Basin, Sidi Daoui, Khoribga, Morocco Mosasaurs were giant, carnivorous reptiles that menaced the seas during the Age of Dinosaurs. This replica is a Platecarpus ictericus skull.   $6,500.00, Prognathodon stadtmani, Mosasaur Skull Dinosaurs were the dominant vertebrate animals of terrestrial ecosystems for over 160 million years, … THIS AFFECTS THE BIDDERS LEGAL RIGHTS. $43,725.00. $43,725.00. 20358 - Well Preserved 2.15 Inch Mosasaur (Prognathodon anceps) Tooth.

Fossils of this creature are rare and usually are limited to small isolated finds of teeth only.Because of the delicate nature of this creature's skeleton, remains found have been poorly preserved and often are found fragmented and scattered in the formation. We specialize in precise, museum-quality replica human and animal skulls and skeletons. Mosasaurs were among the first fossils recognized and scientifically described. POLICIES. Modern relatives of mosasaurs include varanid lizards (Komodo dragons, monitor lizards, etc.)

inc. premium, I have read, understood and agree to Bonhams. Dinosaur Corporation is the world's leading supplier of fossil replicas, cast in durable polyurethane resins. This species is the smallest identified  mosasaur species from the Oulad Abdoun Basin of Morocco and one of of six species known in the Maastrichtian phosphates of the Ganntour Basin (Morocco). Unavailable per item We have nicknamed this enormous aquatic lizard skull, "Big Mo"! THIS AFFECTS THE BIDDERS LEGAL RIGHTS. A mosasaur's jaw could "unhinge," much like a modern snake's to swallow larger prey whole.

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