Everything happens for a reason and the important thing is that you found yourself in a better position now. It flew off and the next morning it was back by my door it’s big and beautiful and black and white and grey. God bless. I ALWAYS IMAGINE THESE MOTHS WITH DEATH. It was stationary, and its wings were open as wide as possible.

Am I going to die?!?!?!?!?!

As we found in what moths commonly symbolise, their behaviors have proved difficult for scientists to explain in reason. But this morning, I had a moth fly on me in a county building. This is considered the number of the beast, the number associated with the devil himself. Butterfly Insight notes the symbolism of the moth being drawn to light (2018).

What is the moth meaning to me and my situation.

Thank you.

The following is from Animal Symbolism, Totems and Dream Analysis from A to Z. This is the second moth in 3 days Ive seen. Is it the first time you’ve seen it, or has it appeared repeatedly over several nights? I was on the backyard, as I was coming inside the house this giant moth crossed my path. Better safe than sorry! But i haven’t experienced it days in a row. Then another few minutes passed by and somehow a moth three times the size appeared right on my window trying to fly out! I flew among trees half blind And feared the owl but I got away. It flew off once outside in the open air. I have had 2 different types of moths in the last couple of days come and stay by my door.

Can anyone explain? Remember that not everything you want you truly need, so try and focus on those goals that won’t end up harming you more than they’ll benefit you in the long run. I was able to grab it. I was profoundly upset by this and cried in the dreamed I was cleaning up all the greenery I had made for him to live in.

Does this mean anything that I saw two moths two days in a row after that event ? What does this mean. I managed to catch it in a bathroom cup and it was released out an open bathroom window.

I just had a rather strange experience with a brown colored moth a few moments ago…I was outside and a brown moth came flying around me almost frantically, it followed me when I walked around and even stayed by the screen door for a while when I went inside. The weary pilgrim struggles on; the satiated pilgrim stops. I have had a medium sized white moth only appear when I am in the room, per my husband, the moth is for me. It flew behind the curtain on the window and the moon was shining on the Other side of the window that made the moths silhouette through the curtain. Took it outside to release. On Sunday evening we had a really heavy downpour and when going to run a bath i saw a yellow moth on the edge of the bath. HANGING BY MY FRONT DOOR THERE WAS A BIG ONE THERE, I HIT IT, I THOGHT IT DIED BUT WHEN I GOT BACK HOME THE MOTH WAS GONE. This is especially true if you see them in places you won’t usually encounter one, or close to sunset, as this is where the spirit world is more powerful, during twilight and just before nighttime. I was just watching the horror movie “The Possession”, and saw that a common symbol during each of the possession scenes that there was always a moth… Is there a more sinister theme the moth symbolizes, or what? New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. We’ll tackle the various explanations of moth symbolism, and what messages they are trying to convey. I was instructed to make this circle using four pieces of furniture in a certain manner, square, and the people would round it out at the four corners.

In Kejawen Indonesian mysticism they are learning, memory & transformation, and have been ritually eaten for this type of medicine. Moving around in the dark means they must trust their inner instincts and fully rely on their enhanced senses to survive. I’m in the middle of making a decision to work less hours so I can have time for myself. Is it more likely that its just unlucky that they are breeding in my car and house at a rapid rate and all of them try to dive bomb me inbetween the eyes? I feel better, second guessing my self has always been an issue. Satanic symbols are used in Satanism, which is a group of physiological and ideological beliefs based on the fallen angel, Satan and occult.The worship of Satan use them.

I decided to look up the meaning… and found all of this. I went back to Secondary School, which I have finished already in real life. hi i saw a big moth i dont rember anything else but my dad recently had a stroke and i am devestated what dose this mean thank you . I’m just wondering if was a sign, a spirit visiting, or what. Ive been over run lately...at home, in the car , ar work...and they go right for my eyes...even at night with a bright light overhead. Goddess Bless. I looked down at it and it fly upward then landed again.

I put it in a bucket and drowned it with very hot water. Not once, but twice. I think on the end it turned into a person with strange eyes….i woke up around that moment, therefore not sure. It kept giving me good dreams until I’ve realised that there were too many fallacies and impossible things happening.

One is a pale color and the other is a darker brown, both are pretty big. If you feel a connection to the spiritual world, then the black moth is an ideal spirit animal for you: This insect is said to have a deep connection to the afterlife, being a conduit for spirits that are trying to enter our world and convey messages to the living. Body language is a key sign here, so it is recommended to closely observe how those around us are acting. I recently had a dream of two incredibly large moths sat on to of each other, then breaking apart flying around and attacking me.

I had a most bizarre experience today. The Goddess then told me that I had to sacrifice an Earthworm and arrange a “circle” for a wedding ceremony. Moths and their connection to blind faith have been observed in previous posts, and the presence of moth should serve as a warning to be vigilant. In my dream, I saw a giant rainbow moth with no legs land in front of me on the ground. I dreamt of a medium sized brown moth landing in a white surface then it made a noise like a cat. My room was 2 floor below the epicenter but was facing the south side. There’s no need to be materialistic for a moth, they have one focus and this isn’t hindered by possessions.


The Silence of the Lambs, Butterfly (Moth) and Skull. Not sure how long ago this came out, but I legit just had one fly and land on the ground near me and just sit there on the grass.

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Actually, it is so right! I’m glad it hadn’t died or was injured and that it has its freedom again. The tiniest little moth just followed me all the way into my room, maybe about 500ft. Beyoncé Monarch Butterfly.

What Does it Mean When a Butterfly Lands on You? Seeing one too often is usually considered a bad omen, and killing them will bring people bad luck over the days to come.

I shouted out “if that’s you Dad, please come back but not as a moth” Another one appeared (from nowhere) the two flew together in circles then rested on another wall or far from one another.The following morning the larger one was nowhere to be seen yet the slightly smaller one flighted around my kitchen ( I thought of the 2nd one being my mum who died 12 years ago).I then discovered the larger one was resting on my bedroom carpet whilst the smaller one rested in the kitchen.Dads funeral was 9 days after he passed away.I was cleaning the kitchen window sill when I noticed the small one was dead but attached to the cloth, then I wondered about the larger one.It was still on my carpet.. I have seen a large brown moth on my car after work. That was the day after the funeral. i guess all this about moth are true, me being bothered about Making a decision, because i have always been with doubthful mind about my present position, mayb i shuld just quiet, suddenly at night the door was mistakingly opened, me sitting down busy wit chat, and this friendly of a butterfly came in, I was like what rubbish and feel annoyed so i went after it and struggle to kill it abt 5min, at d end i did killed it, then i sat down and think abt it then make a goggle search about name of a butterfly at night, now i end up knowing the name, which i also end up here and seeing similar things to my. I jumped into the water to pull it out, but the water got merky, from disturbance, and i could not see it. Many concepts of moth symbolism have grown out of their nocturnal behavior and attraction to the light. In the morning i found it near the bath on the wall. Indeed, those with the moth totem will find this creature a magnificent assistant in developing higher awareness, and psychic enhancement. 3 moths in my new flat 27/3/2017 If this creature if your spirit animal, then you most likely can adapt to any situation you find yourself in and have no problem developing new skills that will help you survive in just about any situation life throws at you. I just came into my room after having a really intense and emotional conversarion with my mom (hence the need for a cigarette). At work, on the street inside my car etc. They are very significant to some, and Moth is one of my familiars. Is there any significance of moths in the occult?

It would be a good idea to try and remember different details around the flying moth, as it might be trying to send you a message from the afterlife.

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