Mulan Quotes Capt. What if she doesn’t like me? Let’s move it! Feb 7, 2020 - Explore Humff Alvord's board "Mulan quotes" on Pinterest. Mulan (1998) Animation - Yarn is the best way to find video clips by quote. Voiced most times by June Foray.

Why? I mean, I think she will, you know? Watch over Mulan.”, Mulan: “Would you like to stay for dinner?” Things will work out. C’mon, scare me, girl!”, Mulan: “Boy, that was close.” [naked men run past] -Mulan, Uh, I've got a name. Grandmother Fa: How lucky can they be?

How could you miss? Hun soldier 2: “White horse hair. You may be the General's son, but I am the Emperor's counsul.

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She risked her own life and saved China!!! Proves that you can be beautiful and be the hero of China. EVER.

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Let us know in the comments! Grandmother Fa: “Would you like to stay forever?”, “And oh, by the way, I got the job on my own.”, “That was a deliberate attempt on my life!”. Collection featuring RoomMates Decor Background, Disney Costumes, and 98 other items. -The Emperor of China, You don't meet a girl like that every dynasty. Mulan: [nervously] Uh, notes, in case I forget something? Grandmother Fa: Who spit in her bean curd? I see nothing.”, “You said you trust Ping. I did it to save my father.”, “Uh, my ancestors sent a little lizard to help me?”, “I was just washing, so now I’m clean, and I’m gonna go. -Mulan. They're dead. Capt.

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Grandmother Fa: [handing Cri-Kee's cage over] Hold this. Privacy Policy. Honghui: Lucky you. Bather: [singing] We'll have you washed and dried, / primped and polished till you glow with pride. One of my fav lines! Now I have it on dvd:D man I just absolutely love this movie. Honghui: Yeah, I wish it was that easy. “My name is Mulan! Mulan (1998) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more.

Because of its variety of philosophical, hilarious, inspirational, and heartwarming quotes and phrases. Emperor Mulan quotes - Read more quotes and sayings about Emperor Mulan. My debt is repaid.” — Shang “My name is Mulan! She then opens her eyes and tells Cri-Kee he really is lucky. to help give you the best experience we can.

I am the Roman Emperor, and am above grammar. Browse more character quotes from Mulan (1998), Grandmother and Mother dumbly point to the garden, Grandmother crosses the road unharmed, leaving a massive cart pile-up behind her, seeing the notes Mulan has written on her arm.

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