Placing decorations on your café is more than just for aesthetics. Unfortunately, when Lucas tests Mike's food from a restaurant in another town, it turns out to be completely harmless. How many corners does the table have now? When you break the news to Jennifer, she says she has to think and come up with another plan of action. gutefrage ist so vielseitig wie keine andere. After fulfilling her order, she suggests that Jennifer should run a marathon - it’s a sure way to tire her out. She cannot testify against him because of her non-disclosure agreement. As you can directly help with the orders there is very little need to choose a server with this skill or to level up Ann’s Speed. Koffsky isn’t phased, however, and asks Simone for ideas.

You’ll need to ask Petrovich and remember what he tells you about the bed so you can pass the information onto Lucas. Then you talk to Watson, who tells you there's nothing wrong. Ich weiß jetzt nicht auf welchem Level du bist, weil 30.000 dir bei einem hohen Level nicht viel weiter bringen hoffe trotzdem es war hilfreich. Tip: all dream events are in your story book. Margaret agrees if you either pay her 195 diamonds, or prepare Croissant with Cream for her. Things are headed in the right direction when you talk to Bill, although he says that while he’s really interested in Mary, he’s decided to love her from afar. Ich möchte mir Diamanten her cheaten, aber ich bin kein Admin!!! Exotic star - sloth.

He decides to catch them red-handed: he will lure them into the bank where the police will catch them. He is rude and grumpy. He hears the ideas, asks for your help on the drink, then when jewelry comes up gets hesitant. That’s why she had wanted to clean everything and make a good impression on her mother, but she ended up going overboard and barbequing their home instead.

Tip: lemon, saffron, rose petals and cardamom for the cologne. The mayor has set up the “Green Moon” foundation, collecting money to… plant greenery on the Moon.

You'll ask Felicia, then Emily, then Carl for help. The news that the elderly man in the gray hat is Clyde Bowen made a strong impression on Elsa. Alice is tired of her humdrum routine and wants to find something to be passionate about. In exchange for a Guarana Arctic Iced Tea with Mint and Lemon Watson will grant the skydiving permit. He has decided to go to the diving lessons with Alice so he can be there in case something happens. Margaret asks you for a “Arabian Night” Turkish Coffee and afterward tells you the truck was headed towards the dump. But he isn’t the only one the ghost visited. With the equipment finally setup, Bill returns with good news: he was able to see a figure escaping from the exhibit, but from the recordings it looks like it was a woman. Then you convince Ron to give the girl another chance, what he reluctantly agrees to. In return for your help, he’ll give you a Gold Gift. The bank is threatening to foreclose on his house unless he can make his next mortgage payment. His plan was ruined when Jennifer called over a helicopter and sent the flyers he was about to put up on Jennifer's house scattered all over town instead. Levels are one of the key mechanics of the game. The cop agrees to share the details over a cup of Coffee with Cardamom. Not keen on dying a horrific death, Koffsky asks you to make the supercupcake for the hungry ghost. Can anyone please provide suggestions for how to solve level 29? To his surprise, when he checks the video ratings it appears that Koffsky won!

But also mentions it'd be great to go on a picnic out of town or at a park. There we go with the tips and tricks for My Café: Recipes and Stories. From the case photos, you recognize the necklace in one of them as the same one Margaret is wearing. Kevin left before he got murdered but remembers two people being in the house that night: a woman and a man. Shutting down the time machine may make this reality permanent, Lucas says, so he suggests heading to the parallel universe and try to mend things, but he needs your help as a love consultant while he handles the science side of things.

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