The symbol for Neptune is the trident (long three-pronged fork or weapon) of Neptune, god of the sea. You are very tolerant, possibly because you fail to see specific details and become entranced by your dreams of a better world. The planet's symbol is that of a trident, which is the weapon we see in many classical depictions of him. The house and sign will indicate whether it be through mind-altering drugs and alcohol, day-dreaming, sexual addiction, cult worship, psychosis, potential suicide, or others. Some people in this group take comfort (Venus) in drink or drugs (Pisces). They can act by impulse rather than intellect. Neptune dissolves life’s patterns to teach new meanings in the quest for universal wisdom and divine love. She is also a planet of glamor and will rule over fashion. Alternatively, they can be disappointed in love. The planet's symbol is that of a trident, which is the weapon we see in many classical depictions of him. Neptune in Virgo is concerned with health and nutrition.

Neptune residing in Mars-powered Aries find themselves idealising various battles.

Neptune Astrology Symbol - Characteristics, Planet Energy and More. Neptune represents things that aren’t quite as they appear, the elusive, and the unreal. However, this is their their deep sensitivity and empathy with others showing through. Neptune (to refine) in Cancer (Instinctive and Protective). Neptune can indicate new horizons, spiritual healing and service to others or becoming lost in a foggy world of fantasy and dreams. The planet is about being kind and having grace. In Roman lore, Neptune is the god of the sea. She represents theory, attitude, and being strange. It won't hurt, we promise! The symbols for Jupiter and Saturn are identified as monograms of th… Neptune (to refine) in Taurus (Enduring and Possessive). The planet is the octave above Venus. Their spirituality also can make them so focused on abstract concepts that they appear naïve and passive, believing that the smallest things require the intervention of the universe. You are versatile and adaptable about these areas, and you can be critical of those who do not hold your views. They are conscientious with others and usually have successful relationships. She might have a hidden desire for sabotage. The Neptune Symbol and its Meanings The Neptune symbol is about the only thing straight-forward about the subject of Neptune. Neptune is one of the generational planets. In your search for religious ecstasy, you should guard against being deceived by drugs and alcohol. The crescent will symbolize receptivity. How Does the Neptune Symbol Affect Personality in the Zodiac? Neptune has a symbol that looks like the trident of Neptune in mythology. It will represent the three parts of a person, from their mind to their body to their spirit. In Roman lore, Neptune is the god of the sea. People influenced by Neptune are risk takers, and their willingness to take chances that others won't mean that sometimes they also find unexpected success. Neptune (to refine) in Virgo (Analytical and Critical). You’ll most likely get on well with people because you believe in the fundamentally good nature of other people.

The written symbols for Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, and Saturn have been traced to forms found in late Greek papyri. When you meet someone who is seems to be utterly innocent and naïve, it might be that Neptune plays a prominent role in their natal chart. They may use movies or theatre to escape reality. You may have notions about freedom and justice (Libra) and equality. Join our mailing list to receive the latest news, articles and updates from our team about the new website and new features coming soon. Neptune (to refine) in Aquarius (Indifferent and Unconventional). They may wish to help feed the hungry or heal the sick. The drawback is their dreamy nature can sometimes lead them to have ambitious and unrealistic goals. However, you are practical (earth) in your fantasy life and about what you dream. They may lack the wherewithal to face up to challenges or be fickle. You could experience inner conflict between being intensely selfish (or possessive of others) and another that is self-sacrificing. It points to the sky which symbolizes spiritual receptivity. You care about your roots and family. The planet Neptune will value the spiritual feelings of people. They have such magnetism that others are easily influenced by them. Planet Neptune rules receptivity, imagination, cloudiness, confusion, delusion, illusion, extrasensory perception and unreality. Neptune in Leo loves colour and drama. In the original papyri of these Greek horoscopes, there were found a circle with the glyph representing shine() for the Sun and a crescent for the Moon. You could be drawn to religious or cultish organisations and share your deeply held beliefs or searching for deep secrets, such as those related to life and death. Symbols for the classical planets, zodiac signs, aspects, lots, and the lunar nodes appear in the medieval Byzantine codices in which many ancient horoscopes were preserved. You may have an unrealistic view of serving your fellow humans, and be very sensitive to their problems in these areas. You can appear a little eccentric to the other generations, and you may acquire associates who are cranky and artistic, perhaps musicians. Neptune will want people to use her energy in a meditative state. Also, its possible to be deluded by some of these beliefs unless you keep control of your emotions. Neptune essentially makes a fantasy. You dream of becoming powerful and wealthy. You can dissolve problems related to being too critical and too obsessive about details and be successful in this area. You may be interested intensely relating to with hypnosis, mysticism and sex. Like the rhythmically churning sea that the Roman god represents, those under Neptune's rule are filled with hidden depths.

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