The PM retains plausible deniability but he and his party will be hurt by this nevertheless. The Liberals have lost another day of this campaign over a scandal of their own making. Find out about your favourite presenters and correspondents, Learn about the events that have shaped BBC News since 1922.

Democracy Sausage with Mark Kenny is available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, or wherever you get your podcasts. Like all commentators you want it to make out the reasons are complicated but they are not; we simply think the governments been there too long.

Sie bestand von 5. jul. Having said that, I know Labor does some underhanded stuff too at polling time. Nick, one aspect of this affair that has gone unreported so far is the speed with which Howard has publicly responded to allegations of racism. Nick Bryant is the BBC’s New York and United Nations correspondent. He was awarded the 2011 Nobel Prize in Physics. That's why we'll change the government not because of clumsy election scams; not because "Old Europe" tells us we should; not because Howard is friends with Bush; simply because it's time for a change. Nor was his inability to rouse a crowd necessarily a drawback. So, as of today, this...". Nick Bryant has recently been appointed as a BBC South Asia correspondent based in Delhi. The Liberal politician who has spent much of …, Can Do? Read full article A letter to our newborn American daughter. Mal Brough crashes through.

All sounds a bit Nixonian, doesn't it? Nick Bryant

Usually it is not quite so blatantly racist, though the Liberal party always surprises. Racism and homophobia all in one campaign -- and this from the party led by Prime Minister John Howard, who said that he doesn't believe in discrimination against same-sex couples and would remove discrimination. What it has done is galvanize the distrust of the Liberal party from the migrant communities who feel that the government is racist and against non-white Australians. I was between blogs at the time, so I never published it. Nick Bryant, is clearly disappointed by Australia's new Labor prime Quite like Tampa and children overboard, but then again, not so like them. Read full article US election 2020: The defining moment of the Trump presidency. September 1, 2013.

With more cases than any other American conurbation, this city is once again Ground Zero, a term no New Yorker ever wanted applied here again. Read full article Coronavirus: New York becomes Ground Zero again. This will hurt the government with the traditionally conservative East-Asian voters who make up such an important proportion of electorates such as Linsday and the PM's own seat of Bennelong. At a time when the Democratic Party was lurching leftwards, his pragmatic centrism would be advantageous because hard-hat voters in the Rust Belt and Starbucks moms in the swing state suburbs would find it unthreatening. None of those things, of course, has come to pass. It is always 'intensely relaxed' about it.

Jacinda Ardern - and her family - attracted plenty of attention at the UN in New York this week.

No signs of Sopel ever giving up his quarter million for doing nothing more than regurgitating CNN/Democrat talking points. Please feel free to agree or disagree with us. Clearly the campaigners in Lindsay were wrong, but what they did is nothing new. All the newspapers and TV reports led with the 'fake flyer' story and not the PM's address. When an indigenous woman from a television production company telephoned the former minister and asked him to take part …. Is this a local difficulty, with the fall-out limited to the seat of Lindsay? Der Nachrichtensprecher konnte auf eine mehrere Dekaden umfassende Karriere zurückblicken. He joined the BBC news trainee scheme in 1994 after writing for the Independent, the Daily Mail and the Times newspapers.

He acknowledges there is a debate for starters -  and, unlike so many of his BBC colleagues, has done for some time now. For his red-capped supporters, perhaps it might have been the completion of a wall along the southern border, celebrated with a topping-out ceremony at which the Mexican president handed over a cheque to cover the costs of its construction. But did the media mistake exposure and… Video, Audio.

She was even cast as the antidote to Trumpism by some.

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Please provide further information to join the APP Society: This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. Prior to this he was the BBC Washington correspondent from 1999. Which senior BBC journalist lied to the BBC that s... Boris, Mark Mardell, and Julian and his friend Sandy. Visit my...", Betsan Powys:"It was an inspired conversation. Nick Bryant. "We, I hope, live in a society where we treat husbands and wives - although we respect the closeness of their relationship - we treat them as individuals and we shouldn't automatically transfer blame for the deeds of one onto the other."

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