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Find a Niner to ride from our dealer network around the country. [CDATA[

$(".slick-next").css("display", "none"); For over a decade, the RIP 9 trail bike has ruled Niner’s off-road lineup. $("#closeForm").click(function(){ Already have an account with us? Soon after it was born, the XC-oriented Jet 9 RDO was kidnapped and raised in the wilderness by trail riders. For over a decade, the RIP 9 trail bike has ruled Niner’s off-road lineup.

You've been subscribed to our newsletter. }, 500); Niner’s BioCentric II system proved silent through several months of pedal mashing.

$(".cart-item-detail-availability").hide(); It’s not a major negative, but one that will likely put additional stress on the quality sealed Enduro bearings if constantly riding in mush.

c = c.substring(1); if($(".bike-custom-button-container").length > 0){ // ]]> Push on upwards and you’re likely to conclude – as we did – that the Jet 9 is probably one of the best-ever technical climbing bikes, clawing up ridiculously steep ragged rock or dusty slopes without missing a beat. The frame geometry is orthodox by cross-country standards. It makes staying on the saddle much more comfortable while climbing.

Free shipping on many items ... Niner Jet 9 RDO Limited Edition. Actual weights are measured in-house by the Competitive Cyclist team. var bikeDateRun = 0; Niner’s CVA suspension, meanwhile, has been around for a long time and uses twin linkages that work in opposition. 27.2mm x 400mm, 30.9mm x 370mm and 31.6mm x 400mm. I installed the seatpost with a small amount of carborn paste and have had no issues with it. This review has been amended to reflect this update. var name = cname + "="; The unidirectional finish complements our carbon frames and the alloy post head is tough and light, a no-nonsense solution for adding performance to your ride.

Already have an account with us? Your password must be at least 8 characters long. Compromises the company didn’t want to make on a bike that’s primarily designed to be ridden with your heart rate – and your seat – as high as possible.

Unstiff Carbon Layup deflects up to twice as much as traditional post designs, offering unparalleled comfort. The One 9 RDO is the single-minded analog to the geared Air 9 RDO. With smooth Bosch power, long range, and 150mm travel, this 29er is your dirt-riding difference maker.

PLEASE NOTE: $(".bike-alert").remove();

if($(".order-confirmation-header").length > 0){ The Niner Carbon Seatpost is an excellent way to experience the comfort and ride quality of carbon. Please note this offer is only available to physical shipping addresses in the 48 continental United States (no PO Boxes), and oversize charges still apply on some heavy/large items.

Options therefore remain fairly limited for riders looking for a purpose-built carbon singlespeed race bike. if($('.cart-item-list').length > 0 && bikeDateRun < 5){


Phone: $.trim($("#customBikePhone").val()), If you'd like to buy an item that we cannot ship to your preferred address, we can accept your foreign credit card and ship to a USA address for you. $("#seatPostGraphic").attr("src", "" + letter + ".jpg"); The post comes with graphics that complement Niner's frames; Green, Moondust, Tangerine, and Red.

I recently added this to my Pivot 429c and it works as advertised.

It does provide a nice little bit of flex, and helped to take a bit of the edge off. Light , looks great, clamping mechanics works great, actually functional as it flexes a tiny bit and absorbs some trail chatter. }

$85.00. } Don’t let the Pike fork fool you – the RDO is about flat-out racing not trail cruising. dots: false, The company’s not joking about small advantages either.

The One 9 RDO is a true racer’s bike. They also suck up a lot of trouble for just 120mm of travel and Niner does an even smarter build kit including the radical new RockShox RS1 fork (which, we didn’t love). $.fancybox("#customBikeMessaging", { autoSize: true, maxWidth: 600, minHeight: 700 }); The Niner RDO Carbon Seatpost is a zero-offset post and comes in 27.2, 30.9, and 31.6mm diameters. Don't miss out on MBUK – get your next 3 issues for just £5, Get the next 3 issues of the UK's number one cycling magazine for just £5, One of the best-climbing yet trail-toughest short travel bikes gets even sharper and slightly lighter, GBP £2,899.00 RRP Learn all about our patented, proven suspension system. });

setInterval(function(){ if($(".delivery-cost:contains('FREE')").length > 0){

It just so happens that Niner makes such a post. Don't miss out on MBUK – get your next 3 issues for just £5, Get the next 3 issues of the UK's number one cycling magazine for just £5, Don't come here expecting comfort, but the One 9 RDO is an awesome singlespeed for serious racers, The One 9 RDO is a true racer’s bike.

if(getCookie("IsKiosk") && $("body > header > div.header-top.clearfix > div > div > div.dropdown.header-account-menu-container.hidden-xs > ul > li:nth-child(1) > a").html() =="Sign out"){ Niner claims the “unstiff carbon layup” of its RDO seatpost deflects up to twice as much as traditional post designs. If you picked Sacagewea and the Niner Jet 9 RDO, congratulations. } Niner bikes have been at the forefront of many tech advancements over the years, and are methodical about responding to what their riders want. 26 mph.

It is also a great visual match for the Niner frame! Finishing kit detailing with the frame is excellent, with really smart machined anodised bearing caps, YourAreWhatYouDrink top cap, monogrammed seat clamp and even titanium chain guards near the crank. if($("#covid-more").length <= 0){ Chainstay length from the center of the bottom bracket shell is 439mm (17.3in) — neither impressively short nor stretched out; the One 9 doesn’t exhibit any handling quirks from the rear end. Small in number but strong in spirit, we’re a fun group of passionate outdoor people. speed: 300, Editor’s note: One of our few complaints about the One 9 RDO was that it could only carry one water bottle in the main triangle. } if(letter == null){ Just look at the Niner Jet 9 RDO. Small in number but strong in spirit, we’re a fun group of passionate outdoor people. Best commuter bike | What’s the best bike for commuting in 2020? // ]]>. Whether your ride a hardtail or a full-suspension bike, you'll notice less fatigue at the end of that ride thanks to what Niner calls the 'unstiff' carbon layup. We call it Unstiff Carbon Layup but we hope you’ll call it “Perfection.”. function checkForm(){ $.fancybox.close(); The trade-off to this increased clearance means the inside triangle has space for just one bottle, and our medium frame required a side-access cage to host a larger bottle. $("#chatNow").click(function() { Perfect on my jet 9 RDO. $(".breadcrumb").hide(); “We have two female racers riding our bikes,” she told us. // ]]> If you are a time-served racer with calf muscles like roast chickens you’ll run into another issue with the Jet 9, namely that if you’re not careful the sharp ends of the cable guides securing the rear brake hose on the outer curve of the rear sub frame can really tear your legs up, and even smooth ties can rub irritatingly. The JET 9 RDO is made to accept your choice of 29-er and 27.5-Plus wheels and tires. Simple, strong, bulletproof 2-bolt clamp design. All Rights Reserved. } // bike customization modal It's Unstiff Carbon Layup deflects up to twice as much as traditional seatposts - that means additional comfort on the trail.

} slidesToScroll: 1, TellUs: $.trim($("#customBikeTellUs").val()) }, $(".delivery-cost:contains('FREE')").siblings(".delivery-date").html("Standard (3-5 business days)"); The long back end keeps the front wheel pinned down while simultaneously improving rear wheel traction. Get free shipping, on most items, with your $60 purchase today! The trail bikes like RIP 9 and JET 9 do well with 44mm offset.

Used Niner RDO Carbon Seatpost 31.6 x 400.

“It’s Niner’s tenth year this year, and with the new Jet we looked into every detail of an already extremely focused bike to find out what could give us that little bit more edge,” Huker added.

It’s stiff, precise and translates subtle rider inputs into immediate action, Frame weight for our test bike was a very respectable 1,235g, Niner also makes components, such as the RDO carbon handlebar, available in 720mm and 780mm lengths, A bit of inspiration that graces the top tube of all Niners, Niner makes cogs in titanium (shown here) as well as aluminum, The post-mount disc brake tabs are positioned on the chainstay, Dropper seatposts are not the norm for cross-country riding, though they do make descents more enjoyable. $7.00 shipping. YMMV.


Touch device users, explore by touch or with swipe gestures. clearBikeDates();

$4,999.00. Color options are a great touch with their products. I ride my krampus to go everywhere and its amazing what difference this seat post makes. setInterval(function(){ clearBikeDates(); }, 1500);

The 30.9 post is 370mm long, while the 27.2 and 31.6 posts are 400mm. The JET 9 RDO is made to accept your choice of 29-er and 27.5-Plus wheels and tires. The aforementioned frame stiffness proved a double-edged sword. Copyright © 2020, Niner Bikes.

Skip to view product specifications And the suspension system is designed for a blend of efficiency and performance. $("#responseLine").hide(); Fictional characters don’t count, nor does anyone you just want to murder and bury in the woods.

if($(".coupon-banner-right-2").length < 1){ Seatpost Dropper post; Report incorrect bike information.

Factor in a five-year warranty on the carbon that (unusually) includes race use, it’s ready to take several seasons worth of ‘fastest not smoothest’ lines on technical courses or day out epics. $(".delivery-cost:not(:contains('FREE'))").parent().parent().remove();

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