There's also the ability to level up and customize your Pac-Man with different eyes, hats, names, and even facial hair. Become the largest Pacman in the entire arena. Pac-Man is able to eat 3 different powerups: Power Pellets, Speed Boosts, and Ghost Pellets.

Miniclip Title screen shown when loading up the page.

Bandai Namco Entertainment, The game's developer, Miniclip, previously released a bootleg Pac-Man Flash game titled. The only Ghost colors are Orange and Blue. Have fun playing One of the best Puzzle Game on .io series Ghosts travel around the stage in a guided path and will leech mass off of any Pac-Man it touches. The goal of the game is to eat Pac-Dots and other Pac-Men in order to become the largest Pac-Man in the server.

Challenge other players to a battle of pace!

You can speed up to dash away from the ghosts or the bigger enemies or when you need to catch your targets. You will be allowed to play and compete against so many opponents coming from across the world. As he eats Pac-Dots, he grows in size, allowing him to eat more and more.

Going to the page results in a screen stating that the domain is registered by

The player can click the mouse button to make Pac-Man perform a small dash in exchange for some mass.

Free online browser game Endless

When leveling up, the player has more options for customizing Pac-Man by unlocking new eyes, hats, facial hair, and scarves.

Have you ever played the classic Pacman game that was very popular on the Internet?

While trying to become the largest Pac-Man, there are multiple hazards in the way that can end up getting Pac-Man killed. Many pellets are scattered around the maze and they are free to absorb.

Pac-Man has the ability to level up after eating a certain amount of Pac-Dots.

The main menu of the game shows adds for various products as well as a random clip of gameplay for the game. was an online Pac-Man game akin to

There isn't a time limit for how long the powerup can be held. Powerups are eaten immediately upon contact. Feel free to absorb the smaller Pacman roaming the maze as well. Publisher

Item Holding still didn't have a time limit, the maze went through another overhaul, and there was no leveling system.

While in this state, though, the Pac-Ghost can be turned blue and eaten if it is affected by a Power Pellet.

Ghost Pellets come in 4 colors (red, blue, pink, and orange) and allow Pac-Man to temporarily become a Ghost so that they can leech mass off of other Pac-Man and possibly destroy them in the process as well. To move through the maze, you just simply use the mouse pointer and make sure while moving, you eat up as many pellets as possible. Lots of kinds of ghosts trying to put your life to an end. GitHub macek/google_pacman © 2010, Google © 1980, NAMCO BANDAI Games Inc. These games include browser games for both your computer and mobile devices, as well as apps for your Android and iOS phones and tablets. This version moreso resembles the final version of the game, however there's still only 1 color of Ghost Pellet. Series When starting the game, Pac-Man is about normal size, being able to fit in 1*1 tunnels. It plays very similarly to it, but adds in various other elements such as Ghosts and Fruit to give it a Pac-Man theme. The game allows you to make a speed boost when roaming the maze. In this version of, there are no customization features.

They help increase your size very fast. During the game's lifespan, there have been more maze revisions than just the ones done during bigger updates, but it is unsure exactly how many maze revisions were done. While holding a powerup, Pac-Man is unable to eat Pac-Dots, Fruit, or other Pac-Men.

Speed Boosts simply allow Pac-Man to move faster for a short amount of time.

Are you ready to earn yourself a fresh gaming experience? Try to eat some power pellets to make weaken the opponents for a short time then absorb them all before they change back. When you roam the map, make sure that you eat as many pellets as possible.

The website and game were shut down in August 2019. Play now online on

Pac-Man can also eat smaller Pac-Men to gain their mass, Fruit to immediately grow in size, Power Pellets to turn Ghosts blue and slow down other Pac-Men, Ghost Pellets to become a Ghost and destroy other Pac-Men, and Speed Boosts to move faster.

The maze has gone through a huge revision and now powerups are held in Pac-Man's mouth for use at any time.

You have to stay away all of them, otherwise, your life will be brought to an end immediately. These include other Pac-Men, who can eat Pac-Man if they are bigger than him. Jump into it now!

WW: Late 2018 (between August to November) However, the customizations were in their early stage.

Power Pellets, when eaten, send out a kind of shockwave that turns Ghosts blue when hit and slows down Pac-Men when hit.

The website and game were shut down in August 2019. There is no denying that this is the initial video game that was so famous in the Arcade game era. You can totally absorb the real enemy Pacman moving around the maze, but you can only eat the ones that are smaller than you, while you have to keep yourself away from the bigger ones, or else you will get eaten. Developer Similar to the classic Pacman game, in, you take on a role of a hungry Pacman roaming a big maze full of fruits, pellets and of course, evil ghosts that keep chasing.

You see that there are many ghosts roaming the map, and you must elude Blinky – the leader of the ghosts. Maze, Battle Royale A familiar yet awesome gameplay with amazing graphics and a retro Arcade style. Play with a lot of friends from across the world in a big maze. was an online Pac-Man game akin to The only Ghosts and Ghost Pellets are orange and the maze has a much different design. He has so many fellow ghosts, such as Inky, Clyde, and Pinky. This version added item holding time limits, the rest of the Ghost colors, and the leveling system. Various items are around the maze as well, which aid the players. When eating either of these powerups, Pac-Man will hold it in his mouth until the mouse is clicked to use the powerup or after about 10 seconds of holding it.

Make pace great again by experiencing an array of powers and loads of adrenaline rush! went through multiple development periods where things were quite different from the final version. They include new games such as DUMBGAME (.io) and top games such as Pac Xon, PacMan FPS, and Labirun. You must eat up as many pellets with fruits as possible while keeping yourself away from the ghosts, if …

We collected 15 of the best free online games.

Now, it’s finally brought to the web browser with a great title: In addition, you must elude getting trapped in corners, and ensure that you always have an exit from the enemies.

It plays very similarly to it, but adds in various other elements such as Ghosts and Fruit to give it a Pac-Man theme. Release date(s)

To accelerate, just simply click the left mouse button. It’s going to be so fun playing with them, but it’s also very challenging. It was the last version before the shutdown of the game.

There are multiple enemies that you will come across at a time. Genres

The game played similarly to, with the player controlling the movement of their Pac-Man with the mouse. You must absorb all of the dots scattered around in the map for proceeding to the next stage. Just like other web browser IO games, the only objective in this one is to become the largest and the strongest Pacman on the leaderboard. The more pellets you eat, the larger you are. Similar to the classic Pacman game, in, you take on a role of a hungry Pacman roaming a big maze full of fruits, pellets and of course, evil ghosts that keep chasing. Pac-Man Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. To achieve the goal, you must play with nice strategies, defend yourself from the enemy attacks and always stay calm during the course of the fight. However, the color of Pellet eaten doesn't necessarily correspond to the color of Ghost that Pac-Man becomes.

You must eat up as many pellets with fruits as possible while keeping yourself away from the ghosts, if you touch them, you will turn into a ghost instantly. Number of players Wish you luck!

You must have your skills and some strategies ready to cope with them.

Around August 1, 2019, the site was taken down.

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