You could try Silver, Wolf, or Smoke to name a few. In many states it is illegal to own one, or you must have a special license. After dominant bulls have been established, these males will seek a harem of females and defend them from rival males. These large mammals were commonly featured in cave paintings, petroglyphs, and pictograms. Write CSS OR LESS and hit save. Horns have a sheath of keratin, a blood vessel filled core, and are never shed.

This animal’s rump patch, a circular area around its tail, is buff or cream in color. When the mother gives birth, she will seek an isolated area away from the rest of the herd, and keep the calf hidden until it is old enough to escape predators – usually about two weeks. Use your dog's coat as inspiration for some names. Breeding Stock. Elkhounds are mid-size silver-gray dogs with dark guard hairs and muzzles.

They spend their days grazing in the mornings and evenings, and resting quietly during the day. Name. In zoos, and on farms, these large animals must be provided with plenty of space to exercise. The herds return to lower valley pastures where elk spend the season pawing through snow to browse on grass or settling for shrubs that stand clear of the snow cover. So if you’re looking for a name for your female dog you’ve come to the right place. Norwegian Elkhounds are a mid-size, spitz-type dog.

During the late summer breeding season the bugling of bull elk echoes through the mountains. Males have large antlers that can be nearly 4 ft. in length. The gods, goddesses, and places in this rich mythos are full of name options. Male Nadalee.

Elk were once found across much of North America but they were killed off and driven to take refuge in more remote locations. Male Derrall. And these dogs have a long history; they were around as much as 6,000 years ago when early Scandinavians used them to hunt game. Female Pandora 16. Elk Creek Feed. In fact, they are one of the largest deer in the world!

Males with the bigger antlers, typically older animals, usually win these battles and dominate small herds.

These are large, wild animals, and would not make a good pet. After breeding, females will carry the calf for between 240 and 262 days. Either Vasline. 2020 National Geographic Partners, LLC. Below is some food for thought when you are trying to come up with that perfect name. Norwegian Elkhounds are very strong dogs. Many different cultures consider this elegant animal an important part of their heritage. Teeuwynn has owned dogs her whole life. When rut, or the breeding season, approaches the bulls begin to battle one another for breeding rights. Male Scooter 3. In many states it is illegal to own one, or you must have a special license. The Norwegian Elkhound is the National Dog of Norway. Their size is not their only unique characteristic, as they have a number of interesting survival adaptations. In Asia, they range from southern Siberia to China’s Xinjiang province.

Think Fenrir, Freya, Odin or Thor. or more. So sorry for your loss. All rights reserved. These antlers differ from horns because they are made of bone, and are shed yearly.

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