He cites as early influences James Jamerson, Danny Thompson, and Norman Watt-Roy and also admires Jaco Pastorius, Stanley Clarke, Bootsy Collins, Larry Graham, Michael Henderson, Anthony Jackson, Marcus Miller, and Rocco Prestia.[6]. It wasn’t practical to bring back the foam mute, as modern songs often require a transition from muting to fingerstyle to slapping between a verse and chorus of the same song. Palladino uses as an array of other pedals, some notable units used during recent years with The Who are: Analog Alien Alien Bass Station, compressor, distortion, amp emulator and MXR Bass Octave effect. The Fender Pino Palladino Signature Precision Bass is modeled after two of Pino's Fender Precision Basses. While it was typical for a bass guitar in a commercial track to have a rather generic sound and stay "playing the low notes", Palladino preferred a different sound, combining fretless tone with an octaver effect, and basslines that frequently added chords, lead lines, and counter-melodies in the higher range of the instrument.

Having previously played with Pete Townshend and Roger Daltrey, Palladino was an obvious choice to fill the big shoes left after the sudden passing of The Who bassist John Entwistle in 2002. Terms Of Use. Getting your picking hand up to speed is another story. Driving the Groove: “The Joint” by the RH Factor (Hard Groove) This is a passive bass. Used on the Voodoo album, recorded from the amp without using a DI. 2019 Who The Who Bass The eleven-track live album includes cover versions of "Wait Until Tomorrow" by Jimi Hendrix and "I Got A Woman" by Ray Charles, two songs from Mayer's album Heavier Things, and new songs by Mayer. Fender P Bass, CS '62 Pickups, Pino Palladino Look a like.

5) are what could be described as a version of the verse and chorus of this tune that show what a palm-muted bass line can do when it’s front and center. His style during this period encompassed a lot of lead melodic playing utilising the instrument's top register, rather than simply holding down the low end. (Don’t fret if your ring finger is lagging far behind the others—be sure that your thumb, index, and middle are falling in line, and add in the ring finger when you’re feeling adventurous.). Includes Fender deluxe hardshell case. Used during The Who’s Quadrophenia tour of 2012/2013. 1957 Fender American Standard Jaguar Bass. In 2009, he formed a trio with keyboardist Philippe Saisse and Simon Phillips. They have three children: Fabiana, Giancarla, and Rocco, who are all involved in the music industry. We can hear this bass on most of the sessions he recorded (and God knows he recorded a lot of them), but it also appeared on stage when he played alongside The Who or in the John Mayer Trio, (undoubtedly Mayer’s best period and the best band he has played with). This style can be heard particularly in the album’s title track, with bass lines similar to Ex. It’s important to include that Pino recorded most of Voodoo on a ’63 Fender P Bass, with heavy-gauge La Bella strings (à la James Jamerson) tuned down a whole-step. The neck is slim and fast and is 43mm at the nut; the bass weights exactly 8lb on digital scales, so is nice and light. You can also find this song on the trio’s live album Try!, but Pino’s juicy palm-muting licks come through more clearly on the studio version from Continuum. 3 is inspired by this classic duo. But this Jazz Bass also represents a piece of history, since its former owner is none other than Pino Palladino, the most prolifically recorded bassist of the ‘80s. The pickups are Nordstrand with an NP4 (precision) at the neck and a Dual Coil p'up at the bridge. He landed session and touring gigs with the likes of Eric Clapton, Melissa Etheridge, David Gilmour, B.B. Fender's Custom Shop has replicated the exact specifications of Palladino's instrument and given it a Relic Treatment to precisely match the well-played look of the instrument that Pino has used throughout his career as a leading session bassist and member of top-name bands. Pino and trumpeter Roy Hargrove played together on the Voodoo sessions, and there’s no doubt their concepts of soul and groove are a perfect fit. The son of a Welsh mother and Italian father (from Campobasso),[2] Giuseppe Henry Palladino[3] was born in Cardiff on 17 October 1957. Built from figured Javanese Trembesi timber and boasting a premium Fishman PK3 preamp, the Faith Guitars... Palladino first made his name with this instrument in the 1980’s, playing on Gary Numan’s I, Assassin in 1982 and Don Henley’s Building The Perfect Beast in 1984. LEGAL NOTICE      Design : AGENCE K2. 1.75" Nut Width In the 1990s, Palladino alternated between fretless bass and fretted and 4-string and 6-string bass. While you can achieve the “Pino” sound on any instrument, many bassists attribute the extra Voodoo voodoo to these gear choices. Jordan credits Palladino's apparent ability to "feel" changes in music, through melodies, basslines, and an embrace of genres of nearly every kind. In March and April 2006, Palladino toured with Jeff Beck and played with J. J. Cale, and Eric Clapton on their 2006 album The Road to Escondido. He began playing guitar at age 14 and bass guitar at 17. Fiesta Red Finish

This workhorse has now been returned to its original configuration, but retains the traces of the cavity for the battery if you look at the back. Palladino is noted for his use of the fretless bass on many albums. The body features faded fiesta red paint over desert sand paint, based on Palladino's 1961 Precision Bass, while the neck shape and round-lam rosewood fretboard are based on … Rig Rundown Best-Ofs: Blues-Rock Pedalboards, 4. As already mentioned, Palladino's use of flatwound strings has been a major component of his sound and Thomastik-Infeld are his preferred choice. He played with Melissa Etheridge, Richard Wright, Elton John, and Eric Clapton. His style during this period encompassed a lot of lead melodic playing utilising the instrument's top register, rather than simply holding down the low end.

His bass lines were shockingly simple, yet maintained a complete command of the groove, epitomizing a musician’s version of speaking less while saying more. Thomastik-Infeld® Flatwound Strings, Fender Precision Bass 1966 3-Tone Burst SN 1230XX, Fender Custom Shop Reissue '69 Jazz Antigua NOS - Preowned Mint, Fender 1980 Jazz Black Dots & Binding 4-Bolt. Rig Rundown: Deep Sea Diver's Jessica Dobson, 1. 7.25" Fretboard Radius Here are two great exercises (Ex. He played with The Who at the Super Bowl XLIV half-time show in 2010 with Simon Townshend on guitar, Zak Starkey on drums, and John "Rabbit" Bundrick on keyboards. The 6'8" Welshman is the epitome of a jack-of-all-trades—and, more importantly, a master of all of them. He stopped touring with The Who in 2016, but is still occasionally involved in studio sessions, appearing on their 2019 album titled Who. The Fender Custom Shop Pino Palladino Precision Bass.

Back in Jamerson’s time, the original Fender bass came stock with a foam mute under the metal bell covering its bridge. Fretless 1979 Music Man Stingray Palladino first made his name with this instrument in the 1980’s, playing on Gary Numan’s I, Assassin in 1982 and Don Henley’s Building The Perfect Beastin 1984.

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