I saw a thread on here a little while ago about dash caps. Years ago I did a dash repair on a crack by the defrost vents, small 1/2 inch split with the edge curled up.

Which is enough material to do about 3 dashes lol but it is good I have enough left over for if I ever need to do this again. The owner removed the original dash pad and arm rests from this daily cruiser and brought them to Just Dashes for restoration. If you want them to do it, you have to send it to them and I'm not sure of the amount. I believe he is very confident he can he can do it. 2) Velor dash cover? 85.5 944 with 89 2.7L&&&&�Whatever it is, the car has to look good. Some have taken more of a beating than others. thanks i appreciate it ill post pictures on how it comes out! i know 968 leather has a good trim piece for it but it's a little pricey for me. Posted . Leatherseats.com also puts their covers on ebay once in a while and you may even get a better deal. For cheap, try a detail shop, for right, replace dash. The Rit dye needs to get really hot and you add salt to the mix too. My wheel isn't in bad shape but I have learned over the years if you fix one thing (seats and dash), it will make the wheel look much older and worn out. Some people like the covers, some do not. more work than you might want to do, just thought i'd share what i did. I was checking last night for carpet pricing. porsche 944 dashboard restoration audi • bentley • bmw • jaguar • land rover • mercedes benz • mini cooper • porsche • rolls-royce • saab • smart • sprinter • volkswagen • volvo i pulled the dash and removed all the plastic that was left. What are your plans for opening up the defrost vent holes?

Friday I' ll have a close look at the carpet and I'll take some pics of my dash cover.

… I bought a hard cover from Performance Products.

Some people use adhesive 2 sided tape I just pushed mine on and it stayed in place very tight. 3) Plastic overlay? You are very correct; the early dash is more difficult.

0 1. facebook twitterbird linkedin googleplus pinterest. Rob from the 928 Shop will have a prototype in a few weeks. It looks good but it bothers me because I guess I rather have a crack free dash. in . 1983 Porsche 944 Dash Pad Restoration. any tips would be greatly appreciated! Color? The only other route is to have it recovered either in vinyl or leather, both expensive. I am almost done recovering a dash in premium marine grade vinyl.. it was heavily cracked and I used premium flexible body filler, then sanded the entire dash to get it smooth.

i wasn't going for a oem finish/look, just all one color and texture. been doing that myself, i have a spare dash so i skined it, bondo fixed it, and when i get the money to finish it, it will be clear fiber glass covered, painted red and black, have a 7 inch touch screen, and some other stuff, and some nice air brushing, ill have to up load the pics ive been taking well working on it. I would like it to look better.

This winter I have been focusing on more cosmetic things with my car, more than mechanical. This got me thinking I really need to fix my dash! I used he Coverlay brand (check I think they have a website). Most Porsche models received Sierra grain vinyl at the factory, but the 924 and 944 models were fitted with Coachman grain. dashboard repair, dashboard restoration.

i think i put around 5 coats. Awesome work and incredibly tenacity on your part YZF! i'm interested to see how yours comes out.

Color did not match perfectly and texture was off a bit. I believe he is working on it but the curves and shape of the early dash are pretty tough to do right. I have several cracks in a dash of 1984 Porsche 944. It could also be used a temporary fix until you can raise money to fix it right. Awesome work and incredibly tenacity on your part YZF! Not that I care that it's the same, I just really like the quality of that carpet over most of the other I have seen. I had a Porsche 924 that had black carpet.

Years ago I did a dash repair on a crack by the defrost vents, small 1/2 inch split with the edge curled up. or maybe did themselves and it came out looking decent? Location: A Rock Surrounded by a Whole lot of Water.

My carpet is in good shape ( no tears, etc). What brand of cover did you use? Porsche 944 dash repair. Looks really nice Gerrit. Bottom line the material you are dying is the key. If your car doesn�t look good, sound good, and feel good, you�re not going to drive it like you should.� &&&&- Akira Nakai. You can find the rear only carpet for about 119 and the complete set for 239 online. I had a Plastic overlay dashcover on my 84 944 and my 78 924 and I liked them alot. i learned it when i scan and read the auto repair manuals then ask this from the. wow that looks really good where can i find this stuff?

By . 1) Recover exsisting dash? and also you'll have to figure out something for the defrost vents. My cover is black, I will take pictures of it in the car and by itself. Heated it up with a heat gun, super glued it to the under foam, layed a weight on it so it was flat, let it dry, then used that vinyl repair stuff to fill, blend and texture. i was thinking about cutting out that section of the plastic dash cover i had that was warped but couldn't find a good tool to cut it out at the time. Do you have a image of the dash cover in the car? And I have enough to do some other pieces, like the A-pillar trim, the original ones suffered when I could not get a screw out... (Again why I love parts cars!!). Both of those options require the removal of the dash. I always knew it was there though I dont think anyone else noticed. anyone have any experience with this?

it would've been smoother if i sanded between some of the coats, but i wasn't too worried about it. I have several cracks in a dash of 1984 Porsche 944. Hope they do get something going for a reasonable price. I also just realized I didnt really say anything about the vinyl I used. i got about a 5'x5' square of it for about $28.

How hard is it to replace the dash? You can order a sample of the leather if you have concerns which I already did and I like it. 1986 951 - New GQ (thanks to MGJ), 2007 Cayman S - DD spring/summer/fall, 2000 Subaru Forester S - now my winter ride. What options do I have? Thanks for the info; I will check out leatherseats.com. As has been said, some people like the dash covers - personally I can't stand them. 'Princess' of the Inland Empire, virgin '86, Lady in the City, Ho on the Hiway, Pace not Race! Do you have an image of the car with the dash cover? http://home.comcast.net/~robmb/928_leather_shop.htm, http://emartshops.com/The_928_Leather_Shop/Dashboard,_Console_and_Panel_Covers.html, Pelican Parts Catalog for Porsche, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, MINI and More.

I haven't used their product yet, but I plan to in the next few months.

non-purist retro-grouch with questionable taste. How many hours have you put into rehabbing the dash? A new wheel is $1100 for Porsche.

if you want a smoother finish i recommend sanding it. After seeing very mixed reviews on dash caps, and the price of them, I found another forum about fixing foam padded dashes, which our cars have.

Refurbish your vehicle's interior with a new stylish upgrade that installs in minutes and lasts a lifetime.

The backing is very good too but the rear floor portion is faded a bit. justdashes is more expensive, but their work is very good so I have been told and from what I have read in magazines. have you started yet?

I am picking up my carpet from them so I get the exact carpet that was put in my car when it was made. I think the carpet had good amount of nylon.

The example shown here came stock with Sierra grain vinyl. I would like it to look better. You really couldnt even tell its there.

How much is he charging you for the steering wheel recover? I will look for a pic for u tommrow i know i have one.

I understand that stuff works well. jcommin...also check out the wheel cover from leatherseats.com. I got it a Joanne Fabrics, It is a marine grade upholstery vinyl. i then used a small 3" or so roller to roll on the plasti-dip. The wheel is very labor intense.

OK, found a pic, I am almost finished recovering it.. sorry for the crappy cell pic, but you get the idea! I just found an industrial adhesive that I'm going to try on my car.

when i fixed my dash i used plasti-dip, it's the rubber on the handles of pliers. I'll check out World Upholstery too. We will see, I wasnt quite sure on what to use, and after looking around online I could not find anything special for this purpose. As most of us have noticed, age, and sun, and the environment have not been kind to our dashes. theres a guy in michigan i think where you send him your dash he recovers it, i forgot the company but hes on the web, does other models of cars too, i dont think his prices were THAT bad, but if i recall it was at least 3 or 4 bills. September 27, 2011 at 9:29 pm. I have done some research and there are two other options. Any comments?

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