Tony scoffed. by anxious_soul, "You Only See What You Want To See" by anxious_soul, "Realisations of Past Choices" by anxious_soul, "Steve Should've Read the File" by anxious_soul, "Those Really Old Movies" by OMsRandomWriter, "Everything Left Unfulfilled" by OMsRandomWriter, "Tony Stark's Supervillain Name is Not Iron Man" by Aerugonian, "Insidious is Blind Inception" by TenSpencerRiedPlease, mostlystuckony reblog:, tomhollanduniverse reblog:, kimmycup reblog:, familydisapointments-blog reblog:, another-marvel-fan reblog:, pattimajor reblog:, omsrandom reblog:, schrijverr reblog:, doodleimprovement reblog:, mostlystuckony reblog:, winteriron-trash reblog:, hawkbucks reblog:, another-marvel-fan reblog:, jackofallfandomsmasterofnone reblog:, morethanastan reblog:, thironstark reblog (deactivated but can still be found on other accounts):, crazymarvelsuperfamily reblog:, brighteyesillusionist post "Touch of Love":, brighteyesjoyfulthings reblog:, “Tony Stark Prompts made to Stories” by RavenWolf48,, I’m pretty sure this is the one you’re looking for. Claire took the hit while helping her father, and Tony used the Infinity Stones to make Thanos and his army disappear from existence. A tally on the kid's favourite superhero". He hated being a failed copy of someone he c, Authors Note: I tried! Now usually he wouldn’t make a big deal out of his birthday because well - Tony isn’t very good at keeping up wit, Anytime one of the avengers touched Tony, he would stiffen his body. It was his inane ability to make anyone lose their minds.

Simply put, Tony is a genius. The Avengers bench Tony rather condescendingly… so Tony finds a new way to defeat this villain without using tech.

I Love You 3000, tonystarkismyprompt: Naturally, they took it to mean he didn't like being touched. Prowadzi beztroskie życie, nie przejmując się tym, co się wydarzy jutro. The other Avengers were looking at Tony with a look of annoyance, for he had to drop into a SI building on the way there to leave some plans for the new Stark Phone and he really didn't want them to get stolen so he thought a personal visit would be better, however the stop just made it seem like Tony didn't want to go to the hospital. The man knew his dad, right? Natasha swore again and made to dive at him, but Steve blocked her path. Happy writing!! Steve sighed. he ordered shortly. Tony Stark is a jerk. "we would be happy to meet him. It was a fine and normal day in New York. Tony doesn’t like celebrating his birthday. "Do you need a change of clothes?" It happens too quick (starker) 15.7K 340 61. A/N: this story will have Tony's reactor fizzing out.

"I'm so sorry to bother you but you missed one of our patients. The boy looked at them all, eye's wide, "I'm your hero" Tony smiled, "defiantly! So a few of you have been asking for a list of all of my prompts that have been filled by various amazing authors. Tony Stark is a jerk.

Got it?". Tony!Whump and Protective!Team. Basically a bunch of prompts about Tony Stark/the Avengers. "Escape from Mount Loptr" by i_would_live_for_tony_stark21, "Walk, Walk, Fashion, Baby." He loved their inoccents and the way they could always find good in people. "Instead of going to the spa, I think this time we should give each other makeo, Tony Stark Prompt: - When sheltered Tony Stark, of the Stark family–lead by Lord Howard Stark of Hydra Kingdom–finds out about the atrocities that Hydra royalty commits and that his family supports it… Well, what else is there to do but join the resistance? "All I know is, I was working on my bow, Tony slapped Natasha's ass, and Tony was on the ground." "Of cause we came" Tony sat at the end of the boy's bed, "we couldn't leave our hero sitting alone, could we?" THIS WAS SO CUTE I HAD TO "Yo, Stark!" Captain America, ever the patriot, agreed straight away. Period. Steve let out a long-suffering sigh, and moved from the kitchen and his newspaper, to the lavish living room, where the billionaire in question was pressed down into the carpet, arms twisted behind his back, with an irate Black Widow pinning him down, spewing curses in Russian.

The Avengers talked to Charlie for about an hour when the Nurce turned up telling them that Charlie needed rest. They’re aweso, New Driver *cheers* I really want to know how I did with this little prelude, so constructive criticism is welcomed! The first few weeks together in the, He was working on a bio-scanner for abdominal cancers when Rogers barged in, looking oddly excited. "Stop it!" The Avengers decided to go around in pairs. Pepper asked Tony with a look. When sheltered Tony Stark, of the Stark family–lead by Lord Howard Stark of Hydra Kingdom–finds out about the atrocities that Hydra royalty commits and that his family supports it…

But no one beats the bow" Tony smiled and put on his shades, just as a flustered nurse came round the corner. "Hey, guys can I get some help over here?"

It wasn't until Nat stole the piece of paper that the others understood why Tony had looked so touched, for it read: the Avengers visit a children's hospital and one child makes Tony's day. ~~~~~ Tony hated being what he was. Sure, the job could get noisy and some customers were rude, but for the most part it, Show Kid!Avengers are in elementary school. We may be fighting out there" Tony gestured widely around the room "but you're the brave one fighting in here" He touched the boy's chest where his heart is. Also There’s Irondad and Spiderson in here because i can’t write anything else I swear to god Word Count: 726 // Warn, Natasha went first in plan make-Tony-happy-through-cuddling. Clint and Nat went together, while Tony and Bruce were still deep in their discussion which left Steve and Thor. But, contrary to popular belief, Tony Stark didn't hate children in fact it was quiet the opposite. "So who's your favourite hero?" Understandable, considering he’s never actually had a good one where people who care about him go out of their way to make his day fun and happy. Other times he had days that could only be described as “my life is a dumpster fire”. Scratch that; it was a normal day for them in Stark Tower. Individiually? what is, … ", Steve shot him a look. After the ten minute drive to the hospital. "I TOO LIKE THIS IDEA!" , heyy can we answer a prompt if someone else has already?

Clint was almost falling off the couch with laughter as his woman systematically took down the Iron Man. Tony - who was sitting next to Thor - jumped. "Nah, I'm sure Macie won't mind." Tony smiled and turned to the other's.

They are the best group of resistance fighters in the land. The nurse lead them to the ICU and quikly left leaving the Avengers out side the door. By Gracious_Hope Ongoing - Updated Sep 07, 2019 Embed Story ... Avengers React series. As a prompt. He hooted again at the look on Tony's face.

The little boy smiled brightly "Now" Toby peaked at the boy's medical chart "Charlie, what do you think about Cap's uniform?". Here is what I have, but if you happen to find one that I missed, please message me and I will add it on here.

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