‘Roygen’ could be the key with which she could find him.

What do you think will possibly change if you say that now after all this time?”. I mean if they’re lovers wouldn’t it make sense to talk?

Which was why she half-assed her lessons. They know that they’ll only suffer defeat if they try to get in between Roanne and Bahamut.”, “And, how is the situation between Roanne and Bahamut now?”, “Strangely enough, Bahamut has only initiated small skirmishes with Roanne these past sixteen years instead of waging an all-out war.

Here is a link to the relationship diagram I have started.

This is too obviously created with the hetmale gaze in mind for a “shoujo” or “josei”.

Read my previous forum comment in page 3 about the spoiler chapter 17 training on volume 5 Eternal bliss I read all the way. I mtled some info from the namu wiki about this, so it most likely won't be 100% accurate, but here goes nothing: He def is a yandere.

Her anger and cynicism are what make her "human" enough and extremely relatable.

My confusion is she regrets that she had to fight Arhan or whatever bullshit she was spitting. Pacifists will assert that Bahamut has finally given up on waging bloody wars and began to focus on protecting her people. I get that you're proud of the world you created and you want the readers to know about it but honestly, it's very annoying combing through mountains of expositions with barely any plot advancement. She had obediently accepted his rebuke until then, but erupted in rage the very moment he had shown pity for her. He was a kind teacher who imparted his knowledge the way a benign grandfather would spin tales to put his beloved granddaughter to sleep. Roanne was sensitive to anything that Bahamut did at first because we were in a position where we could be invaded by the Bahamut Empire at any moment, but we eventually welcomed our newfound peace now that war has disappeared.

This holds true not only for Philliad, but also for the previous emperors before him. thanks!

Why are you looking at me with that look in your eyes? Most of these reviews are bashing Ianna or backhandedly complimenting Ianna when I think Ianna is honestly a breath of fresh air in these sexist webtoons and mangas. Gerard had pitied her then. And so, there are a lot of intellectuals who criticize those who have gotten too used to the warmth of peace and advocate for the people to remember what Bahamut did to us in the past.”. Why did Arhad wanted to read pandemonium with Ianna?

Ianna looked up to the elderly man as she took a moment to catch her breath and he nodded at her in praise in turn.

They both only cared about themselves, and were madly obsessed with each other. Rainy Translations does not claim any rights to this work. Ianna and Arhad had much in common.

This is ultimately why our neighboring countries don’t intercede in any wars between Roanne and Bahamut.

“Don’t get hurt and cry because of the cruel people around you. I’m so excited to see where this goes. They both only cared about themselves, and were madly obsessed with each other. In other words, he was much stronger than the imperial family. Press J to jump to the feed. Thank you so much!

I hope they meet soon. I love it! She had realized how ignorant she was about the real Arhad other than the fact that he was both a swordsman and an emperor.

I definitely thought that the change was going to be worse than it was, and had the second artist done the entire story, it would have been fine.

I am so happy I found this!

Press J to jump to the feed.

I assume thats the humans understanding from when he was born? Ianna nodded when the kindly old man sitting in front of her spoke to her quietly and replied, “The continent is divided down the middle by the Lotso Mountains, and the extensive mountain range acts as the border between the Kingdom of Roanne to the south and the Bahamut Empire to the north, which have a long history of bad blood between them. Do you know what that means?”, “It probably means that he either killed all of his other children before they were born or he killed all of the women as soon as they became pregnant. - Duration: 11:53. Damn no wonder he tried to resurrect his mom.

They both only cared about themselves, and were madly obsessed with each other. The thing that irks me the most though is how there is an explosion of exposition every 2 chapters.

Gerard was a very special person to Ianna. However, Gerard had only let out a sigh with pity in his eyes as he looked at Ianna’s bloody figure. Thank you! While it begins with the main female lead being humbled by the male lead, from there onwards its very far from a female who is "below" the male. But Arhad was a bastard child who also had other blood running in his veins. Ianna had never forgotten the words he had whispered to ear whenever she cried in front of him. They exclude the two nations and fight their own psychological wars amongst each other. The things she had written down just now were things that other people had known about him as well. “Haha, how nice it would be if only you were this attentive during your other teachers’ lessons. She is currently a student at Valgenta Academy in Theodore, Roanne. Ianna, now eleven, smiled wordlessly because she was happy for his commendation. But I was willing to overlook that, because a) I was still interested in how she could change her future and b) the art was still beautiful. He had appeared on the world’s stage as a blood-related prince of the empire out of nowhere. Please enter your username or email address. I’ve been enjoying it immensely.

One of the reasons why Ianna had helped the second prince usurp the throne when she was twenty-seven was because she served him, but the other was because of Gerard’s death.

Almost looks like something I’d submit for work…..if only work were as much fun It was a great history and background lesson.

Ianna stopped in the middle of jotting down her dense lesson notes.

The Roanne royal family’s names consist of three parts —the given name, the mother’s name, and the surname, which takes after the kingdom itself. Her training was now in full swing. They’re basically as good as inorganic books as far as I’m concerned. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts.

98 videos Play all Reminiscence Adonis The hope Won’t die; ... Vinland Saga Episode 104 'THE FETTERED TERN 4' (Spoiler Alert!) You can always message me on the Novel Update Forum under this same username.

“All right, Ianna. In order, the reigning king’s name is Harios Maxium Roanne, his queen is Muziniel Roanne, and he has two concubines, Luria Roanne and Lezè Roanne.”, “The king’s children are the first and crown prince Fernando Luria Roanne, second prince Schneider Lezè Roanne, third prince Saiwè Luria Roanne, forth prince Linus Muziniel Roanne, first princess Lyxillia Muziniel Roanne, and second princess Angelina Muziniel Roanne.”, “Good, you know them well.

She had never seen Gerard again after screaming at him and chasing him away that day. Discussion in 'Spoilers' started by Atriedes, Jul 31, 2019. Arhad, who had been just as obsessed about the sword as she was; Arhad, who had desired her over any other.

This is a fan-translation. I really wanted to read this !

There is so much of a difference in the people of Roanne’s abilities on the battlefield and their ability to manufacture weaponry in comparison to that of other neighboring kingdoms that it’s like comparing the skills of an adult to that of a child’s.

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