Nigga tf? Fuck that. LayedBakDFR is creating YouTube videos and music . how you even compare them is beyond me. Sasuke literally collaborated with the terrorists of the show (Akatsuki / Madara). there's a lot of nuance in that arc that makes it so emotionally charged. DescriptionThis is "Back to the War! Respect that girl enough to know that she didn't come to the decision not to have kids lightly. Rock lee’s character arc was in part 1 which was completed and his dream was to become a splendid ninja through hardwork and determination even without genjutsu or ninjutsu which he did. – Please do not upload text files with external download links (eg. It's my decision, relax, keep ur sub if you want, i wont if they keep going like that, They literally always do this..... it sucks for paying customers but what can we do but wait patiently right. Luffy loses against Crocodile this would never happen to naruto, Rob City is so lame all he does is agree what everybody is saying. People who got the majority of the screen time in Shippuden were not interesting IMO. Orochimaru escaped but not freely, did you forget that his arms were sealed away. Clima Takt Burst! Not gonna lie Rob had me dying this reaction, glad he's back lmfao. Just stfu and let the adults do the talking please LOL. As im just the kinda of guy that just wants to log in at certain times watch while I eat or do something in the background. I am expecting one piece at this time at the latest but is taken away from me. He was stronger then people give him credit for. All this talk about how Naruto worked extremely hard is hilarious when he is the reincarnation of a hard-worker. I don't know why you guys are arguing against each other, the strawhats are one team you should be rooting for all of them. Turn Crocodile into a nice glass statue, lol why did Wellz have to spoil everyone at the beginning smh, it used to be a habit hes only human cmon geee hah. Breakdown of missing post tiers. LayedBakDFR. it’s because he prioritised HIS feelings and relationships over the village that things that shouldn’t have happened are where they are now. Please select a currency below to display the relevant donation address. ?, lmao that last sentence is the truth alex, Alright Wellz you are not the anime king this is cannon, this happened. Creators may opt out of "Best Guess" by contacting Graphtreon using the contact form.

Rob be sleep and cringe at the same time that's some good CAP #freeCity, everytime jerry talks it just makes me skip till hes done. Hard work never really pays off! i mean the fact it was such an abrupt and sudden death was what shocked me the most. As for anything further to do with Naruto, after this point I could care less. Because there's a lot of power scaling points that aren't explained in the Anime but are in those. I never liked Neji but its still sad and I hate how his death was executed. I like how you ignored what i said 2x clown, I didn't but ok, don't know why you're mad lol, Lol while protecting the people of the village while hiruzen ruined the village by his decisions and caused external problems with other nations. Yo pls call city back till end of alabasta no cap. OMG, Pat and Rob, Nami only fights when she has to, and most times, she is only defending herself. Umm. I agree with you bro and @Nick with Bleach being a long series I hope they watch it dub. URL if he was going to die either they would’ve given a much more heroic death or given us more of him during shippuuden, We get the All Knowing next! He just had more time as a Hokage. So you mentioning the connections he come across along his journey means nothing. How can you not give credit to Usopp when he created the weapon for Nami? I think they thought zoro was going to take care of both of em. Naruto was also winning battles since part 1 thanks to the 9 tails obviously he was going to be able to control him one day. most have fillers and some arcs/episodes are just dragged out to the point where most ppl have to wait bcuz the 2-3 episodes might not have anything worthwhile to watch. I hate how they killed him off so abruptly. DescriptionThis is "ONE PIECE 117 Nami's Cyclone Advisory! DescriptionThis is "naruto ship 355 356 FULL REACTION ENG DUB" by Jerry on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them. Welp, at this point all that really matters is when you guys react to Bleach and for the sake of reactions while the sub is amazing, it has dialogue similar to death note which requires you to watch the dub. You say hardwork didnt pay off and contradicts yourself by saying uhhh except for guy who completely outshined Kakashi who truly did have talent. Attack on Titan is the best anime reaction. Wow. by Jerry on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people... URL, One Love Begins ❤️ While Another Ends WHYYY, https_i.vimeocdn.com_video_982102315_1280.jpg (110.6KiB), Vimeo proxy, Subjecthow i met your mother 1x22 timecode.

Facts bring rob back ppl always complain about rob but rob wich is probably the real him in real life is more spoken this shit they doing is weird. RT TV has 3607 posts and 0 shared files available to view for free on both shows can be watched dub or sub it doesnt matter too much. per month. But Bleach is soooooooo terrible. They upload it when they have time, be patient lol, I think sparing is used in the context of you having the option to TAKE someone’s life, but don’t, thus sparing them. After Jerry says "gang gang gang" I be expecting "Nine tails flooooowwww" right after lmao it's gonna take some time to get used to this This was nice ending to the Kakashi anbu arc, I'm glad you guys decided to watch it and I'm glad you enjoyed it, now we back into the war . Thank you guys for taking the jump from the Twitch support into the Patreon support. The dude argues just for the sake of arguing, for what? I think we deserve one more because y’all didn’t post on Sunday, This is Episode 33. I mentioned the dragon balls because even if she manages to destroy her time space before getting one shot by a dbz character they will simply be able to wish themselves back to life. It wasn't stated he was the strongest, just that he was the most talented. (and there is a huge power creep in DBZ) the Kyuubi thing you mentioned pretty sure is from a guidebook and I've never seen anything in Naruto beyond moon level which dragonball characters could do with ease from the original DB before DBZ were they started as one-shot planet busters and then galaxy and universe level, well did you watch the video, bc again i'm not gonna give specific examples bc it's MAJOR SPOILERS. You gotta give it to Usopp though, despite not being monstrously strong like Luffy and them he is durable as hell. Fucking troll! https_i.vimeocdn.com_video_982041882_1280.jpg (143.7KiB), Vimeo proxy You see how much people wanted to see these, how much it contributes to the story, how much they’re enjoying it, after everyone had already confirmed that this is canon storyline, and you’re still calling it bullshit fillers? Also I feel like what you said is kinda ditto. URL, https_www.patreon.com_media-url_aHR0cHM6Ly9pLnl0aW1nLmNvbS92aS9md1VfS3ZaNVVXZy9tYXhyZXNkZWZhdWx0LmpwZw (124.5KiB), Subjectnaruto ship 359 360 CRUNCHY ROLL SYNC, https_www.patreon.com_media-url_aHR0cHM6Ly9pLnl0aW1nLmNvbS92aS9hS0l5Um44VEdMNC9tYXhyZXNkZWZhdWx0LmpwZw (124.5KiB), SubjectNaruto Shippuden 359 360 FULL REACTION ENG DUB SYNC. Hiruzen stopped Orochimaru in his attack on the Leaf, fought the reanimated 1st and 2nd Hokage, sealed them both and Orochimaru's arms with Reaper Death, as an old man. this is an issue with these long ass shounen shows. Alabasta Animal Land! So back to the main story now?? Leaving it to chance could end up working for you but it could also be a waste of time in the end if you still didn't come to an agreement. Fighters would be Luffy and Zoro, they were born like that, they thrive on it and even train regularly but most importantly they LOVE fighting where as Nami and Usopp DON'T and are feel forced to do it. Remember as they when Freiza returns, even Goku can get hurt by weak shit like a blaster when his "guard" is down.

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