Furthermore, you also get Optical Cloak in the store. Once you are done talking, the fight will begin. Single Artillery enemies cannot harm you and they block many enemy attacks (some attacks such as beams will still go through). North of the locked door, then west - at the dead end. Go through the unlocked door and activate the Fast Travel console. Weak points are Jewel on the head (critical weakness), eyes, mouth, flesh in the tail.

If you did the skip, you won't activate the spawns unless you get close to the locked door. Note: Block enemies have a weakness of their central core. (2), Affinity Lv 4 75%: Because I like you.

«Project Alicization» (2), Affinity Lv 4: Sure, no problem. Once you've killed the enemies, hit the panel in the Southwest corner of the room and return to the large room where the large door will be unlocked. Make sure to activate the Console.

Take the teleport, then head towards the middle of the room where on the tall platform to the south there is an ammo box and on the North side of the platform, there is a panel to open the West Door. Your entry marker into Story-related dungeons after the reset point will be removed, including Entrance type Fast Travel consoles. Feb 25, 2018 @ 7:44am Weapon upgrade material Hi ! Note: This quest means defeat the boss of the SBC Glocken Underground Ruins, no other enemy matter for this quest section so if you are redoing the quest, you can skip directly to the boss.

Go forward to fight the Wary Hierophant. Alternatively, ignore the snipers, though you won't be able to make use of the doors as cover if you do. Wich one ? The mat goes up both in quality and quantity. Activate the Fast Travel console, but before continuing, decide if you want to hit True Mode now or later. You will need to lower the enemy's health for a cutscene, then the real fight will start.

SAO: Fatal Bullet How to get HUNDREDS of MEDALS in MINUTES - … Once ready, go past where the Wary Heirophant was and activate the event to finish this quest. Sword with Handgun looks like Sprint Jump -> Vorpal Strike 3, Vorpal Strike 2, UFG (focus on height), Vorpal Strike 3, Vorpal Strike 2, UFG. I'd be happy to come along. Now, head north, killing the enemies in the second room to unlock the locked door and continue north where you will see a locked West door and doors to the North and East. You may wish to bring first aid and some pvp gadgets and gear as well as anti-bullet skills if you use a sword.

Wich means i should keep the good weapons for later?

The only difference is your ability to down the boss when it uses the black beam attack. Try to keep your distance and focus fire on the orb, hiding behind cover whenever the boss charges the beam. Use the teleporter.

Little is known of the sword due to the high stats required to wield it, but occasionally it will exhibit terrifying power. Run to dodge the launcher shots. Anyone looking to cheese the NM can go on the platform in the SE corner or the platform on the NW corner (the SE corner seems safer). This boss can be frustrating. https://sao-fatal-bullet.fandom.com/wiki/Medals?oldid=692. For those looking for more speed, stay out of range and whenever the mech tries to use a beam, run between the legs before attacking the back, otherwise attack the other enemies. The boss will be an Earthshaker. Continue on until you reach a small room to the West of a long corridor. At last bar, the NM may lean back and fire bombs, avoid these. You can use the melee booster and other gadgets if needed.

This is less effective than farming after turning in the quest. At the SBC Flugel Gate bridge, if you pay attention to the left side as you head North, you should be able to grab the Treasure Quest chest with Lunar Tear now. It's also a luxury, not a necessity, to keep your nice early drops up to date for a few areas.

To avoid the charge, dodge roll at the last moment before the uppercut or use a pillar to block the boss (the boss may path around the pillar, so keep moving).. You will want to use the pillars and play it safe, dodging behind a pillar if you see the five beam or charge. Note that only choices that matter will be mentioned, any other choices are ignored by the game.

It seems rather passive as close as halfway across the platform where it spawns.

A large mech will spawn here.

This is a sword Automaton with higher stats. Take the teleport and then use the Fast Travel console.

The NM fight will end after you lower the HP enough or after some time has passed, you cannot kill the NM at this point.

Past the room is a Fast Travel console. When the boss switches drones, kill the old drone, then kill the three most dangerous drones, but leave the last one alive. If you take out the facsimile first, you can easily take out the artillery by rushing up to it. If you are in range, roll to avoid the damage (you will still be stunned). (3), Affinity Lv 4 75%: I'm always happy to have you around (1), Affinity Lv 4: Huh, no, not at all, I've always liked you (2), Affinity Lv 4 50%: I always have a great time with you (1), Affinity Lv 4 75%: I wouldn't want anyone else (2), Affinity Lv 4: Why do you ask? For this fight, use the pillars for protection, but beware of the pounce. Alternatively, the pillars can provide minor protection from the pounces. Teleport to Remnant Wasteland and head towards the Cave. At about half of the final bar, when the NM reaches 15% health, the NM will roar to summon two Delinquents, one in the center of the North side and one in the center of the East side. Using the extra room to your advantage, sprint and run around to gain speed, entering the first room then turning and running towards the the edge as possible without dropping and jump to gain as much sprint jump distance as possible. This move can cover a lot of distance quickly so you should be already dodging when it leans. Trick to this boss phase is to use the cover to prevent the boss from easily reaching you.

The boss will fire lasers, stomp, and fire rockets. When enraged, the boss gains 1 maximum combo to all attacks. Remember to reform your party if you haven't yet! You will be solo for this fight. To do this, attack the gem on the boss's head or chest (the critical weak point) until the boss goes down.

You gain Gun&Sword Weapon Arts, Metamorphic Camoflage, and Phantom Bullet if you did not already have them.

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