Each colour band represents the percentage (share) of the solutions in the data set that were using that particular version of Hybris in a given year.

One of the underlying messages from SAP is that by migrating from on-premise to the cloud, “large, expensive” upgrade programs can be avoided since SAP (in principle) will take care of that for you as they continue to invest in their cloud-based offering and move to a full SaaS based model. What you don’t see in the graph is that the underlying data points related to v6.0 all upgraded to v6.1 the same year – nobody went live or otherwise lingered on v6.0. [5], "Huntsman Gay Merges ICongo With Hybris to Expand in E-Commerce", "SAP Closes Deal to Acquire MDM Maker Hybris", "SAP Completes Acquisition of Cloud Ecommerce Specialist Hybris", "SAP Customer Experience: Make no mistake, the customer is in charge", "Hybris Raises $30M Led By Meritech And Greylock To Take Its Multi-Platform "OmniCommerce" Solution Global", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Hybris_(company)&oldid=981436367, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Enterprise Multichannel Commerce Software, Product Content Management, Master Data Management, Mobile Commerce and E-Commerce Consulting, This page was last edited on 2 October 2020, at 09:12. This block of companies represents about 35% of the data set, and increases to about 45% of the data set if we also include v6.7 and v1808 which will be out of support by the end of the year. Therefore, it may have inherent biases in it simply due to the nature of the solutions (e.g. [4], hybris customers have included General Electric, ABB, West Marine, COS, Thomson Reuters, 3M, Toys "R" Us, P&G, Levi's, Nikon and Johnson & Johnson. Personally, I am not a fan of the new “yymm” version nomenclature that SAP adopted in 2018 with their v1808 release.

I still feel, the month and year in hybris version seems irrelevant though SAP has now even decided to have one commerce version per year. 7 was one of the last versions of Hybris with notable bells and whistles to enhance the merchandizing, searchandizing, etc., backoffice experiences, with features like mass data editing, compare view, adaptive search enhancements, a newer version of Solr, SmartEdit enhacements, and promotion enginge enhancements. It is a subsidiary of SAP SE.. Hybris was founded in Zug, Switzerland, in 1997 by Carsten Thoma, Moritz Zimmermann, Klaas Hermanns, Christian Flaccus and Andreas Bucksteeg.It subsequently moved its headquarters to Munich, Germany.

Here are my (subjective) picks: V5.6 wears the least-loved crown in my books. Patch releases are typically released monthly (or sooner, if critical), so even if something slips through the cracks, it will likely be addressed before a typical upgrade effort is completed. Ergo, after v6.7 was released and the hypothetical (at the time) “v7.0” was looming, it seems that SAP made the right decision to switch the version numbering convention to the “mmyy” format, thereby removing the artificial barrier of resistance that the major version number caused. Whether it’s due to lack of proper in-house talent, insufficient bandwidth, or weak prioritization, their e-commerce solutions have suffered and they reached out to EPAM to reinvigorate their e-commerce program. Let’s take a look at the graph that we’ll be talking through for the remainder of the article: In the graph above, you will find Hybris versions from v4.7 through to v1905 plotted over time (calendar years). In 2011 private equity firm HGGC acquired a majority …

Adoption typically occurs over a period of one to two years, There is a brief peak, usually lasting only a year, Typically, a sharp fall off in the succeeding year. In such situations, all versions that went live are credited with being active in that given year. Even with the adjusted end of life dates, SAP still only has 4 versions to maintain until August 29, 2021, which is when v1808, v1811, and v1905 will now all simultaneously go out of support. From hybris AG to SAP Hybris. The APIs help further open up Hybris to “API first” and micrservice based architectures, thereby helping to further beat down the old “monolith” noose around Hybris’s neck. A special thanks to Viktoriia Rulova and Ksenia Kolkova who helped prepare the underlying data set that made this article possible. Through this “stacked” graph, you can also easily sum up various bands to answer questions like, “What percentage of solutions were using version X or greater/newer? V4.8 è v5.0 and v5.7 è v6.0 was not really any different than any other point-to-point releases.

What are these strange bumps at the bottom of the graph? 2005 looks more like a version released in year “2005” instead of year 2020 and month 05 for an outsider. SAP Billing and Revenue Management (On Premises and formerly known as SAP BRIM or Hybris Billing) History. Companies therefore see value and appreciate the knowledge of knowing that their software vendor (SAP) has their backs regarding anything critical that might need to be brought to their attention. While technically tied with v1808 in 2019 for adoption, I gave the nod to v1811 due to it’s apparent staying power. This topic contains a table with the revision history of the SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer Security Guide. Each support package stack has a leading software component version. Copyright © 2020 hybrismart | SAP Commerce Cloud under the hood | SAP hybris, https://help.sap.com/viewer/dc198ac31ba24dce96149c8480be955f/1905/en-US/1c6c687ad0ed4964bb43d409818d23a2.html?q=supported%20versions, Troubleshooting Cronjobs Issues (HMC, Triggers etc), What Does History Tell Us About The Upgrade Potential Of The Pending SAP Commerce Cloud v2005 Release? However, in a nutshell, the recent releases seems to be more stable and the migration of commerce platform to cloud providers is a major turnaround. Have your own opinion? Presumably by the end of 2020 the trend bands would strength further as those currently in progress would have completed their upgrades. Before continuing, take a moment to write down what you think the data “should” reveal, and then see how it matches up with your expectations once you’ve read on. SAP had always tried to innovate and add new features with every release and to keep in pace with the latest versions of Java or spring , which resulted in better customer retention. Over time, the size, makeup, and types of engagements (greenfield, takeover, audit, tuning, sustaining, etc.) Context Driven Services Integration ensures that personalization is at Hybris solution owners’ fingertips if/when they need it (not to mention additional licence revenue for SAP). It likely benefited from the “major version curse” of v6.x described earlier. When these situations arise, EPAM typically finds that they are far behind on the Hybris version they are running on, often out of or nearly out of support from SAP. That number rose to around 45% of the data set if we also included v6.7 and v1808, which were originally scheduled to go out of support later this year. You’ll note that no other version band is absent or as thin post v6.0. From the “ancient era”, v5.1 stands out as having a high adoption rate as well as a long tenure. This makes sense, as greenfield implementations typically start on the newest version of Hybris. If the version they are on now has extended shelf life, then that undermines the business case for upgrading, momentum SAP likely does not want to disrupt. At the same time, one might argue that SAP’s push to migrate their Hybris customer base to the cloud is one source of the (recent) upgrade tardiness. v2005 has now been released and SAP’s release notes make mention of new end of life dates for v1808, v1811, & … [1], SAP SE acquired hybris on August 1, 2013 for $1.5 billion. is a risk to both SAP and Hybris solution owners alike. Now, if we think to the major competitive challenges Hybris is facing despite its dominant position in e-commerce, it’s heritage as a “monolith” and the market’s emphasis on personalization as a way to increase online sales are two key ones. scope, scale, B2C vs. B2B, geographies covered, headless, microservices, etc.) One curious thing about the altered end of life dates is that v1808, v1811, and v1905 all had their end of life dates changed; however, v6.7 did not. This new architecture is compatible with multiple platforms and operating systems, such as Microsoft Windows or UNIX. Version upgrades may well be in progress across a number of companies and are not yet represented in the data set. potentially changed. But in talking to clients over the years, that +1 to the major version number caused a great deal of concerns, and further raised the resistance to upgrading to that specific version.

However, there are likely others. What these “bumps” represent are companies that have tried to “go it alone” and realized that that was not optimal. The standard of documentation gets better with more support forums coming up now as compared to earlier 4.x wiki, which used to have a lot of typos, and only expert hybris forums during v5.x. — Part 2, hybrismart | SAP Commerce Cloud under the hood | SAP hybris. On the flip side, SAP readily acknowledges that their R&D investments and innovations are being directed towards the cloud, and more or less have been since the 2018 inflection point in the “out of support” line. The leading e-commerce and product content management software provider was acquired by SAP in June 2013 and initially available as SAP Hybris solutions. (See full lifecycle dates per version from SAP listed in Appendix A.)

Tracking down accurate information about this time period (people directly on the projects, old documentation, etc.) Comparatively, you find a fairly thick v5.7 band bordering the v6.0 band on one side, and a thick v6.1 and thicker v6.2 band bordering the v6.0 band on the other side.

SAP commerce cloud Solution ArchitectEPAM Systems, McLean, USA. v2005 has now been released and SAP’s release notes make mention of new end of life dates for v1808, v1811, & v1905 as follows: Let’s see how that impacts my previous commentary regarding the end of life, found in the “Does the SAP support lifecycle drive upgrades?” and “Never Say Die” sections of part 1 of this blog entry. When I first graphed the data set, the immediate thing that popped out to me was the “toboggan hill” pattern that emerged from the data set, as generically illustrated by the red arrows below: Applying the exact same data to a different style of graph showcases this trend even better, though here it appears more as a “rollercoaster”, with steep climbs to the top and a steep descents thereafter: For most versions, the adoption, sustaining, and retirement of a given version follows a distinct, 3-part curve: Plotting those dates onto our version graph reveals the following: From this we can see that, generally speaking, there is immediate adoption of a given version the year it is released. What’s going on here?

In this context, every SAP Commerce Cloud solution owner needs to ask themselves, “Is it time to upgrade?”.

A proper upgrade strategy would be advised. This data set and accompanying analysis do not factor in on-premise vs. CCv1 (SAP private cloud) vs. CCv2 (public/Azure cloud) hosting.

[2][3] In 2018, hybris was integrated into the SAP Customer Experience division. Per https://help.sap.com/viewer/dc198ac31ba24dce96149c8480be955f/1905/en-US/1c6c687ad0ed4964bb43d409818d23a2.html?q=supported%20versions. Having realized that they are not deriving as much value from the Hybris platform as they could, they engage EPAM to get them back on track. Ergo, data before that is not available. The inference here is that companies with v5.x Hybris versions explicitly chose to upgrade-to-but-not-beyond v5.7 for a period of time. (Some data showed an upgrade from v4.7 that bled into 2013 before going live, which is why it shows in the graph as a non-0% number, per the early explanation about the underlying data set.).

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