Now, let’s find out how you can market with Snapchat and TikTok.

Which is a tactic that most other platforms probably wouldn't take, but it could, as noted, be a pathway to broader exposure for Snapchat's tools within the TikTok community. Give us 2 business days to confirm your spot! And that's where Facebook could still be winning.

Which is likely enough to placate Facebook - people can say whatever they want, but if they're opening its apps more often, then the reality is all that matters. But, it’s ever-evolving, ephemeral nature also poses significant challenges. It, therefore, holds tremendous potential to drive low-cost viral campaigns. As reported by The Verge, these new Lenses, which are currently featured on the Lens Studio home page, are based on TikTok dance trends, and as noted, have been created in collaboration with the originators themselves. User-Generated Content (UGC) motivates your audience to use your products, learn more about your brand, and interact with you, therefore resulting in high engagement. Check out these expert predictions. Get an influencer to kick-off the challenge and then encourage users to share their videos. Your email is already registered for the MarTech Advisor Slack Community.

You can read more from the Piper Sandler 'Taking Stock with Teens' survey here. Last month, Snapchat began testing a new vertical swipe UX for Discover content, which is similar to TikTok's swipe-up functionality. Social media presents numerous opportunities for marketers to reach out to their target audience. And rather than simply trying to build TikTok in its own app, Snap is also working to align with that shift in order to piggyback on the app's success. Thank you for your interest in joining the MarTech Advisor Slack Community! Learn More: The 5 Social Media Platforms Shaping 2019. Continue Learn More: The Gloves Are Off: How Snapchat And Amazon Won the First Round. Therefore, it is important to stay a step ahead and identify upcoming social media marketing trends and champion them before they pass. When you rope in influencers, your audience connects to them immediately, helping you create a buzz among a demographic that would have otherwise been difficult to reach through traditional media. TikTok is an engaging platform where everyone can create (or edit) and binge-watch videos. Let’s first understand why Snapchat and TikTok deserve your attention apart from other popular social media marketing platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Winning CX will come from Brands who can balance relevance, consistency and convenience to drive engagement. But it's not all bad news for Facebook - according to actual usage data among teen users, not popularity, Instagram remains on top (84%), followed by Snapchat (80%) and TikTok (69%).

TikTok came in second, with 29% of the popular vote. Subscribe to Social Media Today to get the must-read news & insights in your inbox. While various reports have suggested that engagement with Facebook's main app is declining over time, Facebook itself hasn't reported any official usage stats, in regards to time spent per day, since 2014, when it shared that users were spending 40 minutes per day in the app. For instance, you can ask your followers to submit a community geo-filter for your product launch or you can buy an on-demand geo-filter to promote the grand opening of your business in an area and inspire your customers to share their in-store experiences on Snapchat using these branded geo-filters.

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