It shows the number of facebook shares, likes and comments. I know a guy that has locker room access. Some good examples of websites with very similar designs can be seen here or here. For Z's jerseys they already had some made up and on the website, the only thing that I had "customized" were the 2 patches. I think you can get them from the NHL shop for like $140. Put this badge on your website. I was going to order the wife and I jerseys from them soon, but I think I'll pass now. This report will let you find out how popular is this website. Copy & paste HTML code in the box to your website. I was in a hurry for that jersey in 2013 to wear it in Dallas, so I sucked it up and kept it. This data can: This website in hosted on web server located in Sunnyvale, United States. When you buy something you don’t enjoy it , you examine it trying to find a reason to be unhappy. They were the correct felt material. Completely true, yes. Damn, I just bought a Lidstrom jersey from there too. I've attached a few pictures.

I'll steer clear of them in the future. If they're from the Detroit area and the dude even blows his horn about "knowing a guy" who can get a game worn WC jersey, he should definitely know that the 4 on the back of that jersey looks like shit compared to what you would expect from a place with such a good reputation. I wanted to ask you about the numbers on the back: they look a bit off to me. SEO Tip: Sharing your website with other people on social media (Facebook and others) is recommended. I can think of more exciting things to spend that money on. I bought from them them one time without any issues.

I might have to use this site when I order mine. Cheap jerseys,wholesale NFL jerseys,discount NFL jerseys store! Tell your website users you are listed on Hupso. Please note, we do not endorse fake jerseys or allow the selling of fake jerseys. Just gimme a return address and I'll ship it off tomorrow. Copy & paste HTML code below to your website. In an unpopular opinion here, I'd remove Cool Hockey from the sidebar. Wow, what an asshole. Seems like they either didn't understand that, or were just trying to weave around your main complaint by saying you got a good deal and you're just a picky customer. Why is this important? Their customer service sucks! Please just keep it clean and fold it nice. You compare it to a pre lettered piece of garbage jersey? The 2 patches are put on by them right? The subreddit for hockey jersey fanatics! Hosted on IP address in Sunnyvale, United States. The sewing itself is very nice, but the shape and (varying) thickness is, in my opinion, unacceptable. The sewing looks ok, but that doesn't matter when the jersey looks like a 30 dollar knockoff from the shape of the numbers.

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