$0.054 $0.085 per core hour.

With a CAPS repack, mine has averaged $30,000 (Australian) annually to operate—for absolutely everything. The all-electric 2.0 offered a DG, but most buyers opted for the NSD1000 HSI. Like all GPS receivers, the traffic picture is limited unless you’re in an aircraft that actively pings the system via an ADS-B Out transponder. Interestingly, pulling up in a Cirrus seems to draw quite a bit of attention, and I feel like I am treated better by ground personnel. The changes were evolutionary, not revolutionary—the first SR20s retained the familiar vacuum-powered round gauge flight instruments, albeit complemented by a large multifunction display. Sentry should be mounted vertically on a side window where the pilot can see the unit’s LED lights, which turn green when it’s powered up and receiving GPS and ADS-B signals.

Today’s offerings generally continue that theme, with the base airplane and upgrade packages, culminating in the GTS version. For 2008, the G3 SR20 variant was introduced, featuring the wing from the SR22 G3, redesigned landing gear and a 50-pound useful load increase, among other changes.

A reduction of power brings 2500 RPM, where it will stay until power is so reduced it can’t be maintained. Gold Customer. For more great content like this, subscribe to Aviation Consumer!

If you are on a personal connection, like at home, you can run an anti-virus scan on your device to make sure it is not infected with malware. Current Cirrus SR20 models start with a Garmin G1000 panel using 10-inch PFD and MFD screens, dubbed Cirrus Perspective, and then add options like larger screens, XM WX, enhanced vision, lightning detection, and traffic or terrain warning.

Stormscope and Skywatch data, incorporates EMAX engine monitoring, XM WX datalink and CMAX, Avidyne’s electronic approach plate system.

The SR20 Premium Package includes added details, like headset straps, that minimize clutter and maximize accessibility. A 200-horsepower Continental IO-360-ES powers the first-generation SR20, whose analog panel came with dual Garmin 430W and an ARNAV multifunction display. In early 2004, Cirrus introduced the G2 models of both the SR20 and the SR22, featuring a new door design, better interiors, a redesigned firewall for improved crashworthiness and other upgrades. Pre-G3 era fuel gauging was criticized, with one owner strongly recommending the CiES digital fuel sender retrofit. $0.042 $0.055 per core hour …

Their desire stemmed from a 1985 mid-air collision involving Alan Klapmeier, which resulted in the other pilot’s death.

Of course, some loudly asserted that no “real” pilot would want one of those things—it’s got a parachute, for crying out loud. The worst have rapt audiences equipped with cameras.

At moderate weights, expect 700 to 800 FPM initially, falling off to 500 FPM above 4000 feet. In the EU as a whole, labour costs per hour were highest in the mainly non-business economy (EUR 28.4) and lowest in the construction sector (EUR 24.8).

Sentry comes with a suction cup mount, a USB charging cable, and a padded carrying case.

Most of these airplanes have three-blade props, but those with two-blade props (especially in the early years) may have better weight and balance numbers without a hit to performance. That’s cheap compared to the 10-year CAPS repack, which is over $9000 in parts, plus 30 hours of labor for pre-2004 aircraft and 8 hours for later ones.

Still-air range is about 675 miles, with 45-minute reserve, when planning to use the full 56 gallons legally available. It’s a somewhat unusual choice but one yielding sufficient power and remarkable smoothness.

Unit cost: US$454,900 (2019) Developed into: Cirrus SR22: The Cirrus SR20 is an American piston-engine, four- or five-seat composite monoplane built by Cirrus Aircraft of Duluth, Minnesota since 1999.

Owner complaints included an engine eating cylinders, fuel pumps and alternators not lasting and several Garmin and Avidyne repairs. Aircraft: Solo: Dual Cessna 172M: $158: $228: Piper Warrior II: $158: $228: Piper Warrior III: $158: $228: Piper Archer II: $165: $235: Piper Arrow III: $185: $255: Cirrus SR20 G6: $299: $404: Piper Aztec F: $329: $399: Instruction Rates. The airplane generally rivals the Bonanza in handling ease. I don’t buy avionics insurance, as it would add about $10 per flight hour.

The 2.0 airplane didn’t change much over the old A airplane except in the case of the ARNAV ICDS 2000: Cirrus switched to the Avidyne EX3000C, a higher resolution MFD widely acknowledged as more sophisticated than the one it replaced, but—since it won’t accept external sensors such as data from a remote-mounted Stormscope—one intended for the VFR or IFR-lite pilot.

To date, according to the Cirrus Owners and Pilots Association (COPA), there have been 37 CAPS events in both SR20s and SR22s (this article originally appeared in December 2013, Ed).

The things I like include the comfort of the cockpit; the side yoke, because it opens up so much more of the panel; CAPS, because it is insurance when everything else is exhausted (plus, my wife loves it). Insurance costs: AOPA Insurance estimates an annual premium of between $1,200 and 1,400 for a pilot with 500 hours of PIC. None of the owners who have been through a couple of annuals and contacted us reported unusual costs. At the time, no one had proposed equipping an airplane as large and fast as the Cirrus with a ballistic parachute.

I don’t like the lack of ice protection—my next airplane will be an SR22 with TKS; maintenance cost—at $2500 for an annual, it’s twice what my Warrior cost; and the wheel pants make it difficult to add air to the tires. Though living these days in the shadow of its big brother, the Cirrus SR20 has a lot going for it: It is comfortable, relatively economical to acquire and operate, has simple systems, comes with a well-defined support network and is faster than much of its direct competition. My most expensive annual was $4200; insurance for a $2 million smooth policy was $3970. Empty weights are typically 2000 pounds or more with useful loads of just under 900 pounds. “Making it too hard to fly is not a good value.”. I installed the digital CiES senders and recommend the change. The CAPS has proven successful in our mind at what it was designed to do: lower an airplane and its human cargo to the ground, giving both a chance to fly again. If the worst does happen, the airplanes come with a crash hammer so occupants can extract themselves.

Owners say the POH is on target for fuel burn at about 10.5 GPH for typical cruise, 9.0 GPH when lean of peak. Today’s copies have eliminated the vacuum system and gone all electric, with full glass panels; round gauges are only there for backup. Rick Beach of COPA has reams of documentation on the advantages of using the parachute versus trying an off-field landing. At 3050 pounds for the later versions, it’s heavier than most airplanes with 200 HP. Roomy, comfortable, parachute-equipped and possessing decent speed, the Cirrus SR20 does almost everything well.

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